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National Socialist Women - The Foundation on Which the '14 Words' is Built.

National Socialist Woman - The Foundation Stone of the '14 Words'.
Our Women Folk are the Guarantee of Our Future Generations
There is a strong tradition in British National Socialism of the influence and involvement of strong, determined women, dedicated to the Cause.

 A Famous Image from the 1930's in Britain
Contrary to popular myth, this young woman Blackshirt is not Miss Unity Mitford, nor is she a member of the BUF.
This standard bearer for the Imperial Fascist League was pictured outside a demonstration  in Hyde Park, possibly in 1934
 or 1935.
Left-wing 'Feminists' have always tried to portray the National Socialist Movement and racial Nationalist organisations as male dominated, dismissive of women and girls, or as arrogant, ignorant chauvinistic boy's drinking clubs.
These Marxist 'Feministas' ignore the rich heritage of women in leading roles of the wider racial Nationalist struggle. Here in Britain, within the ranks of Sir Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists, 20% of the BUF membership were women and girls.
In Europe, the NSDAP, during the years of Struggle up to 1933, counted German women as the mainstay of its voting strength in German cities; in the Netherlands within the NSB, women were a sizeable and influential body. The leading post-1945 Dutch National Socialist, Florentine van Tonningen-Heubel, began her political career in the youth section of the NSB, and was a stalwart National Socialist activist both across Europe and the White World until her death in the first decade of the 21st Century.

Frw. Florentine van Tonningen addressing a meeting in her later years.
She began her political life in the 1930's in the youth section of the NSB but remained a stalwart NS activist all her life.
It was in her honour that British NS women in the BMWD declared that June 6th every year to be National Socialist Women's Day.  

In the 1920's, the first British Fascist party, the British Fascisti, was founded an led by Miss Rotha Lintorn Orman.
Although history recognises the most famous BUF women such as Lady Diana Mosley and her sister Unity Mitford, there were many more, Margaret Joyce, wife of William Joyce, was a Blackshirt activist in her native Lancashire, and a regular speaker at BUF meetings in Northern England.

British Blackshirt women of the BUF in 1934.
Women were in the frontline of BUF campaigns and suffered the same levels of abuse and 'Red' violence' as the men.
20% of Sir Oswald Mosley's supporters were women and there were many women amongst the best Blackshirt speakers at BUF meetings and rallies.
In the immediate post-war years up into the 1960's, the Greek-French National Socialist philosopher Savitri Devi was a prominent and influential woman, who helped to regenerate an underground NS cell in Western Germany and published her difficult, but deeply written books on NS ideology to a world-wide readership. Savitri Devi was present as one of the delegates at the 1962 Cotswold Camp where Colin Jordan and Lincoln Rockwell founded the World Union of National Socialists (WUNS).
In 1960's London, one of the most controversial figures on the racial Nationalist scene, was Francoise Dior, the French Countess and heiress to the Christian Dior perfume dynasty, she was a fanatical National Socialist. Initially Francoise Dior was the Paris representative of the French section of the World Union of National Socialists, but after visiting Britain in 1962, she married NSM Leader Colin Jordan and became a highly visible part of the NSM's campaigns.

The controversial French National Socialist Francoise Dior - pictured here at the time of her marriage to British NS leader
Colin Jordan.
Aryan Women bring Aryan children into this world and teach them and guide them from the cradle to puberty, raising them in the spirit of the '14 Words' and instilling National Socialist values into their children from the beginning. Our Aryan women have a far greater influence on the way our children are raised than the menfolk ever can. 
National Socialist women are the bedrock of the '14 Words'; without their influence and their nurturing, Aryan children cannot counter the evil influences of multi-culturalism that is drummed into their heads through school and the entire education system.
It is their mothers and sisters who teach them their true heritage, their traditions, and set their roots firmly in the Blood and Soil of National Socialism.

Symbol of the British Movement Women's Division - BMWD
The BM Sunwheel supported by the Tree of Life

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