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British Summer Time - Let the Sun Shine on the Sunwheel

British Summer Time
Let the Sun Shine Down on the Sunwheel
The Evil of Professional Anti-racists
Too often in Britain today we hear ordinary White British citizens say that they don't like immigration, they don't like a multi-racial society, they don't like multi-culturalism, but dare not say so out loud in case they are prosecuted for being 'racist'.
The harsh truth is that White British people dare not criticise non-whites - the so-called 'BME' - Black Minority Ethnics - because the law is now solidly levelled against the Whites.
Non-whites only have to report to the authorities that they were 'offended' by some statement or comment and all the machinery of 'protecting diversity' and 'community cohesion' will spring into action. The Police are always keen to demonstrate to the community watch-dogs that they are not 'institutionally racist', and will swoop down on the offender (in 99% of cases a White person) and will not only bring charges of 'inciting racial hatred' but will also log the alleged offence as a 'hate crime'.
George Orwell would have appreciated the whole new vocabulary invented to represent the race relations industry.
The sad fact is that in many cases the person reporting the alleged racist incident will themselves be a White British person; they will either be a totally committed Left-wing multi-culturalist or worse still some soft liberal who has swallowed the propaganda of multi-racialism and equality hook-line-and -sinker.
Never forget that an entire industry has sprung up out of race relations and community cohesion.
Many Asian and Black 'professionals' now make a good living out of being 'Race Relations advisors' or 'Diversity Trainers and Equality advisors' to the mainstream political parties, the Civil Service, the NHS, the Police, the Courts, Local Councils, Social Services, Schools and the Department of Education and of course the Trade Unions.
As with any such well paid jobs, these 'BME' champions of equality and diversity are always keen to justify their salaries and the existence of their services.
To this end these professional anti-racists are constantly on the look out for even the slightest possible cause of offence to the Minority Ethnic communities. They seize on the smallest issue, a passing comment between (White) individuals, a letter to local or national newspapers, a statement made on a radio phone-in, election leaflets, or so-called 'Far-Right' publications.
There is no doubt that the legislation brought in to counter 'racial discrimination' and prosecute 'racists' is a form of 'thought control' and those multi-culturalist fanatics who enforce it are the 'Thought Police' of Marxist 'Rainbow Britain'.
National Action Demo - Liverpool- Saturday June 7th 2014
British Movement activists joined young comrades from National Action in the centre of Liverpool to stage a protest against the banks, debt and pay-day loan companies.
Interestingly, as one BM activist commented, when the racial Nationalists first assembled in the precinct, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) had a stall there. When the SWP saw what was going to take place, they packed up and ran away.
Both the Liverpool Echo and the Sunday Mirror covered the story, with a major media hatchet-job against National Action by the Mirror. However the Mirror was kind enough to put a photo on the front page that included the BM Sunwheel banner, so some good came out of the media attack.
 Prepare for another tidal wave of refugees and asylum-seekers.
The latest news from the Middle East should serve as a warning of things to come for all British National Socialists and racial Nationalists. There are already many thousands of refugees looking to come to Britain from Syria, and all the usual liberals and leftists are shouting for them to be allowed to settle in Britain. Now the new wave of jihadist victories in Iraq are sending many more thousands of Iraqis running for international bolt-holes, it will only be a matter of days before a 'humanitarian crisis' is declared and a new tidal wave of the dispossessed  will be wanting to come to Britain for 'asylum'.
Instead of opening our borders to these people the Government should take a closer look at how many Islamists and wanna-be jihadists are travelling from immigrant colonies in the UK to join the Islamic fighters and terrorists in Syria and now Iraq.
British Movement contact details:-
 BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF.England.


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  1. I took my son for the first time this year to the sun wheel event. and i have to say he absolutely loved it. When we got home he said can we go every weekend. brilliant and just want to say thank you for organising such a brilliant weekend. You know who you are
    Jon B/M