Friday, October 4, 2013

British Movement News & Views - continued

British Movement - News & Views
The Attack on Golden Dawn Continues
The Hypocrisy of Democracy Continues
Golden Dawn Leader Imprisoned - Golden Dawn MP's Released on Bail
 Every day this week has brought news of further Greek Government machinations against the Golden Dawn organisation, Greek laws have been distorted to facilitate the arrests and detentions of legally elected Golden Dawn Members of Parliament.
 Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos has been transfered to a central prison and is the first Greek political leader to be arrested and jailed in this fashion for over 40 years.

Masked Greek police parade one of the arrested Golden Dawn MP's in front of the world's media.
Very deliberately the Golden Dawn prisoners are shown in handcuffs to re-inforce the Greek government propaganda that Golden Dawn is a 'criminal organisation'.
Note: All the supposed 'police officers' are not in police uniforms and are always masked and hooded to prevent identification, Which suggests that they are not police at all but are from the Secret Security services.
The hypocrisy of the Greek Government in this matter is that left-wing and liberal Greek politicians condemn Golden Dawn and claim that if Golden Dawn were to come to power it would create a police state where liberals and socialists would face arrest for their political views.
So in order to protect Greek 'democracy' the Greek Government is arresting Golden Dawn MP's on trumped up charges, using secret police tactics!
Mass Drowning of Illegal Immigrants as Overloaded Ship Sinks
Liberal and Left-wing Media Seek to Play the Humanitarian Card
News Reports by BBC and British newspapers describe the victims as 'migrants' not as illegal immigrants or economic migrants seeking to enter Europe illegally
Just one of the British national newspaper front page reports today.
 Why does no one ever state the obvious - these people are trying to enter Europe illegally, by whatever means they can, whether the people of Europe want them or not.
This is a human tidal wave from Africa and Asia that will eventually drown Britain and Europe.

This book first appeared in English in the 1970's and predicted the invasion of Europe by hordes of starving Third Worlders.
The situation facing Europe now echoes the terrible vision that Raspail wrote as fiction.
More Sharia Law and Islamist 'Culture'
An Islamic School in Derby - the Al Madinah school - has suddenly closed its doors when official Ofsted inspectors arrived unannounced. It was reported that in violation of British education rules, the classes were segregated, Muslim girls were made to sit at the back of classes. Female staff and female students were forced to cover their hair and wear Islamic dress.
Meanwhile in Lancashire - At the Mount Carmel Roman Catholic high school two 14 year old Muslim boys have been suspended from school because they refuse to shave off beards, they insist that the beards are of religious importance.
 As ever in such cases multi-culturalists defend these situations by demanding that the education authorities respect 'cultural sensitivities.'
'Cultural sensitivity' always works against the White British majority culture.
The Ed Milliband versus the 'Daily Mail' Storm in a Tea Cup
All the liberal media reports play down the fact that Milliband senior was a dedicated Marxist and Internationalist. Ralph Milliband came to Britain just before the outbreak of the Second World War as a Jewish refugee fleeing from Eastern Europe. Much is being made of the fact that Ralph Milliband joined the Royal Navy and from 1943 served in the war.
Labour Party leader Ed Milliband claims that this military service is evidence that his father was a patriot (to Britain). This ignores the fact that Milliband joined up to "fight the nazis" and not out of any act of 'patriotism' to the country he had recently sought asylum in.
Post-war Ralph Milliband became a leading Marxist academic and was very influential in helping to create the upsurge in Marxist thinking and writing that generated the '1968 Generation' of leftists that came to dominate British trade unions, teaching, social work, media and local goverment from the 1970's to the present day. Milliband senior was a highly regarded radical Left-winger and is reputedly buried in the same cemetery as his hero Karl Marx.

Ralph Milliband father of Labour Party leader Ed Milliband in his wartime uniform.
Looking at this image it is clear to any British National Socialist or racial Nationalist as to what Ralph Milliband's racial origins are.

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  1. Why should I join an organisation that seems unable to maintain a decent web presence?

    I agree that street action and meeting other Nationalists is important.

    But so is a web presence. One article in 12 days is poor and is no incentive to encourage people to consider joining based on reasoned argument via vessels such as this blogsite.

    BM Leadership needs to wake up or people might just join the NF or New British Union instead. Is the British Movement dying?