Thursday, February 20, 2014

British Movement - News and Views Update - February

British Movement
News & Views Update
Late February 2014
British Movement On the Streets
Castleford - West Yorkshire
February 15th 2014

Not put off by bad weather
Two BM activists leafleting in Castleford
on Saturday.

The BM Sunwheel flag in Castleford
Castleford town centre gave a good reception to the team of
British Movement activists who turned out in the rain to distribute anti-immigration leaflets and other items of BM literature to the Saturday shopping crowds.
The BM team were well received and there was only one objector to the activity. No trouble, no interference from hostile agencies and a job well done.


February 15th - February 23rd 2014
An Aryan cultural festival not to be missed.

UKRAINE - A Revolution is Happening
This blog hopes to have an update on the growing crisis in Ukraine next time.

1962 - Inside NSM Headquarters at Arnold Leese House - Princedale Road, London.
# Errors and Spelling Mistakes 
Inevitably when we are working hard to rush out a new range of leaflets or are pushing to meet the deadline for the BM magazine 'Broadsword', there is the occasional slip up and despite the use of spell-checks on the computer, a stray mistake or 'typo' does get through.
A couple of errors on a recent leaflet were down to a rushed re-typing of the material.
The Sunwheel Office team can only apologise for these odd lapses that spoil the quality of our BM literature,  we are aware that our political enemies seize on such mistakes to brand us as 'semi-literate' - but it is far from it.
We are just trying to achieve a lot in a hurry and with very limited resources - please bear with us in this struggle. 


  1. Dont worry about what the vile Communists say. I regularly find spelling and grammar errors in national newspapers, all written by NUJ members.

    When is the British Movement going to organise in Scotland and opn an NS Scotland site. Also what about an BM invited meeting held in Edinburgh or Glasgow. Its worth a try inviting guests and see what happens from that.

  2. On the right of this page, go into blogger and set up links. You can add the Youngwolf plusUlster Sunwheel and East Anglia Division blog site computer addresses. This will encouage greater viewing.
    suggest you also in add gadget tick to have a viewing counter.this will show readers that site s reularly viewed and give you chance to see growth details for the site and which articles attract most viwer hits.

    This site is good but needs a bit of tweeking. Blogger has loads of opinions to make sites more interesting to the eye thus attract more viewings.

    Mode viewings should mean more new members

  3. Sunwheel team says:-many thanks for the suggestions we will certainly act on these,
    Re: BM in Scotland - we have members in Scotland - and want to build up a refreshed BM Scotland (Alba)
    We always look for the right kind of NS people to step forward before we declare the existence of an active BM presence.
    BM will be searching out the right approach to build up our existing Scottish network of members.

    NS regards

    Sunwheel Office team,

  4. Call a meeting of existing BM members in Scotland, invite guests and form a small committee of no more than 3 or 4 members to plan the move forward. A blogspot -dead easy to use. A quarterly newsletter posted to members and supportive people, another social/meeting a few months later. You will be surprised how it will start moving ahead.

  5. Many thanks for all the helpful suggestions - after a quick discussion here at the Sunwheel Office we agree that we will look towards a BM Scotland blog first and will also nudge or comrades in SWBM (South Wales BM) to expand beyond their Facebook site and start up an SWBM blog as well.

  6. Please can you update me on coming events. My email address is -