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July - Summertime - British Movement News and Views

Summer time - British Movement News and Views

Summer time in Britain, particularly the holiday months of July and August are traditionally the 'quiet time' for racial Nationalist politics as many people go away on holiday and are not actively engaged in the Struggle during those precious weeks.
The summer holidays are a time for family and family is the backbone of the National Socialist Folk Community that British Movement is working to build in Britain.
Meanwhile at the BM Sunwheel Office our volunteers continue to work, answering correspondence and sending out orders for BM literature to those activists busily putting out BM literature in their towns and neighbourhoods.
 The Words of an Insider
Lord Tebbit formerly Norman Tebbit MP was a Minister in the Conservative Government
of PM Margaret Thatcher back in the 1970's and 1980's, so if anyone is well placed to comment on the actions of 'Democracy' and so-called 'democratic politics' it is Tebbit.
When asked recently on a TV politics show about the Whitehall cover-up of allegations of the
sexual abuse of children and teenagers by MP's and Civil Servants, Lord Tebbit replied;
"the collective instinct of establishment figures at the time was to protect the system".
 NS Forum would argue that this mentality in Government is still the case and applies to all threats to the status quo of the British political system and not just cases of sexual offences being committed by
MP's or senior Whitehall insiders.
Lord Tebbit is clear enough that;
"Most people (in government circles) would have thought that the establishment,
the system, was to be protected and if a few things had gone wrong here and there
that it was more important to protect the system than to delve too far into it."
Of course it goes without saying that if MP's and senior civil servants were involved in criminal sexual activity, the security services MI5 and Special Branch would know about it and would be involved in keeping things secret.
Powerful organisations like MI5 and Special Branch exist to protect the system and the government
NOT the British public, so if crimes by the political elite have to be covered up, it is the 'spooks' who make sure that evidence and documents are destroyed and all traces are covered up.
Remember what Lord Tebbit said - "the establishment, the system, was to be protected."
This applies to every kind of threat to the Con- Lab-Lib rotating dictatorship in British politics.
We have been warned by someone who is an insider.
Look Back in Anger !
A British Movement member reflects on the summer riots of 1981
*** Image supplied by correspondent
SOUTHALL -  July 4th 1981
" 33 years ago today I was at Southall, and it was that event that opened my eyes and started my quest for revenge on the System and the media. It was them who blamed  us - the Skinheads for what happened in Southall that night .
So I joined the BM and I've been here ever since.
Perhaps I am the only Skinhead left now who was there that night? "
Nick - Kent

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