Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Remembering Colin Jordan and John Tyndall

British Movement - Yorkshire Region
Annual John Tyndall & Colin Jordan Memorial Meeting
The backdrop to the speaker's platform, portraits of Colin Jordan and John Tyndall remind the audience of the contribution both men made towards shaping post-1945 British racial Nationalist politics.
Saturday evening, July 27th 2013 saw the annual John Tyndall and Colin Jordan Memorial Meeting, organised and hosted by the British Movement Yorkshire Region.
This is the third consecutive year that this meeting has been held in West Yorkshire and the meeting venue was arranged by the BM Yorkshire Heavy Woollen District branch, with input from the Leeds BM branch.
'JT'' and 'CJ' remain a continuing influence today - long after their passing.
The purpose of the meeting is to honour the memory of the two significant political activists of British National Socialism and British racial Nationalism in the post-1945 period.
On Saturday July 27th 2013, there were four speakers addressing the meeting and specific reference was made by all the speakers to both Colin Jordan and John Tyndall and their impact on so-called 'Far-Right' politics in Britain.
The two men were political collaborators from the late 1950's onwards, Colin Jordan, being the older of the two men had started his political activism in the late 1940's.
Both men had been active members of the League of Empire Loyalists, both were key figures in the original British National Party (1960 - 1962), both were active in 'Spearhead', and both were central to the original NSM (National Socialist Movement).
Although they 'split' politically in 1964, they resumed their collaboration in 1967 and despite having different opinions on strategy and tactics, remained in close contact until 'JT''s' death.
Politically they differed in that Colin Jordan was committed to a National Socialist, pan-Aryan, pan-European programme; John Tyndall was a British focussed racial Nationalist with a strong National Socialist base to his thinking.
Both men respected each others political viewpoint and agreed to disagree on how things should be taken forward.
The meeting on July 27th was therefore a pan-Nationalist meeting, although held under the BM banner, two of the speakers were BM and two were National Front.
Invited guests reflected a number of different political factions, but just as 'CJ' and 'JT' had respected each others ideological and political standpoints, so too did those attending this JT & CJ Memorial meeting.
British Movement - Yorkshire Region looks forward to holding another such meeting in July 2014.


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