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British Movement News & Views - End of November

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 British Movement Delegation to Spain
A delegation of British Movement activists, including a representative from the Sunwheel Office team has recently returned from a visit to Spain. The short visit to Madrid included meeting representatives from a number of different Spanish National Socialist, racial Nationalist and veteran Falangist organisations.
One highlight of the trip was a visit to the Valley of the Fallen to pay due respects at the tomb of Primo de Valera and that of General Franco.

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 The Trial Finally Begins
The news media finally began to report on the trial of Fusilier Lee Rigby's killers after ignoring the opening stages of the trial which began last week.
Incredibly the two jihadist killers are pleading 'Not Guilty'.
It will be interesting to see how much detail is actually allowed out to the public from this trial.

  Lunatic Left - A New Twist to the Lambeth Slavery Case
 Meanwhile the British newspapers and TV have been excited by the story about 3 women allegedly held in slavery in a district of London by a man and wife pair of fanatical Maoists.
One interesting aspect of this bizarre case is the insight it offers into the crazy world of extreme-Left wing politics in Britain in the 1970's and the hold it continues to exert on its hard core adherents right up to the present day. 
Originally the accused Asian couple were members of the  - Communist Party of England (Marxist-Leninist), but apparently this outfit was not revolutionary enough and in 1974 they split away to establish their own Maoist Marxist - Leninist organisation, built on the principles of Communist China's dictator of the period, Chairman Mao.
Only the extreme Left could dream up an organisation called,
" The Workers' Institute of Marxism-Leninism Mao Tse-Tung Thought"
that title is straight out of the Monty Python book of political thought!
You seriously have to question the mentality of people who dedicate their lives to this kind of rabid revolutionary internationalism.

This sample of Maoist 'literature' was reproduced in the 'Guardian' newspaper on November 30th.
Dated from the spring of 1976, it clearly demonstrates the kind of twisted mental somersaults that the
extremist Marxists go through to develop the 'correct political perspective'.
No wonder this particular off-shoot dwindled down to a handful of fanatics living in a kind of Maoist commune.
It is a fact that the 'intellectual elite' of the revolutionary extreme-Left do not trust the British Working-class to create the revolution that they believe will lead to the creation of a Workers' State.
Very conveniently the Marxists argue that the 'workers' will have to be led by revolutionary socialists drawn from the educated and academic upper and middle-class elite.
The 'Champagne Socialists'.

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  1. Excellent article and updates. It appears a new active young people some would class as middle class are becoming interested in National Socialism. It is starting to happen. They Communists/ Martists with their Muslim and Zionist commrades have successfully laid down the necessary conditions to reignite NS.