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British News & Views - last week of October

British Movement
News & Views - Last week of October
More Nonsense in the Media
Ulster Newspaper - 'Shock! Horror!' report
The usual mish-mash of inaccurate information and journalist hysteria.
Received at the BM Sunwheel Office this week from our comrades in Ulster, an article that appeared in the Northern Irish newspaper, 'The Sunday World'.
Although this article was supposed to be focussed on the National Front in Northern Ireland, more than a third of this report was given over to badly researched reporting on the activities of British Movement in Ulster.
 Saturday October 26th 2013
Successful British Movement AGM
 The Annual General Meeting for British Movement took place on Saturday October 26th.
Hosted by the BM East Midlands region, the meeting drew in delegates from across the country.
The meeting took reports from regional, branch and section organisers and heard proposed developments for the next year.
The annual awards ceremony tool place with a BM Honour Standard being awarded to the West Riding of Yorkshire region.

Banner of the AGM host region
BM East Midlands

British Movement Honour Standard on display at the BM AGM
This Standard belongs to the BM East Midlands Region and was presented in 2012
After the conclusion of the AGM, an evening of entertainment was provided by three bands from the Blood and Honour network; Gentleman Thugs, Section 88, and Whitelaw.
BM Youth Section banner decorates the wall of the AGM meeting
The Multi-Culturalists Fight Back Against the Tory Government's Lack Lustre
Anti-Illegal Immigration Campaign
In recent months the Conservative government of Prime Minister David Cameron has been thrown into a panic over the issue of immigration, mostly out of fear that UKIP might steal Tory votes.
In the full knowledge that in Spring 2014, Britain is likely to be flooded with hundreds, more likely thousands of unemployed and impoverished Roma migrants from Bulgaria and Romania, the Tory government is trying to talk tough on illegal immigration. the pathetic and totally inadequate poster van campaign in London, telling illegal immigrants to contact the Home Office and to 'Go Home'
is a farce. Outraged liberals and left-wingers have forced the Advertising Standards Agency to offer a legal challenge that has effectively shut down this Home Office campaign !
Unbelievable. The van campaign was an expensive gimmick with no serious intent behind it in the first place. The multi-culturalists have used the UK Border Agency and Home Office campaign on illegal immigration as a rallying point for the forces of multi-culturalism and internationalism.
 The image below appeared in the 'Guardian' this week and shows what happens when a weak government dares to poke its nose into the rat's nest of illegal immigration.

Chinatown rallies against the UK Border Agency and Home Office searches for illegal immigrants in London.
These protestors are not denying that there are illegal immigrants amongst the Chinese enclave in Chinatown, they just don't want the authorities looking for them or deporting them.

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