Sunday, September 29, 2013

Greek NS party Golden Dawn Under Attack - Greek Police Arrest GD Leader and Five GD MP's - A Warning to us all of 'Democracy' and its hypocrisy

The Golden Dawn is under attack
Golden Dawn Leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos has been arrested
Five other legally elected Golden Dawn Members of Parliament arrested
The Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias has twisted Greek law to allow the arrests by classing Golden Dawn, a legal political party, as a "criminal organisation".
These are the tactics of a so-called 'democracy' under pressure.
The arrest of Golden Dawn leaders reveals the hypocrisy of a 'democracy', when the liberals and leftists feel that their system is under threat, they change the rules and bend their own laws to silence the opposition - Stalin would approve of their tactics.

Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaliakos - arrested on fabricated charges.
The attack on Golden Dawn has been gathering momentum for months, the Greek socialists, liberals and communists have all been pressing to have Golden Dawn banned or shut down, whether by legal means or other means. Golden Dawn had increased its political support massively, especially in Athens; from 17% to over 20% and growing.Golden Dawn has a solid, elected base of MP's in the Greek Parliament, a base that will increase. In addition there are municipal elections in Greece in 2014 and Golden Dawn looks set to have huge gains - unless of course their political and electoral campaigns can be wrecked.
The Greek political establishment has already been plotting against Golden Dawn and has planted concocted conspiracy stories in both the Greek and international news media.
Last week the Greek Defence Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos fed a story to the world news lines that he was launching an official investigation into links between Golden Dawn and the Greek armed forces. There were exaggerated stories of "Far-right hit squads" being trained and equipped by members of the Greek military, especially from the Hellenic Special Forces. Very conveniently this story was expanded by left-wing journalists to suggest that in the event of a political crisis in Greece, Golden Dawn would assist trhe Greek military in staging a coup - replacing the democratic Greek government with a military junta.
Earlier in the year, the media were circulating stories that Greek police officers were conspiring with Golden Dawn in attacks on immigrants and anti-racists.
All these stories were part of a build up to undermine Golden Dawn by tainting it with alleged criminality and to set opinion that would support the arrest of its leaders and MP's.
Then a self-styled 'anti-fascist hip-hop' artist called Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death in a dispute with Golden Dawn members, the stabbing allegedly carried out by a Golden Dawn supporter.
This killing was very, very conveniently timed to coincide with measures being planned by the Greek Government against Golden Dawn, and gave the Greek State the excuse it needed.
A very suspicious chain of events.
The headlines of the Golden Dawn newspaper for two weeks ago, attacking the Greek Government and its handling of the Greek economic crisis - the Greek political Establishment has hit back hard, twisting the legal system to allow a crack down on an increasingly powerful opponent.
The extreme Left in Greece, in fact across Europe and in Britain have been campaigning against Golden Dawn at all levels. The arrests in Athens yesterday are only part of what the Communists and fellow travellers are demanding.
Consider this little gem of political tolerance -
" Those on the front line fighting fascism in Greece should have the strongest
support not only from antifascists but also from all those who believe in
democracy internationally.........
.............We do it in the spirit of sinking our differences and uniting to smash
Golden Dawn and its supporters, both within Greece and outside it."
How is that for a display of tolerance and equality for all?
This is how the Left really think and operate - they will not tolerate any political ideology that challenges their internationalist world view, and will use every means, legal and illegal, to stop the rise of Nationalism or National Socialism.

Violent Left-wing 'anti-fascists' on the streets campaigning against Golden Dawn
The Europe wide anti-racist movement is obsessed with the historical example of the Spanish Civil War in the 1930's, where the forces of the Left failed and Franco's Nationalists triumphed.
Hence the Left's constant use of the Spanish Republican slogan "No Pasaran" - the problem for them is that they did pass -
General Franco won.

Let all British racial Nationalists, civic Nationalists and populist Nationalists who advocate the electoral route as the only way forward take heed of what has happened in Greece, and what may yet happen. The Golden Dawn leader and the other detained Golden Dawn MP's are all legally elected representatives of a legal political party in the Hellenic political system.
Golden Dawn was increasingly successful in the electoral system and was showing every sign of ousting the corrupt and incompetent represntatives of the existing political parties, and was threatening the status quo with its radical, racial Nationalist agenda.
The Greek political elite felt threatened, the EU technocrats and career politicians in Brussels felt threatened, so in the best democratic traditions, they arrest the challengers from the 'Far-Right' and will concoct a situation where the threat can be declared illegal.
It can just as easily happen here in the UK if ever a Nationalist party gets close enough to pose a threat to their status quo. The BNP was gaining electoral success but look at it now - dirty tricks, infiltration, massive media campaigns etc etc -
To quote the late Arnold Leese - 'Democracy is Death!'


  1. First Golden Dawn, next Austrian Freedom Party with 22.4% of recent vote in Austria. Next Fance`s National Front to stop them sweeping the board in the forthcoming elections in that country. Next the Dutch Nationalists along with the Flemish. Then it will be on to Britain where the BNP,NF, BM and New British Union will be got at. All at the bidding of international Zionist bankers and the other money lenders along with their EU criminal organistaion

  2. What has happened to BM's activism? You did a small demo in Sheffield and then have gone of the radar again! Golden Dawn didn't get where they are today by doing one street activity and then hid in fear! Come on BM get with the program and lets see more activism from you.