Thursday, December 12, 2013

British Movement - News and Views - Mid-December

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An Act of Defiance In the Face of the Mandela Circus
Message received at BM Sunwheel Office - Wednesday December 11th 2013;
" ANC flags in 'Nelson Mandela Gardens (Leeds) removed today.
Our City!    Our gardens!
Not the racist, bigot Mandela's gardens.
Leeds BM recognises what the gardens were for 30 years before - (before we protested in 1986 to the changes) - the gardens were in honour of the brave dead of two world wars - then changed to the
ANC terrorists gardens."
The Woolwich Murder Trial
 This trial of the brutal jihadists who butchered unarmed soldier Lee Rigby has shown the lack of reality in the beliefs of the two killers. How is it possible that these men can plead 'Not Guilty' ?
They admit to killing Fusilier Rigby, they were shown on film killing him, yet they deny murder
How can this be possible?
A Pleasing Image From The Ukraine
Statue of Lenin finally toppled - good riddance to a Communist icon
Demonstrators in Kiev smash down the Soviet era statue of Lenin.
Nice to see the statue of the old Communist idol finally falling.

The Crack-down on the Real Madrid 'Ultras'
 The Spanish football authorities are looking to eradicate the racial Nationalist and pro-NS activities of the Real Madrid Ultras. Real Madrid club president Florentino Perez has announced plans to restructure the Santiago Bernabeu stadium to remove the seating areas usually occupied by the Real Ultras. Known Ultra 'faces' will be banned from the stadium and what have been referred to as "better behaved supporters" will be allocated to the sections of the stadium usually occupied by the Ultras.
In November 2013, members of a British Movement delegation to Spain were introduced to individual representatives of the Ultras who support Real Madrid.
The BM visitors were also shown examples of how liberal and leftist politicians in Spain are working to erase all symbols and place names associated with the Franco years and the victories of the Francoists and the Falangists. Spanish Left-wing politicians want to remove General Franco's tomb from the Valley of the Fallen and in typical Marxist fashion re-write Spanish history.


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