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British Movement Remembers Fusilier Lee Rigby

British Movement Remembers
Fusilier Lee Rigby
Never Forgive - Never Forget
May 22nd 2013 - Fusilier (Drummer) Lee Rigby was hacked to death on a street in Woolwich South-East London by two jihadist fanatics.
One year on, British patriots up and down the country have been remembering the awful death of a young, patriotic, serving British soldier.
Lee Rigby was brutally murdered by two men who were not of his race, two men who were motivated by an evil alien creed.
Lee Rigby was British by birth, British by heritage, tradition, and culture, British by blood.
The men who killed Lee Rigby were the sons of West African immigrants, they were British by bits of paper, British because a document issued by a faceless bureaucrat said they were British.
The men who killed Fusilier Lee Rigby were a product of multi-culturalism, of a multi-racial society that allowed them to live in Britain and preach their hateful alien beliefs.
Misguided tolerance of 'diversity' created the conditions in Britain that allowed the poison that directed the killing of an unarmed British soldier on a British street to fester.
Fusilier Lee Rigby was a British patriot who had served his country, the political decay in his country made his death possible, he was betrayed by the liberal democracy he had defended.
The White British people must look long and hard at the blood sacrifice of Fusilier Lee Rigby
and never forget what a multi-racial society and blind hatred has taken from us.

Never Forgive - Never Forget

End of May 2014 - British Movement News & Views

End of May 2014
British Movement News & Views
End of Month Round-up
 Local Elections in England and Wales - May 2014
Once again the 'democratic' merry-go-round
British Movement does not stand candidates in elections, although BM activists have supported a number of Nationalist candidates in their electoral campaigns. BM activists have assisted candidates
from different Nationalist parties by delivering leaflets and election literature. BM has no problem in providing help for genuine individuals.
Meanwhile the three mainstream political parties posed and postured, pouring out their usual mixture of false promises and empty rhetoric.
There was the less than edifying sight of the Labour Party leader Ed Milliband, the son of a Marxist Jewish academic refugee from Poland glad-handing black and Asian Labour Party activists at Labour Party rally somewhere in London. Surrounded by a group of Sikhs wearing red turbans and other non-whites holding up posters declaring "One Nation Labour", the TV footage showed the true face of the Labour Party in 21st Century Britain.
One leftist journalist crowed in a newspaper column that UKIP had failed to make any political gains in Greater London because London is so racially diverse and the population of London is less than 40% White British. This particular leftist boasted that London is the face of the future for British politics; dominated by the Labour Party because of the growing BME (Black Ethnic Minority) voter base. He gloated that diversity is the future that will guarantee a Labour victory and claimed that by the year 2050 the entire British population will be 30% non-white which will secure Labour Party governments for generations to come.
Open Left-wing statements like that should fire up the determination of every British National Socialist and racial Nationalist to double or triple their efforts to ensure that this Marxist dream never becomes our nightmare.
Elsewhere the electoral nonsense followed its well orchestrated path, British Nationalists of every persuasion were carefully marginalised by the media and the system, no matter how hard they campaigned.
The 'false flag' patriotism of UKIP dominated all the media reports and UKIP paraded its 'non-racist' credentials by pushing an assortment of black and Asian UKIP supporters and candidates in front of the camera. Despite all the staged opposition from the three mainstream parties and exaggerated hostility from the extreme-Left, UKIP is a political party that exists to extract Britain from the European Union, it has no racial or Nationalist foundations and accepts non-whites and non-Aryans into its ranks. UKIP opposes mass immigration into Britain, but accepts some levels of immigration, no matter which continent the migrant comes from.
Court Ruling on the National Socialist Salute
A Swiss federal tribunal in Lausanne has ruled that under Swiss law a 'Nazi salute' is not illegal racial discrimination provided that the salute is intended as a "personal statement of one's own political convictions."
The tribunal over-turned the earlier conviction of a Swiss Nationalist who had been charged with the offence of 'racial discrimination' when he gave a National Socialist salute during a demonstration in last year. The court declared that the NS salute was only a crime if "someone was using it to spread racist ideology" but not if they were simply declaring their own convictions. The court maintained that in Switzerland a 'Nazi salute' was still illegal if "it was being used to spread, advertise or propagate racist ideology."
Quite how that works was not made clear. British Movement uses the salute as an affirmation of belief in National Socialism or as a greeting between NS comrades.
BM activists travelling in Europe should bear in mind that the NS salute is illegal in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. The NS salute can also get you arrested in several other European countries if it is considered to be an insult to non-whites or Jews.

South Wales British Movement
Check out what SWBM have been doing on their blog site;

British Movement - Contact details
(BM) Sunwheel Office: P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England.

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MAY 2014 - Springtime Activity Reports plus BM News & Views

MAY 2014
Springtime Activity Reports and BM News and Views


May  2014
British Movement and National Action stickers and slogans re-decorate portraits of Stalin and Lenin and other Marxist posters.
The Red propaganda belongs to the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) an organisation that still regards Stalin as a hero and supports the concept of the old Soviet system.

A suitable slogan to give the 'Reds' food for thought.
Stalin and Lenin suitably challenged.

Not exactly the National Revolution but a step in the right direction.

Israeli politician granted immunity from arrest in the UK
The British Government has given special diplomatic status to the Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, so that she can make a visit to London without being arrested under international arrest warrants for war crimes and breaches of international laws on human rights.
.In December 2009 Tzipi Livni cancelled a visit to Britain after being warned that Palestinian organisations managed to secure an arrest warrant issued by Westminster magistrates court.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights has repeatedly tried to get the Israeli politician arrested during trips outside Israel. In 2011 Livni was granted 'Special mission status' as a diplomat to escape arrest during a trip to London, even though the Crown Prosecution Service had been formally requested to arrange her arrest for war crimes when she arrived in the UK.
Now in May 2014 the Israeli Justice Minister is once again protected by temporary diplomatic status as she visits London. (Even though in 2009 a British judge ruled that there was sufficient evidence against Livni to order her arrest for war crimes)
 Given that Prime Minister David Cameron is a highly placed supporter of the organisation Conservative Friends of Israel, there can be no surprises that his government offers special protection to Israeli politicians no matter what international laws and crimes that have been committed.
At least the Palestinian people can see which side David Cameron is on.

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May 2014 - British Movement News & Views

  British Movement
 News & Views
May 2014

British Movement West Yorkshire Regional Meeting
Leeds - May 10th

Leeds - Saturday - May 10th
Chaired by Yorkshire Heavy Woollen District Organiser.
Speakers: Leeds Branch Organiser; BM National Secretary.
Guest Speakers: Andrew Brons MEP and an International Guest from Liga Joven  - Spain
BM activists from other parts of Yorkshire, attended as well as supporters and activists from the North-East of England BM.
At the end of the meeting the Spanish visitor gave a short film presentation of footage of street activities by Liga Joven and linked Spanish NS and racial Nationalist organisations.

British Movement Anti-European Union Activity

A sample of local BM propaganda activity in County Armagh


The Face of West African Jihad
The bearers of African Jihadist 'culture' - Boko Haram.
Their leader Abubakar Shekau is believed to be the unmasked figure in the middle
 African Culture at its Best
Boko Haram and the Kidnapped Schoolgirls
If ever there was a piece of film footage that should be compulsory viewing for all liberals, multi-culturalists and 'white-guilt' Marxists, it is surely the recent broadcast by the leader of the Nigerian Islamist  terrorist group Boko Haram.
It was a classic piece to camera by a barely educated African with a machine-gun.
Abubakar Shekau, leader of Boko Haram giggled for the camera, and scratched at his groin as he boasted that he had taken over 200 schoolgirls captive and planned to sell them.  
He made it clear that this was perfectly OK and was sanctioned by 'Allah'.
Shekau went on to say that it was OK to marry off young girls to his men, that it was OK to marry off girls aged just 12 years old - or even as young as 9 years old.
Shekau does not see any problem in selling the girls into marriage or slavery.
Obviously the finer points of international law have not penetrated local customs and traditions in the Borno region of north-east Nigeria.
The Islamists terror gangs including Boko Haram have brought chaos to northern and north-eastern Nigeria. This stuff is post-colonial Africa at its worst and demonstrates just how far removed from White European values these people are.
The liberals and multi-culturalists should consider the point that deserters and refugees from Boko Haram and this conflict riven region regularly turn up as 'asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe.
Many Nigerian migrants look to join existing Nigerian colonists in Britain, especially the large Nigerian colonies in London. These people do not leave their beliefs and customs behind when they become refugees or asylum-seekers (illegal immigrants) and enter Britain.
How will these people enrich British culture we wonder?
 BRITISH MOVEMENT - Contact details.
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF.

Check out the other BM blog sites for BM Scotland.
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May 2014 - A New Month for British Movement News and Views

May 2014
British Movement News & Views

The Distraction of the Forthcoming May Elections
The nonsense of 'Democracy in action'
UKIP is the System's Safety Valve
British Movement does not engage in elections under the current rigged British electoral system.
The media hype surrounding the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is obviously staged and contrived to make Nigel Farage and his party look like some major challenge to the rotating Conservative/Labour dictatorship. (The Liberal Democrats don't count - Labour and the Tories are the controlling players)
No wonder Nigel Farage is always laughing on camera, he is enjoying his brief moment of fame before the Establishment shuts him down. UKIP is the political safety valve, a distraction to neutralise any serious British nationalist efforts and a mechanism to con the British public into thinking that through UKIP they might actually address the serious problems of immigration and the globalists running the European Union.
The anti-UKIP campaign by the major parties and the useful idiots of the extreme-Left and anti-racist groupings is just part of the overall con-trick. Laughably the Lib-Cons and Labour are proposing a 'joint campaign' to "expose UKIP as racist".
Is that the best that they can come up with ?
Is it now such a political taboo in the Westminster circus to suggest that racial and ethnic differences exist and that some British people are opposed to racial diversity, that to be 'racist' is such a terrible label?
This coming from mainstream political parties that have demonstrated just how corrupt and greedy their MP's and senior figures can be. MP's jailed for false expenses claims. MP's resigning over claiming cash for parliamentary questions, political cover-ups like the old Cyril Smith scandal and the lies and double-dealing with Irish Republican terrorists behind the Good Friday Agreement.
While people like these control the political system in Britain it is pointless trying to defeat the Establishment through the voting box.
This was a front article in the Guardian this week - known for its liberal and Left-wing bias, this is obviously a big deal for the Guardian's leftist readership but in reality it is hardly earth-shattering.
Or has the label 'racist' now reached such depths in the leftie psychology that is almost a swear word?

Things are getting serious
The situation in Ukraine is getting worse, day by day, hour by hour. There is no way of telling what is going to happen next. Here in Britain we are largely dependent on controlled news reports and the propaganda slant of assorted international news services. The latest street clashes in Odessa have been reported as being between the militant Ukrainian Nationalists of the Right Sector alliance, and the equally militant Russian Nationalist separatists.
The news footage of the street fighting Odessa was like some flash-back to the old black and white newsreel footage of clashes between communists and fascists or National Socialists on the streets of Germany or France in the 1920's and 1930's.
 It is not surprising to note that the Leftist elements across Europe repeatedly stress the so-called 'fascist' nature of the Kiev based Ukrainian political groupings and focus on the numerous 'anti-fascist' posters and placards decorating the barricades of the pro-Russian separatists.
It cannot have escaped any observers attention that Communist era 'Hammer and Sickle' flags regularly appear in pro-Russian protests and some elements of the separatist factions want a return to the old Soviet Union style Russia. No wonder that the extreme Left are so anti-Ukraine.


British Movement
Is trying to build an alternative
news media as part of our basic on-line information and propaganda network.
At the present time these are early days and BM lacks the equipment and resources employed by our opponents.
BM also needs input from our supporters and fellow National Socialists out there. We need useful digital images and film footage for inclusion in our blogs.
Even if it is just a link to something worthwhile and informative that can be used to help get across the British National Socialist message.
As the radical youth organisation 'National Action' says,
'The System will not fall to a single knock-out blow - but will die from thousands of small cuts.'