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British Movement News and Views - November

British Movement News & Views

In Remembrance
British Movement - Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire Region
Hull Meeting - November 9th 2013
Saturday afternoon, November 9th, the BM Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire held its annual Remembrance meeting - a significant date for remembering National Socialist fallen, and a date close to November 11th when Britain honour's its war dead.
The meeting began with a short film documenting all Britain's fallen from 1900 to the present day.
The BM National Secretary gave a speech focussing on Britain's losses in war, the betrayal of the British White working-class who have made the greatest sacrifices for their country in war; and then spoke of remembering the fallen of the National Socialist cause across the decades, also remembering those killed in later years and finishing with a call to honour the recent fallen comrades of the Golden Dawn, shot down in Athens.
 The meeting concluded with 2 minutes silence as the 'Last Post' was sounded.
Elsewhere British Movement members and supporters joined Remembrance ceremonies and cenotaph vigils across the country.
Pushing Back the Power of the Banks and International Finance
Hungary Shows the Way
The Hungarian Government has defiantly challenged the power of the international banks, is restructuring the Hungarian economy to avoid international loans and is cutting domestic fuel bills.
Of course this does not sit well with the bureaucrats of the European Union, who want Hungary to be in debt to the banks so that Hungary can be bullied into toe-ing the globalist line.
As one South -African White racial Nationalist publication has commented,
"Not since the 1930's in Germany has a major European country dared
to escape from the clutches of the Rothschild-controlled international
banking cartels."
 Hungary courageously paid off its loans to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in August 2013, well before the March 2014 deadline set by the IMF. The staggering 2.2 billion Euro debt was not only repaid, but further international loans were refused.
The Hungarian central bank is now operated by the Hungarian state and does not take funding from the World Bank, the European Central Bank or the IMF.
These are the first important steps towards a pro-Nationalist economy in Hungary, which explains why the EU and the assorted globalist and internationalist Marxist organisations are so hostile to Hungary. Accusations of 'racism', 'anti-semitism', hostility to foreigners etc etc are now routinely levelled at what is in truth a 'soft-nationalist' government in Budapest. Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orban is not a racial Nationalist or a National Socialist, but his efforts are for the Hungarian people - it can be done.
Europe Wide - Protests Against Immigration and Multi-Culturalism
Russian racial Nationalists make their point against mosques being built in Slavic Russia
Elsewhere in Europe there are similar protests taking place, most recently in Bulgaria and Poland.

Left-Wing Silence Over
The Murder of Two Golden Dawn Activists

Golden Dawn stages a memorial vigil to Manolis Kapelonis and his comrade
Giorgos Fountoulis who were ruthlessly gunned down on the door step of a Golden Dawn office building in Athens.
While British Movement activists staged a series of torchlight vigils in Leeds on November 7th to show solidarity with Golden Dawn and to honour the two fallen Greek comrades; and on Saturday November 9th a British pan-Nationalist demonstration took place outside the Greek Embassy in London to show solidarity with Golden Dawn.
Here in the United Kingdom, certain extreme-Left wing organisation and their assorted social media outlets and publications have been strangely silent about the terrorist shootings in Athens which resulted in the killing of two Golden Dawn activists and the wounding of a third.
Usually these self-appointed 'anti-fascist/anti-racist' professionals fall over themselves to report
even the smallest act of miss-conduct by anyone they consider to be of 'the Far-Right'.
But here is a major news story about an organisation in Greece that these groups and publications have been hysterically campaigning against and yet there are no major features on these obvious politically motivated killings.
Could it be that these professional 'anti-fascists' are afraid to comment in case they are seen to condemn their violent Europe based compatriots involved in the shootings?
Or could it be that they are afraid to comment favourably on the shootings because to do so would hold them open to accusations of approving of, and supporting an act of terrorism?
We should not forget that these same violent UK based 'anti-fa' groups parade behind slogans like 'Whatever it takes' or 'By whatever means Necessary'.
Well, their psychopathic anti-fascist friends in Greece have demonstrated exactly what that means.
Entirely Marxist of course - Lenin himself said that 'they' (the Bolsheviks) could never rule out the use of terror.
*** Note to any members of the state security services reading this blog.
You might like to investigate rumours that certain loud-mouthed anti-fascist activists in Manchester and Liverpool who have drunkenly stated their approval of the drive-by shootings of Golden Dawn members in Athens. It is alleged that these individuals have also stated that they wish that they could do the same to 'fascists and nazis' over here on British streets.
Potential domestic terrorists there one might think.

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