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August Roundup - British Movement News and Views

August 2014 Roundup
British Movement News & Views

Blyth, Northumberland
Saturday 23rd August 2014
Activists from BM North East of England region distributed hundreds of BM leaflets on the town centre streets of Blyth. The leaflets were well received by local shoppers and members of the public. There was no trouble and it was another successful activity in the British Movement 'White Towns' strategy.

The Latest News Headlines are National Disgrace
Over 1,400 Children in Rotherham Sexually Abused by Asian Predators - Over a Sixteen Year Period - the Police, Social Services and Local Authorities Failed To Act.
The Asian Child Sex-Grooming Gangs are the Evil Underside of Multi-Culturalism
Those Liberals and Leftists who deny a racial element to such horror stories are deluding
themselves and are providing tacit approval to the crimes by their refusal to recognise that Race and culture are serious elements in these cases.
This was the catalogue of sex crimes and abuse on a vast scale in just one Northern town
that could not be covered up.
The damning report by Professor Alexis Jay concludes that from 1997 to 2013 there was on-going
criminal, sexual exploitation of under age girls, some as young as 11 years old by Asian men.
The majority of the girls were White British and over 95% of the abusers were adult Asian men.
As far back as 2005 Rotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police knew this was going on.
The Report still peddles the liberal-language of multi-culturalism when its describes the rapists and abusers as being of "Pakistani-heritage". One newspaper cringingly reports that;
" ignoring a politically inconvenient truth by insisting there was not a deep-rooted problem
of Pakistani-heritage perpetrators targeting young white girls."
That is an understatement of what has been going on, not only in Rotherham but in towns and cities across the UK and still the Establishment tries to cover up the wide ranging problem in the 'interests of Race Relations' and 'community cohesion'.
Heads Must roll !
Senior South Yorkshire Police officers who ignored or side-lined these cases must be brought to court and prosecuted for dereliction of duty.
All current and former Rotherham social workers and child protection officers who knew about these offences and abuse but failed to act must be named and brought before the courts.
All those named who are still serving in Rotherham must be dismissed.
Any current or former Rotherham Councillors who knew about these crimes but failed to act must be prosecuted for failing to protect vulnerable children or failing to prevent sex crimes and rape. 
There must be an immediate and wide ranging hunt for ALL those involved in the rape, sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking of those 1,400 victims. This includes those living outside Rotherham - in Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford and elsewhere.
Even if this means dragging hundreds of guilty Asian men before the courts
the Police and DPP must ignore the cries of 'racism' and act.
If These People Had Not Been Allowed To Settle Here
These Problems Would Not Exist.

The National Secretary of British Movement has once again been invited to be one of the guest speakers at the Heritage and Destiny organised John Tyndall Memorial meeting in Preston on Saturday October 11th 2014.

Do You Remember ?

Worcester - British Movement march - 1981.
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