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More BM News and Views - October

More British Movement News and Views
BM National Secretary speaks at Heritage and Destiny John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
Saturday October 12th 2013
Souvenir programme for the H & D - John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
The British Movement National Secretary was one of the invited speakers at the pan-Nationalist event.  The BM National Secretary spoke at the same meeting last year where he recalled the long standing political collaboration between John Tyndall and BM founder Colin Jordan.
 This year the subject of his speech was the programme and agenda of British Movement.
For obvious reasons this was a topic covered in general terms, but the BM spokesman made it clear that British Movement is a committed 100% National Socialist organisation and the writings and ideas of Colin Jordan continue to influence BM ideology and developments.
The BM National Secretary also pointed out to the audience that BM had actively supported the recent ISD memorial festival and reminded the listeners that it had been the 20th anniversary of Ian Stuart's death.
It was made clear that British Movement operates as an extra-parliamentary organisation and does not enter into the electoral process, which BM considers to be a rigged game.
Emphasis is placed on building up a grassroots NS movement with events such as the Northern BM region Sunwheel Festival being used as a template for future nationwide family events.
Counter culture and NS social welfare projects were outlined and the role of the BMWD and Young Wolf - BM youth section in these developments were stressed.
 The National Secretary's speech was well received and other speakers expressed their support for the British Movement agenda.

Bradford EDL Protest - The Aftermath
The BM Family Book - published several years ago as a guideline towards staging events and celebrations combining traditional British folk festivals and NS ideology.
In our last blog we raised the media and political circus around the planned EDL static protest in the centre of Bradford on Saturday October 12th.
The EDL protest took place with a massive police presence and rigid restrictions on what the EDL supporters could do, where they could and could not go, what kinds of flags and banners they would be allowed to display. The anti-racists and anti-EDL protestors were allowed a good deal more freedom, from the very beginning West Yorkshire Police commanders had made it clear that they regarded the EDL protest as a problem not a lawful exercise of political expression.
The aftermath was just as predictable - the regional news media all reported negatively on the EDL protest. Local politicians automatically condemned the event and made all the usual calls for the EDL to be banned from staging such protests.
George Galloway the Respect party MP for Bradford West, a politician who was voted into office on the back of a massive Muslim/Asian vote - called on the Home Secretary Theresa May to declare the EDL an illegal organisation, in a classic example of a democratic politician in action, Galloway said,
" It's time for Theresa May to ban this collection of ne'er do wells and neo-Nazis."
No better example of tolerance and regard for the diversity of political opinion there.
Finally there were demands from every quarter of local politicians that the cost of policing the EDL protest was reason not to allow such 'racist' demonstrations in future.
Allegedly the cost of policing the protest was in excess of £1 million - but there has been  no explanation as to how that cost figure was arrived at.
Did it include one wonders the cost of many hours of expensive police time touring mosques and community centres 're-assuring' minority communities prior to the Saturday protest?
Did it include the cost of catering for all the anti-EDL events and activities?
Why were those activities not criticised?

Newspaper photograph from the Yorkshire Post showing just how contained the EDL demonstration was in reality.
Did this really cost £1 million ?


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