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JULY 2014 - British Movement News and Views Round-up

JULY 2014
British Movement News & Views
End of the Month Round Up
British Movement Yorkshire Region
Annual Colin Jordan and John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
Saturday July 26th
The backdrop to the meeting - portraits of 'JT' and 'CJ' with the banner of the host BM branch.
This year the annual BM Yorkshire Region Colin Jordan and John Tyndall Memorial meeting moved to a new venue in the Bradford area, but was still organised by the BM Yorkshire Heavy Woollen District branch. The holiday season reduced the numbers attending this year which was a little disappointing but the meeting provided an opportunity for comrades to meet and socialise as well as listen to the speakers. The first speaker was the Northern Branch Development organiser, then there was a short film session including short clips of archive footage of both JT and CJ speaking.
There were a few technical problems hindering the film presentations, but the main film about the dangers presented by Islam to the UK and British society was quite shocking.
The meeting then heard from the BM National Secretary on the subject of Colin Jordan and John Tyndall as the pioneers of British racial Nationalism in the post-1945 world.
The concluding thought was that the best way to honour the memory of JT and CJ was to take the torch that they had lit and to turn it into a blazing fire of British National Socialist revival.
This Just Proves That Westminster Members of Parliament Are Out of Touch
With the White British Majority .......
British Movement maintains that the bulk of Westminster MP's are an ideologically driven, metropolitan elite who are committed to multi-culturalism and totally disregard the opinions of the UK majority population -  the White British.
Now, as if to prove the point, Bob Blackman the Conservative MP for Harrow East, has launched a campaign to make the Muslim festival of Eid and the Hindu festival of Diwali into public holidays in Britain.
While this might play well to his multi-racial constituency in north-west London and other non-white colonised areas of Greater London, exactly what meaning does this have for the White British majority population of Britain?
Apart from the colonised cities of Leicester, Bradford, Birmingham, Manchester and a handful of towns in Greater Manchester, the West Midlands, West Yorkshire and Lancashire, this is meaningless. Diwali and Eid are alien religious festivals which do not affect the bulk of the British people so this is just vote hunting by a committed supporter of multi-racial Britain.

The Racial Time-bomb Gathering in North Africa
A Tidal Wave of Displaced Africans Is Waiting to Flood into Europe
This blog site and the British Movement magazine Broadsword has often warned about the reality of the fictional 'Camp of the Saints' story becoming the truth. Now the latest figures released by the United Nations presents a terrifying threat to White Aryan Europe and Britain.
There are over 3,000,000 that is 3 Million refugees and economic migrants from across Africa gathered in Libya seeking to cross the sea into Europe. Those figures are for the numbers in Libya alone - there are many thousands more spread across the coastal countries of North Africa.
Last year was bad for the Europe, especially Italy, which is often where these people make their first landfall. But from January to April 2014 over 63,000 so-called 'undocumented migrants' had entered Italy - which was the total number for the whole of 2013 - things are getting worse.
Many of these illegal immigrants want to get into the UK, others want Germany, Scandinavia or the Netherlands because they believe that the welfare systems are better there.
A recent report stated that,
"It is migration on an epic scale, made possible by the collapse of government in Libya,
now Libya has turned into a gigantic funnel into Europe."
The list of countries emptying their surplus populations towards Europe and Britain reads like an atlas index:
Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Niger, Senegal, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, as well refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria, Iraq and Gaza.
In some poverty stricken black African countries whole villages will club together the money to pay the people smugglers to take their teenage sons to Europe.
This problem is not going to get better, the human tidal wave of dispossessed Africans and refuges from the Middle East is going to first overwhelm the White Europeans and British, then it will drown us as the non-whites take over our homelands.
Only radical action can save us - only National Socialism has the strength to defend us.

 The British Media Ignores the Europe Protests Against Israel
European Jews Protest Against the 'Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism'.
As July draws to an end there has been a wave of anti-Israel protests across the capital cities of Europe, mostly the protests are made up from the Islamic migrant communities with a sprinkling of Left-wing anti-Zionists. The British media is playing down reports on these protests, but there are stories of increasing numbers of attacks on Jews and Jewish buildings as the violence against Gaza by the Israeli military reaps higher and higher numbers of Palestinian victims.
The TV news reports featuring bombed Palestinian hospitals and schools with the bloody images of dead Palestinian civilians, especially women and children is building a back-lash against Israel, Zionism, and Jewish communities across Europe.
But after the weekend protests of July 26th and 27th, the British media, especially the newspapers, are trying to avoid reporting on the anti-Israel demonstrations and anti-Jewish attacks.
One German-Jewish community leader has claimed that their is an anti-Israel/anti-Jewish alliance at work, an alliance of "the far-Left -  Muslim Immigrants and Neo-Nazis"
Really ?  Hardly likely. But the events in Gaza have created a situation where all the different opponents of Zionism are spurred on to attack the 'Serpent' wherever it manifests itself.

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