Friday, August 9, 2013

Britain's Record Birthrate- A British Movement View

Britain's Record Birth-rate
Official Figures Show That Over The Last 40 Years The Birth-rate For The UK Has Been Higher Than Any Other EU Country
But What They Do Not Say Is How Much Of That Birth-rate Is Non-White
The surge in births over the past few years has taken Britain's overall population to 64 million.
How many of those births were to White British mothers?  The Government does not say.
 The massive surge in the UK population is due in the greater part to both recent migrants of child-bearing age, and settled non-white colonisers having larger families than the indigenous White British.
Official figures released this week show that more than 25% of new mothers in Britain were born outside the UK - which means that the majority of these young women were non-European.
Consider that since September 2012 - London alone saw the arrival of over 69,000 migrants.
Thankfully Northern Ireland only received 400 migrants.
But, the reality is that most immigrants are young people of child-bearing age, and once they are established here, they will start to have families, and cultural and religious customs dictate that these people will have larger families, more children than the host population.
Remember too, that unfortunately the likelihood is that those who are born, brought up and educated in the UK will start to look for sexual partners outside their own racial, ethnic group within a generation, and for some young black or Asian males, a White girlfriend or wife is a status symbol.
This is a racial time-bomb, ticking away in the British population; the genetic make-up of the British Isles faces an even greater threat than ever before. The non-white population of the UK is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, previous predictions by British racial Nationalist organisations are now being outstripped - the threat that the White British will become a racial minority in their homeland is gaining ground and the very, very real possibility that at some future date the White British will become extinct in England and Wales, with just a relic White population hanging on at the fringe of Northern and North-western Scotland.
This nightmare vision of our race and nation's future must not be allowed to happen.
As British National Socialists we must re-double our efforts to waken up our countrymen and women before it is too late.
The leftist Internationalists and the multi-culturalists are already celebrating these figures, they think it is a good thing; they believe that by rapidly increasing the non-white population, those aspects of British life they hate - racial awareness, a White British identity etc can be overcome.
If we do nothing, our country, our race and our nation will be lost.


  1. We will have our country back when the BM Leadership organise many more demo`s and recruitment drives. Otherwise it`s just empty words.

    We could be the main organisation leading the fight back if we just got more organised and higher profile

    1. Easy to say - but so far this year BM has increased the public profile on the streets. This takes time and we rely on the right people putting in the ground work to make these events happen. Too often there are people out there who demand action, but when events and activities are organised they are conspicuous by there absence.
      BM does not indulge in empty words - we are trying very hard to make our words - actions and reality.

  2. In Glasgow if you take a walk through the shopping precincts I reckon you will find at least 1 in 20 will be a moooslum woman with either a headscarf or full Islamic wear. This change has happened within 7 years.

    In Northern Scotland moooslum`s are now starting to move in to Inverness in greater numbers. In Aberdeen African`s are becoming a common sight, with the Oil capital of Europe a rich place to place yourself. Romanian beggars have become such an appealing problem that the city council are bringing in by-laws to ban begging. Dundee has an Islamic school in the heart of the city, funded by moooslum money from abroad.
    The extremist left are working with the moooslums in a gradual take over. It`s not the Zionist that we have to watch in Scotland, the tide has turned. The moooslums will become our misery.

  3. Most impressed by what I've read on here so far. Very positive and uplifting. Don't feel such a lonely average white English man now.