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British Movement News and Views - Late April 2014

British Movement News & Views
Late April 2014
April 20th - National Action - South Africa Protest
*** Apologies to NA for missing this from the previous blog
Outside the South African Embassy in London - a flash demo by National Action.
There were some BM activists taking part in this protest.

St George's Day
April 23rd 2014
Local BM led pan-Nationalist March on the streets of Hull, using England's only recognised patriotic to mark the occasion and raise the flags. The BM Sunwheel banner leads the small procession.
An enthusiastic turn out of dedicated patriots for a daytime event,  mid-week.

Some of the St George's Day marchers assembled before the start.

Part of the parade through the streets of Hull
April 19th/20th
APRIL 20th - National Socialist Day
BM Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire weekend outdoor event.
A suitably colourful display of flags and banners provided a backdrop to the occasion.
A presentation of Leni Reifenstahl's classic film 'Triumph of the Will' was on offer.
A campfire, comradeship, a few drinks, and over-night camping for those who wanted it.

*** Pictures to follow

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APRIL 2014 - British Movement News and Views

April 2014
BM Activity in Ulster
 The current British Movement campaign 'Immigration Has Ruined Our Nation" seems to have touched a raw nerve with the forces of multiculturalism in Ulster.
This was the response from the Northern Irish edition of the 'Daily Mirror' to a mass distribution of BM leaflets in Belfast. 
This is what the Northern Ireland edition of the 'Daily Mirror' has said about British Movement's leaflet
campaign around Belfast.
 Meanwhile - In Wales
In the villages of South Wales

Another 'British' Jihadist Killed in Syria
 The British media and the authorities continue to bury their heads in the sand as news come through that yet another 'British' volunteer has been killed in combat in Syria.
This time the dead jihadist was named as 18 year old Abdullah Deghayes who was part of the relatively small Pakistani community in Brighton. It seems from reports that have finally emerged in the press that the teenager was not the only member of his family over there, two of his brothers are also engaged in combat with Islamist forces. The Foreign Office claims that up to 400 British passport holders are currently taking part in the fighting in Syria (at least the 400 they know about or will admit to).
What kind of threat to national security or 'community cohesion' will these trained guerrilla fighters be when they return to the UK?
Isn't 'diversity' and multi-culturalism wonderful?
APRIL 20th
National Socialist Day
World Wide
An interesting viewpoint........
In an interview with a British journalist from a national newspaper, one of the Cossacks serving with one of the pro-Russian militias in Eastern Ukraine made the following observations......
" We are Cossacks, it doesn't matter where we are from."
He declined to give his name. Instead, he offered a quick history lesson,
stretching back a thousand years , to when Slavic tribes banded together
to form Kievan Rus - the dynasty that eventually flourished into modern
day Ukraine and its bigger neighbour Russia.
"We don't want Ukraine. Ukraine doesn't exist for us. There are no people
called Ukrainians. There are just Slav people who used to be in Kievan Rus,
before Jews like Trotsky divided us. We should all be together again."
No doubt the Board of Deputies, ADL, Mossad etc will have marked that Cossack's card down as unacceptable.
At the international talks in Geneva to try to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, one of the key points insisted upon by US Secretary of State John Kerry was " All sides refrain from violence and reject
expressions of extremism, racism and religious intolerance including anti-Semitism."
We wonder who could have pushed Kerry into including those last two elements?
Certainty there are stories circulating the international news agencies about hoax leaflets being sent to Jews in the Donetsk enclave requiring them to register with the ' new authorities'.
Left wing journalists have seized on these stories as 'evidence' of Ukrainian fascism and are wasting no time illustrating their reports with pictures of barricades in the pro-Russian centres covered in home-made 'anti-fascist' posters.

AND FINALLY ........
This week a British Movement supporter in Sussex sent a copy of this British Communist leaflet in to the BM Sunwheel Office for our information.

Unbelievably this piece of Communist propaganda praises Stalin as
"The Architect of Socialism and Defeater of Nazi Fascism"
What planet do these Reds live on ?

We have no idea how long this 'anti-fascist' leaflet has been in circulation but the fact that it extols Soviet dictator and all-time mass murderer Josef Stalin as a hero says it all.

BRITISH MOVEMENT - Contact details:
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British Movement - News & Views - April 2014

British Movement News & Views
April 2014
April 5th 2014
A group of BM activists distributed over 800 items of British Movement literature in the centre of Carlisle on Saturday 5th April. The response from the ordinary people of Carlisle was overwhelmingly positive. A good result from the combined team of activists from North-East England, North Yorkshire and Scotland.

British Movement is a National Socialist movement and is therefore non-sectarian.
The previous Labour Government sold out the Protestant community in Northern Ireland and made secret deals with Provisional Sinn Fein. The current Conservative Government has continued the charade and embraces the Marxist Republicans of Sinn Fein.
Only National Socialism can resolve the inter community tensions and differences in this troubled Province of the United Kingdom.
British Movement activists and supporters in Ulster have distributed hundreds of leaflets and other items of literature, posters and stickers over recent weeks. BM literature has been well received in Belfast and other towns and villages, the anti-immigration leaflets being put out by our activists
are being noted and read across both Protestant and Catholic communities.

British Movement posters on display outside the Loyalist Twaddell Avenue protest camp
in Belfast.

This series of pictures was just too good to ignore.
One of the international news agencies published these images this week from the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev.
MP's and Deputies from the Ukrainian Nationalist party Svoboda engaged in a direct fist fight with some communist deputies in the debating chamber.
Something like this would really liven up debates in the British Parliament's House of Commons.

White Network Broadcast - Interview
On Sunday April 6th 2014 the BM National Secretary was interviewed on the UK based section of The White Network radio programme - 'The Voice of Albion'.
The questions were set by the interviewer and the National Secretary answered a range of topics on British Movement history, personalities and current BM activities.
The On-line response has been generally favourable, with a few snide comments from the usual hostiles for whom British Movement can never do anything right.
The interview broadcast and the BM National Secretary's speech to the East Midlands BM meeting which was broadcast by 'The Voice of Albion' on the previous weekend can be accessed through the UK section of 'Stormfront'.

British Movement Contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. England. UK.

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British Movement News and Views - Into April


BM literature team in the shopping centre of Barnsley - March 29th 2014
(Yes - the Union Flag is upside down - Our Nation is in distress!)

Political Conspiracy by Greek Prime Minister Against Golden Dawn Exposed
The old saying that "the Truth will Out" seems to be coming true in Greece.
Several months ago NS Outlook commented across several blogs about the Greek Establishment's contrived and barely legal attack on the Golden Dawn, its leader and its MP's.
Now it seems that the lid is starting to be lifted on the political conspiracy inside Greek politics whereby the ruling political parties were trying to destroy Golden Dawn and remove the threat to the political status quo.
Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has tried to cover his tracks after a covert film was broadcast of his political chief of staff admitting that the much publicised judicial inquiry into Golden Dawn and the high profile arrests were deliberately staged for political gain.
Statements by Takis Baltakos, the Greek PM's closest political advisor show the true face of Greek 'democracy'; how government policy was created to "stop Greeks from voting for extremists" and to
"dislodge the thousands of Greeks who had voted for Golden Dawn."
The Greek political elite could not face the reality that in the recent elections over 500,000 Greeks had voted for Golden Dawn candidates.
Meanwhile the Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos remains imprisoned awaiting trial on dubious charges and five GD Members of the Greek Parliament remain behind bars. There are also deliberate moves by the Greek ruling Samaras government to arrest another five Golden Dawn elected deputies, ignoring the finer points of the Hellenic legal system.

A National Socialist Alternative in Ulster

Non- perishable foods donated in the name of the British National Socialist Movement for distribution in County Antrim.

BM Stickers and labels leave no room for doubt as to which organisation is behind
the food bank donations.

British Movement contact details:-
BM Sunwheel Office - P O Box 6.  Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF.