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Building the NS Alternative News-Media - Support British Movement Publications.

Building the British National Socialist News Media
Support British Movement Publications
Broadsword magazine and the BM newspaper The Emblem

Summer 1981 - Those were the days !
British Movement team selling the BM newspaper of the day - 'The Phoenix' on the streets of Leicester.
 Anyone reading the British newspapers this week cannot have missed the deluge of
pro-Monarchist propaganda wrapped around the birth of the new 'Royal' baby.
The House of Windsor has really got its PR machine working smoothly these days, and has learned a lot of lessons from the disastrous way it handled the death of Princess Diana some years ago. These days the British Royal Family has a team of media experts handling every story about the royals, to put the best possible spin on every situation.
So too for British National Socialism, we cannot hope to counter the media empires of our political and racial enemies, and we can never expect fair or even handed reporting about our movement, but we can work towards developing and building an effective British National Socialist news media.
Even in this digital on-line age, there is still a need for printed publications to back up the instant on-line information. It is an unfortunate fact of life, but our enemies control the Internet and On-line service provision; Web sites are vulnerable to attack, Facebook pages are quickly shut down and blog sites like this one have to tread carefully.
(The British Movement website was repeatedly hacked in 2012, no matter what we tried to do to protect it, and it is currently under re-construction - again!)

 How we sell our publications is another matter, street sales of racial Nationalist or NS newspapers was a regular activity of years gone by, but times have changed, the nature of traditional sales pitches has changed, city centres have changed, the rules have changed.
British town centres and city precincts are now swarming with hostile non-whites; local by-laws now prohibit the selling of political (read racial Nationalist) publications in the shopping centres, football grounds will no longer permit radical political literature being sold outside the stadium or inside the stadium. The old methods have gone.
Several years ago one of the smaller racial Nationalist parties decided to try to revive the old Nationalist paper sales pitch on Brick Lane in the East End of London.
This pitch had a tradition stretching back to the days when Blackshirts from Sir Oswald Mosley's BUF sold 'Action' and 'Blackshirt' there; in the 1970's and 1980's the National Front sold 'NF News' and 'Bulldog' there, British Movement sold the BM newspaper 'The Phoenix' there; later the BNP sold 'Spearhead' and 'British Nationalist' there. A long tradition going back decades.
But when a small band of British Nationalists tried to re-generate the tradition, just a few years ago, no sooner had they taken up position on the old site, and got out their publications, they were surrounded by police - the carrier vans arrived almost as soon as they did.
The paper sale was over before it started, reportedly the police were very hostile and were led by a very aggressive non-white sergeant.
Possibly the police had been tipped off about the activity by an informer, or perhaps the sales team had been spotted by a member of the ethnic minorities and called as an 'emergency' - who knows.
But it is a useful case to remember.
 The British Movement magazine 'Broadsword' is our principle publication, and it needs support.
Production and publication costs have risen steeply; bad enough that it is not easy to find a professional printing company that will print and produce NS literature.

Support the BM magazine 'Broadsword' - UK rates are £15 for 5 issues.
Make payable to 'Broadsword'
Send cheques/postal orders to 'Broadsword'
c/o The Sunwheel Office; P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England.

Support the British Movement publishing section.
'NS Press UK'
at the same address as above.
Make cheques or postal orders payable to the 'NS Press UK'
Thank you.


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  1. Yes, the town centres are now a problem with the far left extremist traitors calling the police, who have been brainwashed into doing the work for their Marxist owners. We know that from Glasgow where the police do the bidding for the far left Islamic alliance.

    Yet there is one area far too many National Socialist organisations miss completely. That is the large housing estates where many unemployed youth sit helpless with no direction or order in their life's.

    This is fertile ground for National Socialism to grow and recruit from.

    I plead with you, produce the leaflets, lamp post flyers and engage with those ethnic white young people. Leaflet every letter box possible, it will yield success. It is the young unemployed British that we need to offer an alternative. We need to tell them we are here for you, join us, fight for British rights, instead of rolling over and allowing Islamic and far left clowns to control the streets.

    We need to recruit recruit and recruit the youth of Britain.

    The far left do it well in colleges and Universities. Lets make the big housing estates our territory where the young unemployed can be organised.