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2014 - Mid-January - British Movement News & Views

British Movement - News & Views
Mid - January 2014
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British Movement Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire
Hull Meeting January 18th 2014 
This meeting followed the usual format for Hull and East Yorkshire BM meetings, there was an introduction address by the Hull BM organiser followed by a short film show.
The film for this meeting was taken from an American day-time TV chat show and looked at the supposed 'threat' posed by the presence of a White supremacist enclave in a small town in North Dakota, The over-reaction by the usual anti-racist lobby and the carefully selected multi-racial TV audience was worth noting (as well as providing a few laughs), but the comments by a black separatist were also interesting and equally drew venom from the multi-racialists.
After a short break the meeting heard a speech by the British Movement National Secretary, the topic was 'Immigration - How We Must Use the Current Public Concerns to Our Advantage'.
The BM campaign slogan for Spring 2014 is 'Immigration Has Ruined Our Nation'.
The speech outlined the history of post 1945 immigration into Britain, the deception and lies told to the British public by both the Government and the Left-wing defenders of multi-racialism, and how today BM can use the subject of immigration as a means of making the White British people think once again in terms of race and culture; to set the seeds of re-awakening their racial awareness.
After the speech there were the usual breaks, food and sales tables, followed by another short film and power point presentation.This meeting was also open to members and supporters of other racial Nationalist organisations.

It has long been the case that wealthy foreigners have bought up Scottish shooting estates and offshore islands, Russian multi-millionaires and Arab princes have routinely bought up large properties in the up-market areas of West London; in recent decades British manufacturing companies and premier football clubs have been bought up by overseas millionaires.
Foreign buyers are now buying up British farms and farmland, large tracks of the British
countryside are now being snapped up as 'investments' by overseas buyers, increasingly the buyers are Chinese. According to land agents the foreign buyers are wanting to buy the bigger farms with blocks of land over 1,000 acres. The real interest is in the opportunity to buy up farmland in areas where 'fracking' for shale gas is a future option and large scale wind-farms can be developed.
Foreign investors see British farms and the countryside as a source of profit - they have no 'Blood and Soil' connections to this land, so only capital gain matters.
Before long Britain will no longer be 'owned' by the British - we will all be living on foreign owned land. This is another reason why British Movement believes that as an organisation BM needs to invest in buying land and protecting it for the future of our Folk.

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  1. Issue 48 through the door this morning, had a quick flick through and will make a start later this evening. Another good looking issue with some cracking articles, the 'Live the Dream' interview looks really interesting, should generate some good feedback. (20/01/14) North Yorkshire.

  2. Will get the new magazine soon..thanks!!!interesting who owns Britain?I've been asking myself this question for a while?? as a kid. I Allways thought the royal family,masons,knights emplars,Jews,Scottish presperterreons,sorry can't spell...but know I'm not so sure? every street corner shop owner seems to drive bentley motors...etc mercs...etc..big house',land,big garden's,etc,I remember as a kid growing up in hackney rd,Bethnal green. that all the pakis had shity datsuns,etc. what a turnaround! in 4o years of this once great country! I pity our kids today! as the sex pistols once future for you....pc 28