Friday, August 30, 2013

SYRIA - Another Middle East War Britain Does Not Need

SYRIA - Another Middle East War That Britain Should Keep Out Of
Last night the British Government lost the first round in the House of Commons vote to try to take Britain into military conflict in Syria.
British Movement believes that this is not the end of the story and Prime Minister Cameron and his Cabinet will now to find another route to joining the USA and France in staging a military strike against the Assad regime in Syria.
This does not mean that BM supports the Syrian Government nor does BM back the assorted rebel groups in Syria, but the last thing that Britain needs is to become embroiled in another chaotic and unwinnable military intervention in the Middle East.
What and who would Britain be fighting for?
A Lesson For History
Arnold Leese - The Imperial Fascist League published this booklet in 1938 and predicted conflict against the Arab nations both over territory in Palestine and over oil in the Middle East.
Arnold Leese correctly predicted Zionist expansion and wars over oil.
This booklet was written before the creation of the State of Israel, before the post-war oil boom.
When Leese wrote this, Palestine was controlled by Britain, Egypt was controlled by Britain,, Syria was controlled by France, Lebanon was controlled by France and Italy controlled Libya..
The imperial period is long gone, but Britain and France still get drawn into conflicts in their old territories.
 The history of conflict in the Middle East is complex and very dangerous for the UK.
The United States of America and France have their own agendas for attacking Syria.
The foul poison gas attacks on Syrian civilians in recent weeks might have been the work of the Assad regime, could have been the work of the rebels or just might have been false flag actions.
Who would gain from such an action?
Syria has been a military opponent of the State of Israel since the 1960's.
Syria is a major oil producing nation.
A false flag action is a standard part of the CIA book of tactics when trying to de-stabilise a hostile government. Mossad is well practised at false flag operations and either of the these two agencies could have supplied either the rebels or a mercenary unit with the poison gas capability.
Certainly a 'guns for hire' third party could have staged the gas attacks and disappeared afterwards; some reports have mentioned an American plane in the vicinity shortly before the attack.
What is the truth here?
In the last 24 hours there was a napalm attack on a civilian school - but which warplanes carried it out?
The USA is desperate to find an excuse to attack Syria and despite all the hot air from Obama, the ultimate aim has to be regime change.
The US fleet is on standby and has been re-enforced; the USA and France intend to use air bases in Turkey and the RAF base at Akrotiri on Cyprus to launch airstrikes.
The lesson of the past decade is that Britain should not get involved - the war in Iraq lingers on over there, Egypt is in turmoil, Libya is in chaos after the USA, Britain, France and others 'intervened' in their civil war, we must stay out of Syria.

If Britain joins a military action in Syria it will give Islamic jihadists another excuse to attack British targets overseas and in the UK. It will stir up more trouble for Britain in the Islamic world and will help to generate more jihadist activity amongst the Muslim colonists here in Britain.
 Britain should not be a poodle for the New World Order and should break all military ties with Israel and Israeli interests. Britain should not support globalist USA military strategies.

Britain cannot afford the economic, military or casualties of involvement in Syria.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rotherham - More Sordid Revelations About Sex-Grooming Gangs

Rotherham - More Sordid Revelations About Sex-Grooming Gangs
What is the connection with the local Labour Party?
Are any of the Asian men in Rotherham involved in sex-grooming of under-age girls
connected to local Asian politicians?
Did the police in Rotherham back-off because of local political and racial sensitivities?

Are there parallels between the situation in Rotherham and rumours about similar situations in other Labour Party strongholds intertwined with large Asian communities like Bradford?

So many questions - so few answers or in-depth police investigations.
Rotherham - 2013
In 2012 there were prosecutions and official reports into what the media likes to call 'British -Pakistani' men or 'men of Pakistani-origins' grooming under age white girls for sex, the men then sold the girls on into child prostitution rings in Asian communities in other parts of the UK.
Official reports criticised Rotherham Social Services, Education services and South Yorkshire Police for failing to act to protect vulnerable girls from abuse and exploitation.
Now the media is tip-toing around another series of accusations to come out of Rotherham.
 This is one of the Asian sex-grooming cases that the police and politicians have dodged and ducked.
The rumours are that this is because men related to highly placed Asian members of Rotherham Council are involved. Rumours circulating at this time suggest that the cases are not being investigated too deeply because it could devastate the local Labour Party (a number of senior figures in Rotherham are Asian) and these cases are highly sensitive on racial grounds.
Plus the police are acutely aware that senior Asian councillors in Rotherham, as well as in Bradford and other large towns and cities, where the local; Labour Party has a high level of Asian/Pakistani support; control the local police budgets and police committees. Any senior police officer who values his job and his pension takes care not to upset those who can so easily take away his job and his pension rights.  
BM watches develops with interest - yet another child-sex grooming and trafficking case which all the investigators will deny that race is an issue.
As more information comes to light - British Movement will include it in our blog site.


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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The White Enclave Debate - The Search For A Place of Our Own - Part 1.

The White Enclave Debate
The Search For a Place of Our Own
Part 1.
This is the first step in opening up for discussion and debate the subject of establishing British White Communities or enclaves on the UK mainland. Across the last year, a number of groups and individuals have put forward new proposals on this subject.
Whereas this blog is usually a place to present British Movement opinions, showcase British Movement propaganda and present a window on British National Socialism, this series hopes to generate as wide a response as possible to this topic as various racially aware organisations and individuals across the UK are now suggesting launching variations on this theme.
This blog will present the British National Socialist Movement position.
A German NSDAP poster from the pre-1939 period evoking the benefits of an Aryan Folk Community.
  The idea of separate White Aryan communities being established away from the contamination of multi-racial towns and cities is not a new one, the motivation and literature advocating this kind of development has been around since the late 1970's and early 1980's. Most of the literature promoting a White Bastion, or White Homeland has come from the USA.
It is worth considering for a moment the chequered history of these ideas.
Over the last 30 years there have been numerous attempts at establishing some type of White enclave or White Aryan community, usually this has taken place in the USA. Examples being the drive to create a White Homeland in the Pacific North-West of the USA; the Aryan Nations compound at Hayden Lake in Idaho was originally intended to act as a catalyst for White migration into the region.
Communities based around religious beliefs and White survivalist groups rather than political ideology saw the establishment of short term enclaves in the Ozark Mountains and other remote parts of the USA. Unfortunately the possibilities open to White racial activists in the USA do not easily transfer to Britain or Western Europe.
Robert (Bob) Mathews the fallen leader of the US White Resistance group the Order, was a keen proponent of a White American Bastion or Aryan Homeland.
The booklet 'Live the Dream', which is currently being circulated in the UK carries a quotation from Bob Mathews about the motivation for an Aryan enclave on the back cover.

 In 1990's South Africa, the idea of the 'Boere-statt' (pleased excuse spelling), after black majority rule became the reality, was widely supported amongst rural Afrikaaners, Unfortunately their proposed territory was land-locked, having no access to the sea or a functioning port, and depended on being allowed to cross the rest of black South Africa for air-space and the importation of materials by road.  Complete isolation is not desirable nor is it practical.
In Italy, radical Nationalist groups experimented with the idea of Folkish communes and the Hammerskins organisations in the USA and Europe have operated a network of club-houses quite successfully. But a community or land project is very different to buying or operating a club house.  
In Germany this idea of pro-Nationalist communities has taken root on a small scale.
This is part of an article that appeared in the 'Sunday Telegraph on May 29th 2013.
Reporting on a community in Germany, the village of Jamal, where German Nationalists are trying to create a community.
An example of the hostile response from the media that such a project could expect in the UK. 
In Britain, this idea has attracted widespread interest amongst both British racial Nationalists and British National Socialists. In the past 20 years, the White Homeland idea has been suggested by a number of organisations - the NSA/NSM wanted to develop a White enclave in Essex but the idea never got off the ground.
This year, Western Spring has called for the launch of a 'Nova Europa' project in Britain, an article entitled 'The Bugle Call' by Max Musson was published on The New Observer site outlining how this might be achieved.   See for details.
Max Musson considers how an all White British community might be established and in order to maintain its racial population make-up writes, " We will be able to ensure that nothing of interest to ethnic minorities will ever take place locally and no support services will be provided to encourage
 their encroachment."
This small booklet is currently circulating in British racial Nationalist circles and the ideas presented here are very similar to those proposed in the 'Nova Europa' - Western Spring proposals.
All these ideas are worthy of study, discussion and debate.
 The late John Tyndall, founder of the British National Party (BNP), was always opposed to this idea and viewed the suggestion of establishing semi-autonomous White settlements as being an act of surrender at worst or retreat at best.
British Movement does not agree with this position, although JT's opinions on many issues are respected. The idea of owning a piece of our country has been on the British Movement agenda for many years. How that land, or better still, numerous areas of land across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, is used, worked and protected remains a subject for serious discussion.
Certainly the BM position has always been, that whatever shape this project takes, it needs to be carefully considered, properly funded and legally water-tight. If it is going to be done, it is going to be done properly, with every contingency considered and planned for.
Without giving away too many details, the original BM Land Fund project, was launched in the 1980's and ran on into the mid-1990's. Runaway land prices in rural England meant that no matter how hard we tried, we could not afford the ever increasing cost of buying a decent sized parcel of land. Teams of BM activists visited a number of small holdings and hill farms in the Midlands and Northern England that were on the market, but spiralling costs and the legal fees were a real barrier.
Experts in building work, (builders, joiners, electricians, plumbers etc.) were always part of these BM teams and on the spot costings of work required to refurbish and secure these properties pushed the planned budgets off the page. Funding any kind of White Nationalist enclave or community is going to require massive amounts of funding.
In recent times, the BM has re-launched the Land Fund Project and is cautiously working towards the long desired target of buying a piece of our country for the use and enjoyment of our Folk.
Making sure that all the legal requirements are met is expensive; if the land is to belong to the Movement for ever, a trust has to be registered and the legal documents drafted to ensure that the land ownership by the Movement is permanent. Initial discussions with lawyers have put the cost of the legal work at between £1,500 and £2,000 (2013 prices) and that is before any kind of land purchase can be considered - there will be additional legal costs when land/property is bought.
 This kind of project has to be taken seriously, is time consuming, expensive and requires constant fund-raising and must be properly resourced and supported by dedicated people.
People will have to be prepared to re-locate themselves and their families and completely restructure their lifestyles, to be prepared to live by their ideals 100%.
Hobbyists and time-wasters are the curse of all such undertakings, be they in Britain, Europe, South Africa or the USA.

The question is; if any of these projects manages to put the ideas of its proponents into action, how will these developments, communities, land-holdings or club-houses be regarded by the State?
Even though these projects are entirely legal in what they propose, what response can they expect from both local authorities and national government?
The system is not going to sit back and watch as a successful alternative develops - so how can continuity and survival of these highly desired objectives be protected?
Likewise our political and racial enemies on the Extremist-Left - as one British NS commentator has said recently, they rioted when the BNP opened a modest bookshop in Welling, what will happen if a 'racist' housing project is discovered?

The British Movement - NS Outlook is open on this subject.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Britain's Record Birthrate- A British Movement View

Britain's Record Birth-rate
Official Figures Show That Over The Last 40 Years The Birth-rate For The UK Has Been Higher Than Any Other EU Country
But What They Do Not Say Is How Much Of That Birth-rate Is Non-White
The surge in births over the past few years has taken Britain's overall population to 64 million.
How many of those births were to White British mothers?  The Government does not say.
 The massive surge in the UK population is due in the greater part to both recent migrants of child-bearing age, and settled non-white colonisers having larger families than the indigenous White British.
Official figures released this week show that more than 25% of new mothers in Britain were born outside the UK - which means that the majority of these young women were non-European.
Consider that since September 2012 - London alone saw the arrival of over 69,000 migrants.
Thankfully Northern Ireland only received 400 migrants.
But, the reality is that most immigrants are young people of child-bearing age, and once they are established here, they will start to have families, and cultural and religious customs dictate that these people will have larger families, more children than the host population.
Remember too, that unfortunately the likelihood is that those who are born, brought up and educated in the UK will start to look for sexual partners outside their own racial, ethnic group within a generation, and for some young black or Asian males, a White girlfriend or wife is a status symbol.
This is a racial time-bomb, ticking away in the British population; the genetic make-up of the British Isles faces an even greater threat than ever before. The non-white population of the UK is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, previous predictions by British racial Nationalist organisations are now being outstripped - the threat that the White British will become a racial minority in their homeland is gaining ground and the very, very real possibility that at some future date the White British will become extinct in England and Wales, with just a relic White population hanging on at the fringe of Northern and North-western Scotland.
This nightmare vision of our race and nation's future must not be allowed to happen.
As British National Socialists we must re-double our efforts to waken up our countrymen and women before it is too late.
The leftist Internationalists and the multi-culturalists are already celebrating these figures, they think it is a good thing; they believe that by rapidly increasing the non-white population, those aspects of British life they hate - racial awareness, a White British identity etc can be overcome.
If we do nothing, our country, our race and our nation will be lost.