Friday, August 30, 2013

SYRIA - Another Middle East War Britain Does Not Need

SYRIA - Another Middle East War That Britain Should Keep Out Of
Last night the British Government lost the first round in the House of Commons vote to try to take Britain into military conflict in Syria.
British Movement believes that this is not the end of the story and Prime Minister Cameron and his Cabinet will now to find another route to joining the USA and France in staging a military strike against the Assad regime in Syria.
This does not mean that BM supports the Syrian Government nor does BM back the assorted rebel groups in Syria, but the last thing that Britain needs is to become embroiled in another chaotic and unwinnable military intervention in the Middle East.
What and who would Britain be fighting for?
A Lesson For History
Arnold Leese - The Imperial Fascist League published this booklet in 1938 and predicted conflict against the Arab nations both over territory in Palestine and over oil in the Middle East.
Arnold Leese correctly predicted Zionist expansion and wars over oil.
This booklet was written before the creation of the State of Israel, before the post-war oil boom.
When Leese wrote this, Palestine was controlled by Britain, Egypt was controlled by Britain,, Syria was controlled by France, Lebanon was controlled by France and Italy controlled Libya..
The imperial period is long gone, but Britain and France still get drawn into conflicts in their old territories.
 The history of conflict in the Middle East is complex and very dangerous for the UK.
The United States of America and France have their own agendas for attacking Syria.
The foul poison gas attacks on Syrian civilians in recent weeks might have been the work of the Assad regime, could have been the work of the rebels or just might have been false flag actions.
Who would gain from such an action?
Syria has been a military opponent of the State of Israel since the 1960's.
Syria is a major oil producing nation.
A false flag action is a standard part of the CIA book of tactics when trying to de-stabilise a hostile government. Mossad is well practised at false flag operations and either of the these two agencies could have supplied either the rebels or a mercenary unit with the poison gas capability.
Certainly a 'guns for hire' third party could have staged the gas attacks and disappeared afterwards; some reports have mentioned an American plane in the vicinity shortly before the attack.
What is the truth here?
In the last 24 hours there was a napalm attack on a civilian school - but which warplanes carried it out?
The USA is desperate to find an excuse to attack Syria and despite all the hot air from Obama, the ultimate aim has to be regime change.
The US fleet is on standby and has been re-enforced; the USA and France intend to use air bases in Turkey and the RAF base at Akrotiri on Cyprus to launch airstrikes.
The lesson of the past decade is that Britain should not get involved - the war in Iraq lingers on over there, Egypt is in turmoil, Libya is in chaos after the USA, Britain, France and others 'intervened' in their civil war, we must stay out of Syria.

If Britain joins a military action in Syria it will give Islamic jihadists another excuse to attack British targets overseas and in the UK. It will stir up more trouble for Britain in the Islamic world and will help to generate more jihadist activity amongst the Muslim colonists here in Britain.
 Britain should not be a poodle for the New World Order and should break all military ties with Israel and Israeli interests. Britain should not support globalist USA military strategies.

Britain cannot afford the economic, military or casualties of involvement in Syria.



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