Saturday, June 7, 2014

Forward into Summer 2014 - BM News & Views

Forward into Summer 2014!

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  The British National Socialist Movement had no involvement in organising this event in the centre
of Manchester on Saturday 24th May 2014, but along with members and activists of other British racial Nationalist organisations, members and supporters of British Movement from the North-West of England took part in this memorial march.
In spite of the pouring rain on this important afternoon of remembrance, a BM contingent marched alongside fellow patriots through the streets of central Manchester.
Never Forgive - Never Forget


A pipe-band leads the march through Manchester in the rain.
 D-Day 6th June - Least We Forget
 Every British patriot recognises the heroism and sacrifice of the British service-men and women
who took part in the D-Day landings on June 6th 1944.
So much blood spilled, so many sacrifices, such bravery and tenacity.
British Movement remembers too the terrible loss of Aryan men and women on D-Day from the USA, from Canada and all the White nations of the Allied side.
Remember too the many thousands of French civilians killed by Allied bombardment during D-Day and in the battle for Normandy.
Remember too the huge losses on the 'other' side - Germans and Austrians, the Russians, Georgians  and Cossacks and other non-Germans fighting in the ranks of the Wehrmacht on D-Day and in the battle for Normandy..
So much blood, so much sacrifice and so many tears.
European wars gain nothing but loss and despair - no more brothers wars.

South Wales British Movement
Following on from the press coverage featured in the end of May NS Outlook blog, media interest in SWBM and British Movement activities in South Wales has continued - this week there was a short report on SWBM on the regional TV news channel ITV News Cymru - Wales.

Contact details for British Movement:
(BM) Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.

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  1. D Day - We will honour and remember them - No More Brothers Wars.



  3. Had D-day failed we may be living in a mono-cultural Nationalist Britain, Victory Hail!