Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Solstice - British Movement Sunwheel Festival

Summer Solstice
British Movement Sunwheel Festival
June 20th - June 22nd 2014

This was the third year for the BM Sunwheel Festival and was the biggest so far.
The weather was excellent across the whole weekend, the advance party arrived on site late Friday afternoon and were joined by others across the evening including a mini-bus full of comrades and their families from South Wales BM.

Across Saturday, the main day of the BM Sunwheel Festival people were arriving and setting up camp, tents and camper vans were crammed onto every available pitch.
 This was a gathering in the spirit of building a National Socialist alternative culture, motivated by the '14 Words'. It was refreshing to see so many White children playing games in the open spaces, a family centred festival, a building block in the foundations of an NS Folk Community.

A veteran British Movement banner on display at the BM Sunwheel Festival
This banner was at the forefront of British Movement marches in London during the 1970's and 1980's.
The stage set and ready to go : - this year seven different bands performed across the
 mid-Summer Saturday evening.

This was the biggest and best organised BM Sunwheel Festival so far and the organising team hope to develop and improve the event year on year. This year saw the broadest range of BM members and supporters travelling up to Yorkshire to take part. festival goers arrived from across the UK, the far travelled coming up from Kent, South Wales and even Central Scotland.
This year saw more Blood and Honour bands on stage than the years before.
The festival organisers are grateful to the bands for their willingness to play and their hard work in entertaining the festival crowd.
After the music ended it was comradeship around the camp fire, some comrades never turned in but sat around talking and singing all night.
The socialising and games for the children continued on Sunday morning as breakfasts were cooked, people broke camp and the festival organisers and security team began the task of clearing up.

A couple of Sunwheel banners linking the host BM region with one of the guest regions.
Comradeship is an important part of the BM Sunwheel festival.

The feed-back so far is that those who attended the 2014 BM Sunwheel Festival are keen to come back next year and are equally keen to see this Northern event grow and evolve.
As part of British Movement's long term strategy in building a British National Socialist alternative we hope that similar BM events can be established and developed at different times in different regions of Britain to take our Movement forward as the NS Counter Culture grows.
 *** We know that hundreds of photographs were taken by people attending the BM Sunwheel Festival, if you want to share any images of the bands or other aspects of this Aryan gathering, please e-mail them to the BM Office address so that we can feature them on a follow-up blog. We will of course obscure any faces shown in those images - BM does not make a gift of people's identities to hostile agencies viewing these blogs.
British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office: P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire, England. UK


  1. A Message From the BM Division That Hosted the BM Sunwheel Festival
    The organisers would like to thank all who attended BM Sunwheel 2014. One could say there was some significance in the number 14 !
    This was by far a 300% increase in turnout from the previous year. Behaviour was great and in the spirit of true National Socialism. 'We Did Indeed Gain Strength Through Joy' .
    We must always remember that we are the vanguard of an NS future in Britain, the seeds we plant today will bear fruit in the not so distant future.
    You are a credit to your race, your country and continent and the global White brotherhood. Our intention was always and still is to keep admission to BM Sunwheel Festival affordable. However to keep it affordable we must keep costs down and limit our spending to essential services. Next year we hope to have anofficial Burger van selling a greater variety of food, more activities for the adults and children, live music, film show and more real ale !
    Oh and a skip for all the rubbish.
    I assume that after Sunwheel 14 most people are buzzing, refuelled with enthusiasm to win our country back, ready to get stuck into some hard work. Let us embrace and nurture this energy and organise meetings, gatherings, days of action. It is our duty to exploit the European Human Rights Act articles 10 & 11 - to peacefully assemble and impart information, let us do so with vigour, commitment and passion.
    We MUST not now just sit back and put our feet up. We MUST make a supreme effort to support each BM Division and branches activities.
    We must not defile ourselves watching soap operas, footie, sitting in the garden procrastinating, sat tapping away on Facebook. These will not win our country back.
    We must plan and organise. We must get fit and healthy. We must not get weak and decadent. We must prepare for the hard fight ahead so that we become victors not victims.

    To Our Glorious Future.

    NL - BM Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire Division.

  2. An excellent statement on behalf of the organisers, Sunwheel 14 was greatly appreciated by all who attended, it certainly has put some fire in the bellies for a long hot summer of activity, be that BM or pan nationalist. It was great to see so many people from so many organisations coming together under the Sunwheel banner and celebrating the Solstice. Hail the BM. N Yorkshire.

  3. Sounds like it was a great event. I am considering joining the British Movement and am a Christian who attends chufch regularly, loves his country and folk and yearns for order and a nation where folk love the land, their ethnic north European culture and the desire to help each otherand nation.

    None of which I can find amongst British poltical parties and slowly being squeezed to death by multiculturalism and the EU

    1. Welldone the sunwheel team...stop press London bnp Camden ,why don't we ever get anywhere? ? I just got a phone call from holbun police station...they got a call from a Mr Stephen doorman ,claiming ,he had a plastic german helmet,was stolen from his house? ..turns out Mr doorman give the helmet to Mr Paul conway Camden bnp officer for helping them out giving out bnp flyers...etc ..Paul even got evicted from his rented flat in hampstead just for helping Stephen doorman elections ..etc...and then he grass Paul conway. up ,for something ,he hasn't done...what a ser up!!!turns out a Mr Bob Bailey made Paul the Camden officer...and all stephen doorman could set up Paul ....for no a kid...Paul never nicked anything off Mr doorman...also this year Mr doorman was put in a mental hospital...his german wife had to sign him out...all this infighting has finished off the London b.n.p.,luckily there still is top people left in the party like Mr Paul sterdy Williams...etc...eastlondon bnp...

    2. Madness!!!so just because Bob Bailey let Paul conway be the officer for Camden out flyers we all are...then Silley bolocks doorman makes out he knicked a plastic helmet...and phones the police? or a freind in the police ..just to set him up !! to get him arested for something that he hasn't done...and Paul conway was a witness for him 2 years ago...when Stephen hit lefty woman,at there bnp stall ..what a two faced grass!!!.no justice ...

    3. Anyway we went back to the police station at holburn.London.white condult st..and the black women at the desk ,asked us what we wanted ? we said,were here to give you back Stephen doormans ...hats and waterpistols,etc...she replied we don't want them...funnie nor do we?she said can you come back Sunday? we said we wentback Sunday morning at 7.oo am....when p.c ..c.oshea starts his job....we ring the doorbell many times ...maybe nobody at hone ?.next minite..a young lady answers the desk!can I help u??yes please names Paul conway ...we have cone to speak to ..pc...oshea..about the german helmets..etc...waterpistols...ok...pc...oshea will be out side in a few minutes...go and have a coffee...ok..we agreeded...2o minites later..walking back to the police station...we see policeman pc oshea...outside .waiting for us...hi...I'm Paul conway and dott tuffs....we came to return the presents Mr s.doorman gave we don't want them...we would have returned them sooner...but my oldrovers car..broken enfeild...any way we never stole anything...Mr doorman was trying to set me up?for some thing I never done ..strange the way did you know Mr doorman was just let out the Camden mental unit..lastweek..his german wife had to sign him out...also Mr s.doorman was kicked out of Camden stables markit for nicking strange things...anyway hear are Stevens doorman,hats and plastic waterpistols...px.c.oshea repley can we just leve it please...? no.problums...sigh hear long did you know Mr.s.doorman ? about 3 years ..we give out his electionsflyers etc...maybe to manys I kicked out my rented studio in hampstead village..just for helping him...and I paid 4ooo storage,costs..I'm skint know...thanks to Mr s.doorman...anyway I'm a national socialist and pround of problum replays pc.c.oshea sorry about all problums mate ...I won't be dealing with him no more ,said to matey...cheers bye....

  4. Brother/Sister do not consider joining the BNSM, make a a decision and act on it. The fact you have viewed NS Outlook is enough to convince me you are going in the right direction, with so many other distractions available you have taken the time to read a report on an NS celebration of nature and unity. Do not let the fact you attend church be a barrier to joining, i myself attend an Anglican service with my family. Read older reports on NS Outlook, read the other regional blogs and get in touch with head office and speak with your regional organiser, or if you prefer be a lone wolf operative and support the effort from a distance, our future is in your hands. Do the right thing according to your conscious. Hail the BM, N Yorkshire.

  5. I enjoyed it. I hope no one minds this:

  6. Thaks...I'm already a paid up member ..nn/nl600305

  7. I am a payed member and I took my son of eight to the sunwheel event and he absolutely loved it. And that made me happy as they are our future 14words

  8. Hope so Jon....14 words England/Germany

  9. The beard misses his folks in t'cave , hope yer all well . Tha dunt see me , but I'm still there , off grid , folk might think I don't care. For that they'd be wrong , 14 words will always be my song.

    I always promote the NS way an know our good folks will have our day , it's the natural order that will prevail and to our ancestors all will hail . We Will Have Our Country Back (quoting a great man ) (hoping you and your Valkery are fairing well. Atvb for race & nation the missing backwoods poet

    1. You are greatly missed - my Valkerie and I rejoice that you are well.
      May you and yours prosper - you are of our Folk.
      Hail Victory to The Hunter's Moon over the meadows.