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British Movement News & Views - October continued

British Movement News & Views - October comments continued
 The West Midlands Terrorist Case
Ukrainian 'Lone Wolf'
Multi-cultural Britain has taken another body blow to its credibility.
A Ukrainian student launched a 'lone-wolf'  campaign  against multi-racial Britain, just five days after arriving in the UK.
Pavlo Lapchyn allegedly stabbed to death an 82 year old Asian Muslim on the streets of Small Heath in Birmingham, and was allegedly behind a series of small bomb attacks against mosques in Tipton, Walsall and Wolverhampton.
Anti-racist organisations had been quick to blame British racial Nationalists for the attacks and typically, the police and MI5 security services flooded into West Midlands, expecting to be
dealing with 'home-grown' White resistance.
The Ukrainian student did not fit their profile and may have been motivated by own racial awareness and his shock at the multi-racial conditions he found himself in on arriving in Britain.
Some media reports suggest that Pavlo Lapchyn was further angered by the brutal killing of British soldier Fusilier Lee Rigby on a London street by two British born jihadists.
As the case continues in the courts there have been no reliable indications as to why Pavlo Lapchyn chose to fight a one-man race-war so soon after his arrival in the UK.

Pavlo Lapchyn - a 25 year old PhD science student
He arrived in Britain on April 24th 2013 and within days of arriving in the West Midlands began a campaign against
non-whites and Muslims.
Immigration - There is no end in sight to the illegal sea crossings into Europe
In spite of the recent ship wreck and mass drowning off Lampedusa, the boats keep coming.
Over loaded boat loads of illegal immigrants continue to arrive on the Italian island of Lampedusa, on the shores of Sicily and Malta. Most of the ships and boats originate from Libya, but others are setting out from Algeria and Morocco.
The numbers coming run into many tens of thousands and there is no sign of the flood ever ending.
 Many of these illegal immigrants land in Malta or Italy but want to come to Britain.
This cartoon originated in the USA in the 1960;s and was later used by British racial Nationalists as anti-immigration
propaganda - the US civil rights slogan 'We Shall Overcome' changed to 'We Shall Overwhelm'
The use of this cartoon has been resurrected in some parts of Europe to illustrate the likely future if the tidal wave of illegal immigration from ports in North Africa continues.
 The Greek Roma - Blonde Child Case
Spot the difference
The little girl has obvious Aryan features - unlike her Roma 'adoptive parents'
Their racial origins are clear to see - non-Aryan

The discovery of a blonde-haired little girl living in a Roma Gypsy compound in Greece has raised a number of interesting questions about where the child really came from.
The liberals and multi-culturalists have been quick to defend Roma Gypsies and have condemned those commentators who have raised the old 'stereo-type' that Roma Gypsies are child-stealers.
Anti-racists say that there is "no evidence" for this (ignore those unfortunate stories coming out of Dublin this week about another blonde child being found with an Eastern European Roma family)

British Movement has many National Socialist and racial Nationalist contacts in Eastern Europe who have very definite and strongly held views on the Roma and how the Roma should be treated.
Unfortunately British race relations laws prevent the Sunwheel team from repeating what our friends in Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Germany have to say about the Roma people.
British readers of this blog should bear in mind that after February 2014 the restrictions on EU citizens from Bulgaria and Romania coming to settle in the UK are lifted.
There are large Roma communities in Bulgaria and Romania - Britain can expect very large numbers of them arriving on our shores from February onwards.


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