Monday, September 23, 2013

British Movement News and Views - catch-up number 2

British Movement News and Views
catching up no. 2
ISD Memorial Weekend
September 2013
British Movement salutes the memory of Ian Stuart
Top marks to Blood and Honour for putting together a very well organised and professional ISD Memorial weekend.
This was probably the biggest and best ISD for years. 
Members of the BM Sunwheel Office team travelled down on Saturday morning and met up with many BM comrades already on site. The trio from Sunwheel Office ran the BM sales stall and it was great to meet up with BM comrades from across the UK as well as the many other racial Nationalists from both the UK and overseas who met us on the day.
We would like to extend a big thank you to all those people who were customers at the
BM Second Chance Sales section table and those who patronised the stall run by the BM activists raising funds for BMWD and Young Wolf Youth section.
*** Point of information: - the notoriously unreliable anti-fascists at Hope Not Hate were actually
boasting on Friday evening that they had 'discovered' the venue for ISD 2013, and speculated that between 400 and 500 'Neo-nazis' would attend over the festival weekend.
Once again the self-styled 'experts' at Hope Not Hate got it wrong.
By Saturday evening they were claiming that between 1,000 and 1,200 were at the ISD - but they said that only 200 - 250 British festival goers were there, with the majority of attendees being from overseas - mostly German.
Goodness knows what kind of guess work lay behind those figures - But the BM activists on site told the Sunwheelteam that there were at least 500 people on site on Friday night and on the Saturday we lost count of the people coming onto the festival field.
There were people from across the White World there, and plenty of German comrades, but the whole of Europe was well represented and there were certainly a lot more British festival goers than the mere 250 quoted by the HNH site.
Wrong again Hope Not Hate!

A night time demonstration by the Golden Dawn.
Other political parties in Greece are starting to panic as support for Golden Dawn has risen.
Following on from the last BM News and Views blog, the political situation on the streets in Greece continues to escalate from clashes between the pro-NS Golden Dawn and gangs of illegal immigrants, to clashes between Golden Dawn and militant anti-racists and communists.
In a recent confrontation in the Keratsini district of Athens a self-styled 'anti-fascist hip-hop artist' called Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death. alllegedly by a supporter of Golden Dawn.
In true democratic fashion, Greek anti-fascists rioted on the streets of Athens and fought the police, and protested aganist the killing by burning cars and trashing the city centre, until the Athens police scattered the Reds with teargas and baton charges.

The Twisted World of Advertising
British Movement considers this ad by the Halifax to be totally unacceptable.
It is pure propaganda for multi-culturalism
How many fellow National Socialists and racial Nationalists have noticed the increased number of
commercial advertisements on TV and in the printed media that feature racially mixed couples?
Illustrated here is the latest offering by the Halifax bank, but there are others, including ads for furniture companies and broadband services. Almost all feature a black man with a white female,
usually a blonde young woman. Other recent ads feature mixed race groups of children with a White parent.
This is pure multi-culturalist propaganda seeking to lodge these images in the minds of gullible 'Joe Public', to make the sight of racially mixed couples appear to be the norm and therefore a sign of the future Britain 'they' hope to see.


  1. Keep these articles coming Sunwheel Office, there're good. But need to be at least every other day.
    Please, if you want folk to enquire about joining the BN or literature then you NEED to put contact details by the Sunwheel Office picture on the right hand side under article. Otherwise the BM will become a closed shop never growing. This is your advertising opportunity via the website. Be user friendly and encourage new membership and enquiries

  2. What happened to the Young Wolf Blog? I enjoyed reading their articles and now it has been closed down. All my friends at school was viewing it daily. I didn't know this blog existed, can you please post articles pointing to people of my age please? (15)