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British Movement - News & Views - mid-November

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British Movement On the Streets

British Movement activists on a propaganda drive in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.
The Police sign is nothing to do with us!

Remember Fusilier Lee Rigby
Yesterday - November 19th 2013 - the murder trial began of the two Jihadists accused of butchering unarmed, off-duty soldier Fusilier Lee Rigby on a street in Woolwich.
Who would know?  The British national media has maintained a deafening silence about the trial.
The Roma Situation
 The leftists and liberals in the British media have been getting excited and in a panic after the
recent criticisms of Roma settlers in the city of Sheffield.
When system politicians, especially leftists like Labour ex-minister David Blunkett, and the Liberal-Democrat Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg are speaking out negatively about the East European Roma migrants in Britain, then you know the situation is not only bad, but destined to get much worse. Clegg and Blunkett have access to information that the British public do not have, and the media are geared up to 'protect' multi-culturalism by screening out negative reports about the Roma.
     It is not just the Czech Roma and Slovak Roma settled in one area of Sheffield, there are already large numbers of Roma from Eastern Europe and other countries of the EU settled in Slough, Ilford, Rotherham, Leeds, Manchester, Peterborough and some of the south-coast towns and ports like Dover and Hastings. That is without lifting the lid on the Roma settled in various parts of London, not counting the illegal Roma squatter camp that was cleared a out of the Marble Arch and Park Lane area in the summer.
There are already plenty of Roma setting up home in dozens of other British towns, and we have yet to experience the tidal wave of Roma migrants who have declared their intentions to come to Britain from Bulgaria and Romania in January 2014 when the restrictions are lifted.
In the European Union countries like France and Italy have been busy deporting Roma migrants back to their countries of origin, and Germany has issued warnings to Britain about the problems that German authorities are already experiencing from assorted eastern Roma settling there.
Countries like Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Romania regard their resident Roma populations as a problem, but are quietly delighted that a solution is in the offing as large numbers of Roma look towards moving to Britain.
Is this one of the benefits of  membership of the European Union we in Britain are constantly reminded of by our mainstream politicians?

Former Labour government minister Jack Straw has added his voice to the increasing political concerns about immigration. He has even gone so far as to admit that the previous Labour Government of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (in which Straw was a Minister) got it wrong in regard to their policy on immigration.
What a hypocrite !
Jack Straw has been a defender of multi-culturalism and multi-racial society for decades.
He is a Labour MP for Blackburn and has always depended on the Asian vote.

Another Shining Example of the Labour Party
The Reverend Paul Flowers - Methodist Minister - former Labour city councillor in Bradford,
former Chairman of the Co-Op Bank; advisor to the Labour Party, frequent visitor to 10 Downing Street during the last Labour Government, Labour Party activist.
Now known to have resigned as a Labour city councillor when it was discovered that he was using an official council computer to watch 'adult' (Gay) pornography; was caught out trying to purchase cocaine and crystal meth (both illegal Class A drugs), now known to have bought the services of male prostitutes and 'Rent Boys'.

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  1. How do you join the British Movement, this blog has no email address details. Would think that puts a few brothers off

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  2. Contact: BM - Sunwheel Office, P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF
    West Yorkshire.
    We have put these details on a number of earlier blogs.