Saturday, November 2, 2013

Red Terrorist Attack on Golden Dawn in Athens - Two GD activists killed

The Red Terror Has Returned to Greece
In previous decades Greece was plagued by violent Left-wing extremists
Bomb attacks by communist militants and anarchists were frequent
Now the Red Terror has returned to murder Golden Dawn activists.
Three Golden Dawn activists who were guarding the front entrance to the organisations Athens head quarters building were gunned down in a drive-by shooting. Two GD men, one aged 24 years and the other 27 years of age were killed, the third GD man was badly wounded.
This escalation in extreme Left violence against Golden Dawn comes on the heels of a Europe wide campaign against the Greek racial Nationalist movement. Since the end of August British and other European and American anti-fascist and anti-racist organisations have been whipping up hysteria against the Golden Dawn under the guise of a 'Greece Solidarity Campaign'.
This campaign has generated support for pro-communist and Marxist -socialist parties in Greece and has incited Greek leftists to 'Smash the Golden Dawn'.
The Greek government is complicit in this escalation because of its crude attempts to criminalise Golden Dawn and its leadership on politically manipulated arrests and false charges.

The high profile arrest of elected Golden Dawn members of parliament in September 2013 was a propaganda stunt by the Greek government. It is rumoured that the masked men carrying out the arrests were mercenaries - 'hired-guns' provided by foreign-based Security companies. The Athens government knew that in some sections of the Greek police and Armed forces - there is support for Golden Dawn. So unable to trust its own military, it brought in foreign specialists. One source suggests that the heavies were masked up and in civilian clothes because they were not Greek and may have been 'borrowed' from the Israeli Defence Force - or Mossad, specially for the task. We shall see. 
After the fatal stabbing of a self-styled Greek anti-fascist 'hip-hop artist', allegedly by a supporter of the Golden Dawn, the Greek Far-Left seized the moment as an excuse to stage aggressive mass demonstrations in Athens and other Greek cities as part of the campaign against Golden Dawn.
The Greek government has provided a justification for the Left by staging the high profile arrests of Golden Dawn MP's and leaders in September - a carefully calculated piece of political theatre.
Across Europe the internationalists and globalists are afraid of the appeal of Golden Dawn to the Greek public and the bureaucrats of the European Union have worked behind the scenes to undermine Golden Dawn and to incite the Greek government to destroy the movement.
Last year the extreme Left in Greece tried to disrupt Golden Dawn's political campaign in the elections by fire-bombing the Golden Dawn election headquarters.
Now, encouraged by calls from anti-racist groups across Europe and in the UK, the Greek militant anti-fascists have stepped up the violence - a double murder.

A Golden Dawn rally earlier this year
There is a Europe wide campaign by the extreme-Left urging Marxist militants to destroy Golden Dawn.

British Movement salutes the fallen of Golden Dawn - we are sure there will be more.


  1. Viva le Golden Dawn - Viva the British Movement. When they start to murder us, then we know we are starting to rise. They fear us. It is time for all NS to start to stand up and be counted. Action and Activity must be given by all. No more armchair National Socialists

  2. I think Mossad may have been involved, your average red wouldn't have the bottle. I've seen a video of it, it frustrates me that any retaliation will land Golden Dawn in it even more.
    Golden Dawn seem to be asking for calm, the right move if one that is hard to stomach. National Socialism will rise again, possibly in Greece first, but for now, we must wait. Many more of us shall fall but none of us should fear it, our fallen comrades are always with us, watching us and urging us on.
    Hail Victory, Hail our fallen comrades!