Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Time to Catch Up - assorted news and views from British Movement

Time to Catch Up
Some short articles of news and views from British Movement
An Apology to Regular BM blog followers.
Unfortunately the two PC's the BM Sunwheel Office team uses for on-line work have been in for repair and expensive de-bugging. We refuse to use the computers that are reserved for administrative work and publications for on-line work, so there has been a set back in the blog material that BM is trying to develop and expand.
The BM Sunwheel team are currently working towards a re-launch of the Young Wolf BM Youth blog site and hope to have things back on track with a new team of Young Wolf bloggers by the end of this month.
So to catch -up.......
Hail the Golden Dawn!
Across the spring and summer of this year a number of BM activists have travelled to Greece and have met up with members of the Hellenic racial Nationalist party the Golden Dawn.
One BM activist joined Golden Dawn teams that were distributing food parcels to impoverished fellow Greeks on the streets of Athens.
All those who have visited Golden Dawn have commented positively on their organisation, the discipline and ability of Golden Dawn activists, the quality of its publications and the far reaching impact of its political campaigns on the streets.
There is much that the broader British racial Nationalist scene can learn from Golden Dawn's example. Certainly British Movement has taken on board a number of ideas from how the Greek NS operate, especially the social welfare programmes run by Golden Dawn, which inspired the BM project 'Bring A Tin' and the BMWD project to begin clothing banks for children.
The British economy might not have dropped to the levels of hardship seen in Greece, yet, but as National Socialists we need to look to be able to care for our own folk and kin.
Not surprisingly Golden Dawn is making real inroads into mainstream Greek politics and their increasing support amongst ordinary Greek citizens is starting to panic the extreme Left in Greece, as well as the liberals and fellow travellers. The Greek Communists and Socialists are calling for the Greek government to ban the Golden Dawn and declare the party illegal !
The KKE - Communist Party of Greece has called for the Greek Government to,
" erase this fascist group"
So much for Greek democracy.
The Greek Left are even appealing to the EU in Brussels to find a way to proscribe Golden Dawn under EU regulations and for the EU to ban Golden Dawn under Human Rights legislation !!!

Discipline and Order
A lesson from our Greek compatriots that we need to learn.
British National Socialism and racial Nationalism has always respected discipline and order, these are basic components of our ideology that need bringing back to the forefront of what we are.

At the present time, there are increasing numbers of street activities being held up and down the country by racial Nationalist organisations. These activities reflect a real mixture of groups and parties putting events on in the public arena; large and small, marches, rallies and demonstrations, either by the EDL, NF, BNP or non-aligned Nationalists, these are often pan-Nationalist in nature and draw support from several organisations. .British Movement activists have taken part in dozens of such activities across the country in 2013 alone.
There are those Nationalist individuals who clamour for a return to the street marches and mass turnout demonstrations of the 1970's and 1980's, but times have changed.
The recent English Defence League (EDL) march into the London borough of Tower Hamlets is an interesting example of how the State now shapes the rules and restrictions around public protests.
The police set the route and the boundaries beyond which marchers must not cross - this allowed them to arrest small groups of EDL and individual EDL supporters who strayed to the wrong side of a road or crossed to the wrong street. Key EDL figures were arrested for 'inciting' their supporters to defy rigid police instructions on who could march where and which borough boundaries could not be crossed.  The authorities will of course have filmed, photographed and recorded every face and every minute of the march.
This is why discipline is so important.
As bad as things are now in the UK, things could become even more oppressive and we can be sure that the State will trawl through all its intelligence and public order archives to identify political activists for arrest.
Remember too that the State and other hostile agencies routinely comb through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others to glean snippets of information and what is classed as low level intel.
Too many younger Nationalists (and some older ones too) give out too much information about their political opinions and activities on social media sites.
Discipline includes basic security and some common sense, but discipline and order must be central to how we think and act.


Hitler's Rise in Colour
Broadcast by Channel 4 on Sunday September 8th and September 15th, this two part documentary series offered interesting archive footage, digitally re-mastered into colour film, covering the period from 1918 up to 1934, with some coverage of Adolf Hitler's childhood and also a brief look at the later war time period.
 We are used to watching such historical footage in black and white, so this series was interesting just for the aspect of colour. Unfortunately the anti-NS commentary did spoil things somewhat.
Was it really necessary to precede each episode with a voice-over stating that,
'  this programme contains scenes of violence and expressions of political opinions that some viewers
might find disturbing (the second programme said 'offensive' !)  
Also there were derogatory references to the character of Adolf Hitler and to other key NSDAP figures. During some informative footage of the pre-1932 election period and the street battles between the National Socialists and the Red Front, the fallen Berlin SA Storm commander Horst Wessel was referred to as a 'Berlin petty criminal', but at least admitted that Horst Wessel was
murdered by the Communists.



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