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January 2014 - British Movement News and Views

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As Britain drags itself out of the festive season, the British media are desperately playing down the pre-New Year immigration stories and are throwing up the usual smokescreen.
The Conservative Party are making aggressive anti-immigration noises, but only in the interests of denying votes to UKIP. Neither the Tories nor UKIP will ever truly address the problems of
immigration, especially if it means challenging multi-culturalism or taking real measures to dismantle the multi-racial society, an Left-wing inspired experiment in social-engineering that has failed.
Race is the issue that UKIP and the Conservatives will never take a grip of in the interests of the indigenous British people - the true British.
The incoming Bulgarian and Romanian Roma migrants are an unwanted addition to the non-Aryan colonisers of Britain.
(For an insight into what is happening as Roma settle in Northern Ireland - check out the blog sites 'Ulster Dawn' or 'Ulster Sunwheel'.
A reader comment to one of the NS Forum blogs mentioned the antics of Labour MP for  Leicester East, Keith Vaz, it is interesting to note what Vaz has to say about creating a multi-racial Britain, and the kind of future that Keith Vaz wants to see in the UK.

Keith Vaz - Labour Party Member of Parliament for Leicester East
On Saturday January 11th 2014 the 'Guardian' newspaper carried an article about Keith Vaz.
This is what the article about his politics;
"Vaz,. now 57, acknowledges that his pan-European multicultural vision
is under serious threat. 'I don't think my work is going to be done until we
have a country that accepts everyone.. Britain is the most marvellously
tolerant country in the world. But yes, I think we are losing the debate
on immigration."
So there it is, straight from the source's mouth.
How can it be in Britain that someone like Keith Vaz can push for greater immigration and, not just Britain, but a Europe wide multicultural society. After all, Keith Vaz is not indigenous British, he was born in Aden, his parents are mixed-race Goan (Portuguese) - Indian.
Keith Vaz came to Britain with his parents as an immigrant in the mid-1960's - yet he is able to direct political and social policy through the Labour Party.
This is the inbuilt weakness and danger of a 'democratic' society - indigenous White British people, people whose folk have lived in the British Isles for many hundreds of years, for thousands of years, for countless generations British, can be governed and directed by a politician who was not born in this country, who is not of their blood, who is not of their race, does not share their heritage and traditions.
This is why British Movement opposes multi-culturalism, fights against immigration, and stands against 'democratic' political parties. Keith Vaz MP symbolises everything that BM believes is wrong in the current British political system, and why BM believes that British citizenship must be legally re-defined on grounds of race.

Death of Ariel Sharon
(The Butcher of the Lebanon Refugee Camps)
The news of the death of Ariel Sharon - former Israeli Premier and Defence Minister will bring no solace to the thousands of Palestinians whose families suffered at the hands of the IDF and Lebanese militias sent acting on Sharon's orders. So too the building of 'the Palestinian Wall' on Ariel Sharon's instructions. Ariel Sharon was an arch -Zionist, committed to Israeli expansion and a hawk in regards to Israel's domestic, military and foreign policy.
Ariel Sharon was a sworn enemy of National Socialism and a defender of Zionism worldwide.

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  1. The broadsword magazine is a very good read indeed..very patriotic ..and tells it like it really is!!..the truth!!

  2. York Viking festival 15th - 23rd Feb 2014, it was mentioned that last year a black Viking was in the celebrations of our Viking ancestors? WTF I will be there this year to voice my opposition to this blasphemy of our shared heritage. (No more) Raise the Sunwheel banner and celebrate our ancestors.

  3. Skull...fellow Vikings...sounds interesting ,aweek of fests,eat,drink,and pillaging. we will find the invader to our homeland..forthwith,we will vanish him or her from our yorkish fest,never to return!! Ericsson the Viking!!!skullb@h.

  4. Issue 48 through the door this morning, had a quick flick through and will make a start later this evening. Another good looking issue with some cracking articles, the 'Live the Dream' interview looks really interesting, should generate some good feedback. North Yorkshire.