Friday, September 20, 2013

Remember Ian Stuart - British Movement Salutes Ian Stuart Donaldson

Remember Ian Stuart
20th Anniversary of the Death of Ian Stuart Donaldson
British Movement Salutes the Memory of Ian Stuart.
Although he was never officially a member of British Movement, he was a good friend to many of our activists and attended some BM meetings and social events.
He was a committed racial Nationalist and talented song writer and musician.
Our Cause lost a valued and popular warrior when Ian Stuart passed away.
20 years on - We Salute him.
Hail Victory!


  1. Hail Ian Stuart and Hail the British Movement.

  2. Yes Hail the British Movement.

    Please will you put contact information by the sunwheel office details on the right side. Unless people have a clear contact point, how do we ever expect anyone to request literature or even join the BM?

    1. BM Sunwheel Office - PO Box 6 Heckmondwike
      WF16 0XF
      West Yorkshire