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British Movement News & Views - mid-October

British Movement - News & Views - Mid-October 2013
All Our Yesterdays 
 The Catholic Herald newspaper for September 27th 2013 published a photograph of a 1978 BM protest, for some reason the picture was used to illustrate a review of a book by former National Front organiser Joe Pearce.

This was the photograph used by the Catholic Herald - Oct. 27th 2013
Their caption read:
"Members of the Far-Right British Movement make Fascist-style salutes as they leave a court in Leamington in 1978 after two members appeared on charges of inciting racial hatred."
Leftists and Liberals in EU Starting to Panic
Hard on the heels of the contrived political clampdown on the Golden Dawn in Greece, now the EU based 'defenders of democracy' are starting to get nervous about the increasing strength of Nationalist political parties in other areas of the European Union.
This latest bout of liberal twitchiness has been generated by recent early electoral advances in France by the Front National. Left-of-centre French President Francois Hollande has issued dire warnings about the possible political consequences for the European Union if the potential electoral success of the Front National is repeated in certain other EU states.
The EU apparatchiks are already stressed about the Golden Dawn in Greece, about the political strength of the populist Nationalist  government in Hungary, the strength of pro-Nationalist parties in Switzerland, and now the Left sees a threat in the 2014 European elections in Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, a threat from what the Left media calls 'the Far-Right parties across Europe'. 
Here in Britain the extreme-Left and their liberal allies worry about Islamophobia and anti-immigration politics. On the one hand the anti-racists claim that "fascism in Britain is in decline". but then go on to call for unity on the Left, - the 'Guardian' letters page for Friday Oct 11th carried a letter, entitled.
"We must not relax in fight against fascism"
Which says it all. The letter has all the usual left-wing paranoia, mostly about the EDL
 Meanwhile in the build up to Saturday's EDL static demo in Bradford, the media in Yorkshire went into overdrive condemning the EDL for daring to hold a patriotic protest in such a centre of multi-culturalism and diversity as Bradford.
The BBC Look North regional news programme focussed on the efforts of anti-racists and a self-styled 'multi-faith' group working hand in hand with professional anti-fascists 'Hope Not Hate'.
, in their campaign against the EDL event, local councillors were interviewed on camera to give anti-EDL opinions, then the local commander for West Yorkshire Police, (who was shown earlier visiting mosques and Asian community centres to 're-assure the Muslim community') the police commander made it clear that he was anything but impartial and regarded the EDL as a problem.
Considering that the BBC is supposed to be impartial there was no comparable coverage of the EDL point of view on Bradford.
Death of SS Hauptsturmfuhrer (Captain) Erich Priebke in Rome
International news agencies reported the death on Friday October 11th 2013 of former SS Officer
Erich Priebke aged 100 years of age. Herr Priebke was waiting to stand trial for alleged war crimes in Italy in 1944. Captain Priebke had commanded an SS detachment in Rome that executed 335 Italians in reprisal for the bombing and killing of off-duty German soldiers by Italian partisan guerrillas.
Reprisal actions of this kind were common place in wartime and were carried out by all fighting forces, Axis, Soviet and Allied.
However only the losers of wars are called to account.

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  1. Just a matter of time before Marine Le Pen and activists belonging to Front National in France get the 4am knock up call from riot police and hauled away, with the press tipped of so they can take their photos. Then there will be a steady of bad news stories about FN. In Britain we can expect the same to happen just before the European Elections in May. Targeted will be Nick Griffin MEP North West, there is no way the system will want him elected again.
    The New British Union have been targeted already with a Facebook ban on photos of their modern day blackshirts at their conference standing together.
    BM will not be targeted as the system only try to take down those who dare to stand in the democratic so called elections.
    With Patriotic Nationalism, Fascism and National Socialism growing across Europe, we can expect that knock on the door. There is no way the Marxist European Union Commissars will allow anti EU and anti mass Islamic/African immigration party`s to win across Europe.

    Expect a crack down soon!