Saturday, January 4, 2014

Into 2014 - British Movement Looks Ahead

Into 2014 !
British Movement Looks Ahead
The British Movement Sunwheel stands against the Winter sky - Winter Solstice - December 21st 2013 - East Yorkshire
A new year has begun and already the system has begun to throw up a smokescreen around the issue of immigration from Bulgaria and Romania.
 The multi-culturalists are desperate to deflect attention away from this and have quickly pointed out that only a handful of new Romanian migrants stepped off the plane at Luton airport.
This of course ignored the fact that most economic migrants choose the cheaper option of travelling overland by long-distance coaches and that the coach terminals were not being scrutinised by the media on January 1st - So we must play a waiting game.
Meanwhile the media is generally failing to highlight the fact that prior to January 1st 2014, there are already more than 140,000 Romanians and Bulgarians already living and settling in the UK.

Elsewhere we now have a release of official Government documents under the 30 Year rule about
the Thatcher Government and its conduct during the Miner's Strike of 1984 - 85.
Journalists and mainstream political commentators are actually surprised to find that in a secret memo the Tories were planning to close over 70 pits - and actually denied this in public.
When ultra-Left NUM leader Arthur Scargill (we do not like his politics at all) publicly declared that the Government would shut down over 70 working pits, the Government not only denied this but said that Scargill was a liar and a fantasist.
The truth was that it was the Tory Government and Civil Servants who were lying.
No surprises there - but what the media should be asking is what files are being with-held or have been destroyed? Democratic governments thrive on secrecy and hide all their true intentions despite pretending to be in favour of what is laughingly termed 'open government'.
As Arnold Leese once said 'Democracy is Death!'

British Movement rejects the hollow politics of the democratic system.
The current British political system is not fit for purpose and the rotating dictatorship of Labour and Conservative Governments is a corrupt body of career politicians and unelected Civil Servants.
The time has come for radical change.

National Socialism is the way forward.

British Movement realises that this will be a long term struggle - we face powerful, well resourced and well funded enemies, entrenched in their rotten 'democratic' system.
But it is still possible to force change, to steer our people away from this dead end road to oblivion.
British Movement is ideologically grounded, committed to the '14 Words' and the development of
a modern grassroots British National Socialist movement, not just a political party, but a broad, 'Folkish' organisation that operates ideologically and socially as well as politically.
While some of the British people have been brainwashed into accepting some of the elements
of multi-culturalism, we believe that it is not too late to counter the liberalist and Marxist poison that has tainted our Nation since 1945.
As long as a determined National Socialist minority has the Will and the determination to build the Movement and the strength to undertake this enormous task over many years - then it can be done.
This is our 'Time of Struggle' - we cannot contemplate failure - the salvation of our Folk, our Nation and Country is at stake - let 2014 be a year of National Socialist progress.




  1. Did not Colin Jordan once say, in an election leaflet, that Tories breed Communists by their injustices. The talk of saving the NHS and abolishing the bedroom tax sounds good to working class whites who are suffering at the hands of this Tory government. That they lied about the number of pits closed comes as no surprise to those of us who know the decadence to which this political system has sunk to.

  2. Establishment are also more than happy to pander and perpetuate the lie that Roma are Romanian - the fucker Vaz met in that photo-opportunity was a Roma.

    If it means we need more East Europeans to displace the muds we have here then I am all for them....Poles have already taken it to the muds who deem them 'invaders'....more than our fellow selfish/gutless/whiny Brits are doing.

    After all is said and done, the offspring of today's White migrants will be the same as us just with 'funny surnames'!

  3. Whitepride London ..up the British movement.....nuttypaul

    1. We'll said brother!!Ian sturart was right!!blood@hounor.east London branch!!British union of fasicist!!.whitepower Chingford attack!!oi oi...scooter skin's!!!

  4. Enjoyed the Yorkshire meeting the other night.

    Thanks for what you do.