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British Movement News and Views - End of March Roundup

End of March Roundup

HULL & East Riding of Yorkshire Meeting
March 23rd 2014
A few images from the meeting reported on the last NS Outlook blog....late additions-

An activist from the Young Wolf BM Youth Section addresses the Hull meeting.

Some of the meeting participants smile for the camera
..... then 'Heil' for the camera.....
March 29th 2014
A team of British Movement activists from West and South Yorkshire distributed about 1,000 BM anti-immigration leaflets and other items of BM literature in Barnsley town centre. All well received, no problems, no trouble, and people were genuinely interested.
Later some of the team travelled down to take part in the East Midlands meeting.

East Midlands Meeting
March 29th 2014
 A small but enthusiastic meeting to start off the 2014 meeting schedule for the East Midlands.
In a change of format, the meeting started with a screening of the film previously shown at the Hull BM meeting on the previous weekend. This is a documentary on the threat to Britain and Europe of Islam - a shocking film that strips away the mask and reveals the horrific reality of Halal slaughter, Jihadist atrocities, and the darker elements of Sharia law and Islamic practices.
Speakers at the meeting were the BM Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire organiser, the East Midlands BMWD co-ordinator and the BM National Secretary.
A Selection of Images Taken by South Wales British Movement  
in 2014 - On Political Activities - Cultural Activities and Social Activities.
National Socialism in action in South Wales.
It is BM policy not to reveal the identities of our activists.
 The South Wales British Movement division has carried out literature distribution activities in
a number of South Wales locations including, Newport, Caerphilly, Aberdare,  Methyr, Blackwood and in the Rhondda.
South Wales BM on a cultural visit to Caerphilly Castle


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British Movement News and Views - Late March 2014

British Movement - News & Views

Late March 2014

Blood & Honour
Violent Storm Memorial Gig
March 15th 2014
British Movement members and supporters from a number of regions attended this annual event
in support of Blood and Honour, and to mark the memory of the fallen members of Violent Storm.
Such gigs are a time for comradeship, enjoyment and entertainment, but also a time to reflect on those that the British racial Nationalist movement has lost over the years. May they never be forgotten.

 Hull and East Yorkshire BM meeting
March 23rd 2014
This afternoon meeting followed the usual format for this region; a welcome address by the division organiser, a short film show; this time the subject was the threat of militant Islam.
(How many people in Britain are aware of the growing tensions between
Islamic factions in the UK?
The mainstream media are keeping very quiet about the increasing
conflict between Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims in British cities)
The meeting heard speeches from the Hull & East Riding BM organiser and a speech by one of the BM's national Young Wolf (Youth Section) organisers.
The meeting included the usual social events, buffet etc.
* waiting for images to follow.

Blackshirts of the British Union of Fascists marching on the streets of Manchester in February 1934.
Now 80 years have passed since this photograph was taken - how would those uniformed men of the BUF
feel if they could see what has become of Manchester in 2014 ?
Manchester is one of the most cosmopolitan and racially divided cities in the United Kingdom, a betrayal
of its legacy to Britain and a betrayal of the White British working-class that built Manchester up in the Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century.
A Thought For Spring 2014
From Spring 1935
" We know now that once that vital spark dies out of nations and of races
then it is the end, not for a little but for all times.
And again and again in the long story of the human race, races have
struggled up to nations and nations up to mighty empires and scaled the
heights of history and thought they were safe, and lit by the flame of such
 inspiration, this Movement rises from the very soul of England, to give all,
to dare all, that England may live in greatness and in glory."
Sir Oswald Mosley.
April 1935.
*** With apologies to our comrades in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for instead of just England, British Movement embraces Britain as a whole.
Contact details:
BM - Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. UK.
Young Wolf - British Movement Youth section
Ulster Sunwheel - Ulster Dawn - British Movement in Northern Ireland
British Movement Scotland - 'Alba Duisg'
BMWD - British Movement Women's Division

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British Movement News and Views - Mid-March 2014

British Movement News & Views
Mid-March 2014

Tuesday 11th March 2014
On a cold Tuesday night, a BM literature team of West Yorkshire activists mustered outside the Elland Road Stadium during the Leeds United match and distributed over 2,000 BM anti-immigration leaflets - no trouble - a job well done.
(Unfortunately no photographs taken on this activity)
Earlier this week the media was wringing its hands in grief over the death of trade union leader
 Bob Crow. The newspapers and TV commentators praised this man as a great champion of the British working-class - a trade union hero.
Bob Crow called himself a "Socialist-communist". He had in the past supported a range of Left-wing causes and fringe groups including the Socialist Alliance and the Socialist Labour Party.
Crow was a supporter of almost every anti-racist and anti-fascist faction going.
As far as British Movement is concerned he will not be missed!
       Today, as we prepare to publish this blog, the headlines are full of eulogies for the death of Labour Party Left-winger Tony Benn.
An upper class 'socialist' and stalwart of every leftist cause over the past 50 years.
The old Leftist wind-bag and pompous spouter of Marxist nonsense will not be missed either.

Just To Make A Few Things Clear
Just recently there has been a good deal of activity on social media criticising British Movement and generally attacking BM as an organisation.These attacks are not coming from our political or racial enemies on the extreme-Left, but are coming from individuals within other racial Nationalist organisations within the UK.
Usually it has been BM policy to ignore these on-line criticisms, but some of the recent outpourings have been malicious, distortions of the truth and inaccurate.
It has been British Movement policy since 1985 not to attack or criticise other British racial Nationalist organisations in print or from the platform at meetings. The only time we have diverted from this general rule was when the truth came out about Combat 18 after the trial of those responsible for killing Chris Castle, and that was after several years of attacks on BM by elements within C18. We have on very rare occasions named and shamed certain individuals who have proven themselves to be informers or have been expelled from British Movement for gross breaches of our rules of membership.
But BM does not publicly pour bile on other racial Nationalists, and if and when someone within our ranks has done so, they have been disciplined.
British Movement has supported other organisations on the streets and at election times, BM has held pan-Nationalist meetings and events where members of other organisations have been invited as speakers, and their supporters made welcome.
If we are all fighting for the '14 Words' we should stand shoulder to shoulder within our respective ranks. British Movement does not seek to undermine other organisations and contrary to some opinions, BM does not 'poach' members.
 There is nothing to be gained from on-line slanging matches, it gains nothing, does not advance the cause for the '14 Words' and only provides the planted agents of our political enemies with ammunition to stir up trouble - we should not rise to the bait.
 Bitching and sniping at each other achieves nothing - it diverts our attention away from fighting our real enemies - as far as British Movement is concerned, saving Britain and taking our country back is far more important.
The BM - Sunwheel Office Team

      British Movement has always maintained a National Socialist stance and pushed for the forming of a National Socialist Movement. We have supported and where possible helped all and any groups who strive for the 14 Words. We have supported and welcomed joint activities and co-operation, we have invited speakers from all nationalist parties and organisations. At times we have held a painful but dignified silence as parties and organisations have ripped each other apart. Hopefully people can see that internal fighting helps nobody but our enemies. At times we have held quiet council rather than drag ourselves into it. At a time when our Race's very existence is in jeopardy, when our daughters are raped and groomed. Our sons are being killed in foreign wars, a British soldier has been decapitated on the streets of our country, just like a policeman years before. Another invasion to ethnically cleanse our people is well under way, with the Roma and Syrian influx to add to the many other nightmares our people face every day, our sons, our daughters our grandkids!
Once again we find that internet sites and Facebook are awash with words of disunity. We find ourselves being dragged into this nonsense and for what?
Stealing members ? How? When we accept dual membership ? Stepping on toes?
How ? When BM does not stand in elections? Some of the things being said are down right lies, others are malicious and without substance, some are completely made up and without doubt simply an attempt to disrupt BM at a time of good activity and growth of which any true National Socialist should be proud.
Well we have to break our silence. We will meet and discuss any critics of our Movement like the great of our race and talk like the great of our race.
Ian Stuart said, "As one we are strong" fighting with those worthy of fighting the true fight for the '14 Words' . However certain people have forced our silence to be broken. We will not slag, spread lies or engage in pettiness, however we will defend ourselves and react in an appropriate manner to any to any who threatens us. We fight the great fight, the fight for the future and hope that people look in the mirror and think long and hard about the things they do.
We have remained calm, silent and with honour- But we are taking no more threats, bullying or intimidation, those are Red Scum tactics and we will strike back.
Northern Leader Guard - British Movement

British Movement Scotland blog
Alba Dusig - Scotland Awake!

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British Movement - Forward Into March

British Movement
News & Views
Forward Into March

Remember Kriss Donald
Never Forget - Never Forgive
Next week marks the anniversary of the brutal murder of the Glasgow teenager Kriss Donald by an Asian gang. Kriss Donald was just 15 years of age when he was snatched off the streets, bundled into the killer's car and driven miles out of the city. He was beaten, tortured, mutilated and driven back into Glasgow where the dying boy was dumped and set on fire, probably still alive.
Half the gang of killers fled to Pakistan, eventually returned to the UK to face trial.
As we pointed out before on British Movement web-sites and blogs, it is a reflection of the perverse values of  multi-cultural Britain that the savage murder of a 15 year old White teenager is barely mentioned by our national news-media, but the stabbing to death of black teenager Stephen Lawrence over 20 years ago, is never out of the news.
Is that the equality that the liberals constantly harp on about?

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A New Addition to our blog-sites BM Scotland.
A blog that is temporarily hosted by the BM Sunwheel Office but hopefully will transfer
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