Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rotherham - More Sordid Revelations About Sex-Grooming Gangs

Rotherham - More Sordid Revelations About Sex-Grooming Gangs
What is the connection with the local Labour Party?
Are any of the Asian men in Rotherham involved in sex-grooming of under-age girls
connected to local Asian politicians?
Did the police in Rotherham back-off because of local political and racial sensitivities?

Are there parallels between the situation in Rotherham and rumours about similar situations in other Labour Party strongholds intertwined with large Asian communities like Bradford?

So many questions - so few answers or in-depth police investigations.
Rotherham - 2013
In 2012 there were prosecutions and official reports into what the media likes to call 'British -Pakistani' men or 'men of Pakistani-origins' grooming under age white girls for sex, the men then sold the girls on into child prostitution rings in Asian communities in other parts of the UK.
Official reports criticised Rotherham Social Services, Education services and South Yorkshire Police for failing to act to protect vulnerable girls from abuse and exploitation.
Now the media is tip-toing around another series of accusations to come out of Rotherham.
 This is one of the Asian sex-grooming cases that the police and politicians have dodged and ducked.
The rumours are that this is because men related to highly placed Asian members of Rotherham Council are involved. Rumours circulating at this time suggest that the cases are not being investigated too deeply because it could devastate the local Labour Party (a number of senior figures in Rotherham are Asian) and these cases are highly sensitive on racial grounds.
Plus the police are acutely aware that senior Asian councillors in Rotherham, as well as in Bradford and other large towns and cities, where the local; Labour Party has a high level of Asian/Pakistani support; control the local police budgets and police committees. Any senior police officer who values his job and his pension takes care not to upset those who can so easily take away his job and his pension rights.  
BM watches develops with interest - yet another child-sex grooming and trafficking case which all the investigators will deny that race is an issue.
As more information comes to light - British Movement will include it in our blog site.


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