Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Human Tidal Wave of Illegal Immigration - The Threat That Will Not Go Away

The Human Tidal Wave of Illegal Immigration
The Threat to Britain and Europe That Will Not Go Away
Captioned - "It's not persecution but penury that drives immigrants northwards"
this article by Guardian journalist Paul Mason criticised European governments for paying countries like Morocco and Tunisia for detaining illegal African immigrants who are trying to cross into Spanish territory so that they can enter the European Union.
This article claims that the migrants' 'human rights' are not being respected.
What about the rights of  the White British and Europeans to defend their homelands against this human tidal wave?
Yesterday this full page article appeared in the G2 supplement to 'The Guardian' newspaper, in a typical liberal- Leftist fashion it defends those economic migrants from sub-Saharan Africa who are trying to enter Europe illegally and supports their 'human rights' to do so. 
For the benefit of non-British readers of this British Movement blog, 'The Guardian' is a mainstream newspaper that has a liberal - Left-wing political stance, is anti-racist and defends multi-culturalism.
 The above article focussed on a group of illegal immigrants from the Gambia who were trying to smuggle themselves into the Spanish territory of Melilla on the North African coast. The migrants believe that if they can enter the Spanish territory they can claim 'asylum' and will be transported to reception centres in mainland Spain; from there they can then obtain visas to travel anywhere in the European Union, find work, welfare, housing etc. and then send for their families.
These illegals had been captured and were being detained in Morocco, they claimed that border guards had beaten them and they had been subjected to 'degrading treatment'.
Even the' Guardian' admitted that it was poverty not persecution that was driving these people towards Europe, so why do they try to claim asylum?
Because they have been taught to do so. If they ask for asylum they think that it will give them leverage in getting around the immigration laws of whichever European country they land in.
They do not care that they are breaking the laws of the countries they are trying to enter.
They do not care if the White Europeans object to their arrival.
The 'Guardian' reporter asked the migrants about this, they said;
"Why are Europeans so determined to keep us out?"
He told them, " the brutal truth: because a lot of poor white people think you are coming to steal their jobs, reduce their wages and destroy their culture.
The men looked puzzled."
What the reporter told the African migrants is only half the truth, it is not just poor whites who are afraid about the loss of jobs, wages and the destruction of cultures. People from all classes and social levels can see that the endless tidal wave from the Third World is a very real danger and eventually will swamp and destroy Britain and European economies and the social and racial balance, unless it is halted and reversed. 
The 'Guardian' article admitted that there were a reported 78,000 illegal crossings into Europe last year, and that figure is probably lower than the reality.
  If  the White British and White Europe is to survive into the future, then immigration must be halted and a campaign of mass repatriation begun - citizenship must be based on race.
On blood and belonging principles - the NS position of Blood and Soil.

We Will Have Our Country Back !


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