Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of the Year - News and Views from British Movement

End of the Year (2013)
News and Views From British Movement
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The Sunwheel (BM) Office. P O Box 6, Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire WF16 0XF. England.
Winter Solstice in Northern England
British Movement Celebrates the Winter Solstice
Once Again the Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire region of BM marked the weekend of the
Winter Solstice with an outdoor gathering on the evening of December 21st 2013.
A burning Sunwheel greeted the night sky and hardy souls braved the wind, rain and cold to gather around a bonfire and salute this traditional Aryan ceremony - the fire festival of the mid-Winter.

Not So Funny To Some - Dieudonne
Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala is a French comedian, of mixed race origins (French/West African) who is noted for his politically-incorrect pronouncements and broadcasts.
Deliberately controversial Dieudonne has spoken out in defence of Palestinian rights and has been anti-Israel and anti-Zionist to a point where he has been branded as an 'anti-Semite' and was heavily fined recently (E28,000) for singing a song that allegedly "mocked the Holocaust".
Dieudonne has also included in his on-stage performance a type of arm gesture which has been described as a "Nazi salute in reverse" - whatever that might mean.
Not surprisingly Dieudonne has attracted a lot of criticism from all the usual suspects and the French authorities. The French Interior Minister Manuel Valls, has stated that he is seeking a legal ban on Dieudonne's one-man stage shows on the grounds that the shows are a threat to public order !
The Interior Minister justifies this oppressive move by saying,
"Freedom of expression is sacred, but racism and anti-Semitism are crimes." 
Despite all the outrage, Dieudonne is very popular and his shows are often sold out performances,
nevertheless the French authorities continue to seek his prosecution on the grounds of so-called 'hate-speech' and his alleged 'incitement of racial hatred.'
He particularly created problems for himself when he described 'Holocaust' commemorations as
"memorial pornography" - expressing such alternative opinions in France is illegal.
All this from a man who is himself a member of a racial minority.

Another Step Towards the British National Socialist Resurgence


  1. Wishing the BM staff, members and supporters all the very best for 2014, let us all continue to build on the momentum generated this year. Happy New Year. (North Yorkshire)

  2. Happy New Year and to the growth of the BM one which engages with the large pool of young activists in many nationalist organisations. Bring back the BM as the UK`s premier National Socialist organisation

    Here`s to the BM being very visible at different rallies, handing out literature, signing up new members with activists armed with application forms and pens.

    Let`s see the BM flags held high along with the Union Jack.

  3. Brother, a question. Is National Action a part of the British Movement as their Facebook page seems to show BM styled leaflets but no British Movement name.

    14 words will prevail and 2014 will see that starting to come true.

    1. National Action is independent of BM and we have no influence on its activities. However if they (NA) wish to use BM material to make a Nationalist point - we have no problem with that.

      BM Sunwheel Office

  4. Joining others in saluting the work and dedication of BNSM!

  5. Had a look at NA website and Facebook page, they only display one BM poster sitting among other NA material, this may be a sign that NA do look to BM for influence and direction. Hail the BNSM.

  6. Trouble with National action there seems to be no means of contacting them on their website and the Facebook page has been taken down. Must be a selective secret group as there seems to be no way of joining or contacting them.

    I agree, I think they look towards BM as a lead point.

    Does BM have a membership fee for unemployed, disabled not working, young people under 21? If not might be a good idea. Full membership fee though not that high is still a lot if a persons income is just and I mean just keeping them in Spartan food.

  7. Knock knock anyone there to reply to above question over membership rates. Sorry for being a bit cheeky but if BM does not reply to questions re membership, then how dods it grow?

    1. Hello there - Sorry missed this comment - I thought one of the team had gone through these.

      At present BM membership is a standard £15 per year - the Young Wolf - Youth Section is £10 per year - we have not graded membership into other rates.

      If you want to contact BM admin (Sunwheel Office team) e-mail sunwheelteam@gmail.com

    2. He who dares wins....join the British movement today!!no more brothers wars!!.this is our land..our people,good people,and the time is right!!because we are all white!!no surender,Paul conway. all the best.!!!2014

  8. From eastlondon scooterclub .......when the black community of Tottenham hold their vigil for mark Duggan..they can look up to heaven and be sure that there is someone smiling down on them....pc blakelock...broad water farm.....

  9. I watched the 5o th anniversary of Dr.who ,the other night! I can't believe how far fetched it was ? 13 doctors and not one of em...a "paki"" .......ha ha east London scooter club..oi oi