Friday, November 8, 2013

British Movement Vigil in Leeds in Solidarity with the Fallen Comrades of the Golden Dawn

British Movement Vigil in Leeds - Thursday November 7th 2013
Solidarity with our Fallen Greek Comrades of the Golden Dawn
The West Riding of Yorkshire Region of British Movement Salutes the Two
Fallen Comrades of the Golden Dawn and Condemns the Actions of the Greek
Government in its Oppression of the Golden Dawn and the Imprisonment of its Leaders.


On the evening of Thursday November 7th 2013, activists from the assorted branches and groups of British Movement Yorkshire West Riding region took part in a series of vigils and protests across the centre of Leeds. Activists from other racial Nationalist organisations joined together with British Movement activists to declare solidarity with Golden Dawn and to mark our respects for the three Golden Dawn activists shot in the drive by shooting/terrorist attack in Athens this week.
Two Golden Dawn killed and a third badly wounded - an outrage that has followed on the heels of the Greek Government's illicit oppression of Golden Dawn.

BM activists stood with Golden Dawn flags and BM Sunwheel banners together with placards
stating BM solidarity with Golden Dawn, and specially prepared posters of the two fallen Golden Dawn comrades.
 The strong wind prevented the candle-lit assembly, but the city centre vigil and a protest outside the BBC buildings in Leeds took place. A statement from the BM main office was read out on the steps of the BBC TV building before BM activists handed in a letter of protest to the BBC News studio.

The Leeds vigil was jointly organised by Leeds Branch BM and BM Northern Leader Guard, support from members of BM Yorkshire Heavy Woollen District branch and Bradford BM group together with other BM activists and supporters from across West Yorkshire.
More than 30 people took part in this gathering, with many others sending messages of support.
Thanks to members of other Nationalist organisations who stood alongside BM last night in Leeds.



  1. well done comrades a salute to our fallen white brothers

  2. Well done to all does involved, R.I.P. our Greek comrades.

  3. Fantastic demo organised by the BM. Hail Victory to all who attended.