Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Solstice - British Movement Sunwheel Festival

Summer Solstice
British Movement Sunwheel Festival
June 20th - June 22nd 2014

This was the third year for the BM Sunwheel Festival and was the biggest so far.
The weather was excellent across the whole weekend, the advance party arrived on site late Friday afternoon and were joined by others across the evening including a mini-bus full of comrades and their families from South Wales BM.

Across Saturday, the main day of the BM Sunwheel Festival people were arriving and setting up camp, tents and camper vans were crammed onto every available pitch.
 This was a gathering in the spirit of building a National Socialist alternative culture, motivated by the '14 Words'. It was refreshing to see so many White children playing games in the open spaces, a family centred festival, a building block in the foundations of an NS Folk Community.

A veteran British Movement banner on display at the BM Sunwheel Festival
This banner was at the forefront of British Movement marches in London during the 1970's and 1980's.
The stage set and ready to go : - this year seven different bands performed across the
 mid-Summer Saturday evening.

This was the biggest and best organised BM Sunwheel Festival so far and the organising team hope to develop and improve the event year on year. This year saw the broadest range of BM members and supporters travelling up to Yorkshire to take part. festival goers arrived from across the UK, the far travelled coming up from Kent, South Wales and even Central Scotland.
This year saw more Blood and Honour bands on stage than the years before.
The festival organisers are grateful to the bands for their willingness to play and their hard work in entertaining the festival crowd.
After the music ended it was comradeship around the camp fire, some comrades never turned in but sat around talking and singing all night.
The socialising and games for the children continued on Sunday morning as breakfasts were cooked, people broke camp and the festival organisers and security team began the task of clearing up.

A couple of Sunwheel banners linking the host BM region with one of the guest regions.
Comradeship is an important part of the BM Sunwheel festival.

The feed-back so far is that those who attended the 2014 BM Sunwheel Festival are keen to come back next year and are equally keen to see this Northern event grow and evolve.
As part of British Movement's long term strategy in building a British National Socialist alternative we hope that similar BM events can be established and developed at different times in different regions of Britain to take our Movement forward as the NS Counter Culture grows.
 *** We know that hundreds of photographs were taken by people attending the BM Sunwheel Festival, if you want to share any images of the bands or other aspects of this Aryan gathering, please e-mail them to the BM Office address so that we can feature them on a follow-up blog. We will of course obscure any faces shown in those images - BM does not make a gift of people's identities to hostile agencies viewing these blogs.
British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office: P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire, England. UK

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mid-Summer - British Movement News and Views

British Movement News and View
June 14th 2014

British Movement propaganda drive Sheffield city centre - June 14th 2014
A successful return visit by BM to the 'Steel City'
Last year the 'Sheffield Eight' faced down a crowd of 100 assorted 'Reds' and anti-racists before being forced out of the city by the police.
This year, the BM turnout doubled the numbers of activists and distributed hundreds of BM leaflets in the centre of Sheffield without any problems.
The forces of 'anti-fascism' were very slow to react - even though one local lefty had spotted the BM team out on the precinct and put out a message on the Sheffield Forum, community message board.
Seems that this particular anti-fascist genius had not learned how to count. He informed other site users that there were just Four BM handing out leaflets on the precinct!
Check the images below - there are certainly more than four!
Despite various on line boasts about coming down into Sheffield to "sort out" the BM, there was no sign of the opposition when the BM teams ran out of leaflets and packed up to go to a pub for a post- activity drink.
A job well done by all those who were in Sheffield taking part.

Solidarity with Golden Dawn included in the display of flags

Summer Solstice
Mid-Summer June 21st
The mid-summer weekend June 20th - June 22nd will see the third British Movement Sunwheel Festival. Organised by the branches of the BM Northern England region.
Full report with pictures next time.

Hail Victory !

British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6, Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF, West Yorkshire. England. UK.

Friday, June 13, 2014

British Summer Time - Let the Sun Shine on the Sunwheel

British Summer Time
Let the Sun Shine Down on the Sunwheel
The Evil of Professional Anti-racists
Too often in Britain today we hear ordinary White British citizens say that they don't like immigration, they don't like a multi-racial society, they don't like multi-culturalism, but dare not say so out loud in case they are prosecuted for being 'racist'.
The harsh truth is that White British people dare not criticise non-whites - the so-called 'BME' - Black Minority Ethnics - because the law is now solidly levelled against the Whites.
Non-whites only have to report to the authorities that they were 'offended' by some statement or comment and all the machinery of 'protecting diversity' and 'community cohesion' will spring into action. The Police are always keen to demonstrate to the community watch-dogs that they are not 'institutionally racist', and will swoop down on the offender (in 99% of cases a White person) and will not only bring charges of 'inciting racial hatred' but will also log the alleged offence as a 'hate crime'.
George Orwell would have appreciated the whole new vocabulary invented to represent the race relations industry.
The sad fact is that in many cases the person reporting the alleged racist incident will themselves be a White British person; they will either be a totally committed Left-wing multi-culturalist or worse still some soft liberal who has swallowed the propaganda of multi-racialism and equality hook-line-and -sinker.
Never forget that an entire industry has sprung up out of race relations and community cohesion.
Many Asian and Black 'professionals' now make a good living out of being 'Race Relations advisors' or 'Diversity Trainers and Equality advisors' to the mainstream political parties, the Civil Service, the NHS, the Police, the Courts, Local Councils, Social Services, Schools and the Department of Education and of course the Trade Unions.
As with any such well paid jobs, these 'BME' champions of equality and diversity are always keen to justify their salaries and the existence of their services.
To this end these professional anti-racists are constantly on the look out for even the slightest possible cause of offence to the Minority Ethnic communities. They seize on the smallest issue, a passing comment between (White) individuals, a letter to local or national newspapers, a statement made on a radio phone-in, election leaflets, or so-called 'Far-Right' publications.
There is no doubt that the legislation brought in to counter 'racial discrimination' and prosecute 'racists' is a form of 'thought control' and those multi-culturalist fanatics who enforce it are the 'Thought Police' of Marxist 'Rainbow Britain'.
National Action Demo - Liverpool- Saturday June 7th 2014
British Movement activists joined young comrades from National Action in the centre of Liverpool to stage a protest against the banks, debt and pay-day loan companies.
Interestingly, as one BM activist commented, when the racial Nationalists first assembled in the precinct, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) had a stall there. When the SWP saw what was going to take place, they packed up and ran away.
Both the Liverpool Echo and the Sunday Mirror covered the story, with a major media hatchet-job against National Action by the Mirror. However the Mirror was kind enough to put a photo on the front page that included the BM Sunwheel banner, so some good came out of the media attack.
 Prepare for another tidal wave of refugees and asylum-seekers.
The latest news from the Middle East should serve as a warning of things to come for all British National Socialists and racial Nationalists. There are already many thousands of refugees looking to come to Britain from Syria, and all the usual liberals and leftists are shouting for them to be allowed to settle in Britain. Now the new wave of jihadist victories in Iraq are sending many more thousands of Iraqis running for international bolt-holes, it will only be a matter of days before a 'humanitarian crisis' is declared and a new tidal wave of the dispossessed  will be wanting to come to Britain for 'asylum'.
Instead of opening our borders to these people the Government should take a closer look at how many Islamists and wanna-be jihadists are travelling from immigrant colonies in the UK to join the Islamic fighters and terrorists in Syria and now Iraq.
British Movement contact details:-
 BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF.England.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Forward into Summer 2014 - BM News & Views

Forward into Summer 2014!

 British Movement News and Views

  The British National Socialist Movement had no involvement in organising this event in the centre
of Manchester on Saturday 24th May 2014, but along with members and activists of other British racial Nationalist organisations, members and supporters of British Movement from the North-West of England took part in this memorial march.
In spite of the pouring rain on this important afternoon of remembrance, a BM contingent marched alongside fellow patriots through the streets of central Manchester.
Never Forgive - Never Forget


A pipe-band leads the march through Manchester in the rain.
 D-Day 6th June - Least We Forget
 Every British patriot recognises the heroism and sacrifice of the British service-men and women
who took part in the D-Day landings on June 6th 1944.
So much blood spilled, so many sacrifices, such bravery and tenacity.
British Movement remembers too the terrible loss of Aryan men and women on D-Day from the USA, from Canada and all the White nations of the Allied side.
Remember too the many thousands of French civilians killed by Allied bombardment during D-Day and in the battle for Normandy.
Remember too the huge losses on the 'other' side - Germans and Austrians, the Russians, Georgians  and Cossacks and other non-Germans fighting in the ranks of the Wehrmacht on D-Day and in the battle for Normandy..
So much blood, so much sacrifice and so many tears.
European wars gain nothing but loss and despair - no more brothers wars.

South Wales British Movement
Following on from the press coverage featured in the end of May NS Outlook blog, media interest in SWBM and British Movement activities in South Wales has continued - this week there was a short report on SWBM on the regional TV news channel ITV News Cymru - Wales.

Contact details for British Movement:
(BM) Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.

Broadsword the official BNSM- British Movement magazine.

Friday, June 6, 2014

National Socialist Women's Day - June 6th 2014

National Socialist Women's Day
June 6th 2014
In the Spirit of the 14 WORDS - British Movement Salutes Aryan Women and Girls
Without the Strength and Love of Aryan Women our Race and Nation will not Survive.
A Tribute to  the Aryan Women and Girls of Britain, Europe and the White World.
June 6th was chosen as NS Women's Day ten years in tribute to the life and sacrifices of the late Florentine van Tonningen, an inspirational National Socialist woman.
June 6th - National Socialist Women's Day
BMWD - British Movement Women's Division

Sunday, June 1, 2014

End of May - BM News & Views Roundup

British Movement News & Views
End of Month Round-up

Working Towards A National Socialist Future For Britain.

Race and Immigration Is Now Big News
Suddenly all the Establishment politicians want to talk about immigration, suddenly every system politician has an opinion on immigration and wants to "talk to voters" about their fears on immigration  All the mainstream political leaders are suddenly aware of immigration as a major issue for British voters, and all want to be seen to be "listening".
This is pretty rich coming from Labour Party leader Ed Milliband, since he was part of previous Labour Government under Gordon Brown that allowed a virtual open door immigration policy.
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrats is one of the loudest voices in support of a multi-cultural Britain and is an avowed 'anti-racist'.
Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron talks tough on immigration but does nothing significant to change the current situation, has declared that multi-culturalism has failed, but defends the concept
of a multi-racial society.
 In the wake of the May elections and the high profile European elections where anti-immigration candidates polled strongly, the Establishment is now smarting from the upheaval and is desperate to capture anti-immigration votes.
The British media, particularly the BBC is suddenly switched on to reporting stories on immigration; reporting on the situation in France when the authorities acted to clear squatter camps of immigrants camped out around Calais. On the following day the BBC reports on the upsurge of illegal migration from North Africa into Europe.
Race and Immigration are back on top of the domestic and European political agenda, this is a situation that can be exploited by the British National Socialist Movement.
Ordinary people are prepared to listen to the anti-immigration message, race is no longer a taboo subject on British streets, the door is open for us to push the '14 Words'.
 'Racism' is on the agenda in Ulster - just this week the only ethnic Chinese MP in the UK,
( Alliance MP for South Belfast Anna Lo - born in Hong Kong)
has announced that she is quitting politics and leaving Northern Ireland because of 'racism'.
Also this week a Protestant preacher in Belfast denounced Islam from the pulpit and called Islam
"a doctrine spawned in Hell".
Of course all the usual voices have been raised against this preacher and the PSNI (Police) are now investigating with a view to charges of 'hate speech'.
Of all people, Martin McGuiness, former Provisional IRA commander and 'reformed' terrorist has attacked the sermon saying,
" Coming in the wake of a recent spate of racist attacks against families in parts of Belfast
and elsewhere, such inflammatory comments only serve to fuel hatred.
I value the diversity and multicultural nature of our society and the significant and valuable
contribution the Muslim community makes to this society daily."
That puts the Sinn Fein position on immigration, race and multiculturalism firmly in place.
So much for Sinn Fein and Irish Republicanism's claim to being the defenders and preservers of Irish culture and traditions. McGuiness is actually supporting the influx and settlement of non-whites and non-Aryans into Ulster. The very forces that will eventually eradicate Irish culture and traditions.
The very forces that will first swamp Northern Ireland and eventually obliterate the cultures of both established Ulster communities, Protestant and Catholic.
A recent Sinn Fein rally has actually claimed that Gerry Adams is Ireland's 'Nelson Mandela'!
 #  Check some of the Sinn Fein candidates in the recent elections.
The so-called 'Irish Patriots of Sinn Fein actually had an African as a candidate.
See BM blog Ulster Sunwheel/Ulster Dawn

South Wales British Movement
SWBM Division

Upsetting the Establishment and the Media in Wales
 The newspaper 'Wales on Sunday' cranks up the hysteria.
The 'Wales on Sunday' - May 25th 2014
This article calls SWBM "poisonous" and denounces the efforts of SWBM to teach the youth of South Wales about their culture, heritage and traditions.
It criticised the SWBM honouring of Fusilier Lee Rigby and interviewed Falklands veteran Simon Weston for an outpouring of 'anti-fascist' sentiments.
As usual the newspaper rounded up a collection of so-called 'experts' to comment on the 'threat' posed by British Movement activities in South Wales and the Valleys in particular.
The newspaper asked the South African born Labour MP for Neath Peter Hain for comments.
Noting that Peter Hain was one of the founders of the original Anti-Nazi League (ANaL) back in the 1970's. In Hain's opinion SWBM and the British Movement campaign is "scum and poison".
That is a bit rich coming from someone who for years campaigned against apartheid in South Africa as a staunch supporter of the African National Congress (ANC) and Nelson Mandela when the ANC was waging a terrorist war in South Africa.
However for a real insight into clueless Left-wing thinking, the newspaper invited commentary from Unite Against Fascism (UAF) Jeff Hurford the UAF secretary for Wales made all the usual noises but showed his complete lack of knowledge about British Movement by first talking about the collapse of the BNP and SWBM being a "DIY thing for fascists" - then stating  that BM was founded in 1968 and associated with Sir Oswald Mosley!
Wales on Sunday criticised SWBM for postering and leafleting the streets of towns in the Valleys,
"outlining their dream of bringing National Socialism to Wales"
NS Outlook says - What is wrong with that ?
  For a full round-up of SWBM activities including plenty of photographs of SWBM and
'Young Dragons' Youth Section activities check out South Wales British Movement Facebook page and blog site
Note for all conspiracy theorists:
The 2014 Bilderberg conference has begun in Copenhagen, Denmark.
British Movement contact details:
 BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England. UK.