Monday, July 1, 2013

British National Socialism - Time for a Resurgence

British National Socialism
Time for a Resurgence
Building - Developing - Growing a Mass Movement
A British Movement activist salutes the Summer Solstice against the evening sky.
The BM Northern Region Sunwheel Festival is just one of a number of events intended to provide a National Socialist
alternative event linked to one of our ancient celebrations of Blood & Soil.
Raise the Banners!
A recent question posted as a comment on one of these blogs asked the question,
"Where is BM going?"
The answer is that British Movement is following a broad strategy, without giving too much away, BM is working to build a grassroots National Socialist movement, beyond just street politics, but including NS self-help and social welfare projects, building a self-funding, in-house propaganda arm; printing, publishing, making films, putting out information on-line and also traditional propaganda materials. The importance in building up a self-funding NS alternative cannot be understated, BM needs to be able to provide alternative entertainment, celebrations of Aryan Folkish festivals;
education and social support systems are a key element of an NS Welfare project.
'Bring a tin' and clothing exchange banks are projects underway.
Sections of British Movement like the Young Wolf youth wing and BMWD - British Movement Women's Division have their own specific roles to play in developing these aspects of modern British National Socialism.
At the British Movement AGM in 2012 the Land Fund Project was revived after a number of years lying dormant; without giving away too much information, the project plan is to eventually purchase areas of land where BM can stage outdoor activities and family events on land it owns and controls.
Street political activities remain an important aspect of BM strategy - bearing in mind that this is no longer the 1970's or 1980's and political activities in British towns and cities are subject to high levels of surveillance and control by hostile State agencies.
Likewise indoor political meetings remain a strong element of BM activity and it is recognised that a strong and professional corps of public speakers is a constant requirement.
 All BM political campaigns are extra-parliamentary and British Movement does not currently see any merit in involving itself in the highly controlled and State manipulated election process.
No doubt there will be many readers of this blog who want to ask for far more details of what the British National Socialist Movement is doing or plans to do, but at this present time, this is all the information that British Movement wants to make public.


  1. British Movement should once again take to the Political Stance and fight for White British Rights in the Polls. I will not proudly stand again until I am standing behind the banner of the Sunwheel. Britain will welcome National Socialism once again in the polls. And it will also eliminate the threat of NF. People are crying out for something more Extreme to vote for. Wolf.

  2. The British Movements aims and objectives are clear to those who take the time to enquire or better still join the BNSM. All will become clear once A&O are digested. If you are after a quick fix for your anger and frustration then you had better look to the likes of the EDL, BNP, NF, etc... (Names and personal info straight onto a Special Branch file) If however you are in for the long haul and want an alternative to the current status quo then look to the BNSM and our trusted allies. NYorks.

  3. The NF poses little "threat*" to the establishment, in 45 years of electoral campaigning it has achieved a zero percentage of elected representitives. The BNP have tried and failed due to the comprises necessary to be part of the establishment, now the BNP are eclipsed by the ultra-tory UKIP. Even a glance at the political establishment and those taking part in the electoral charade confirm the wisdom of BNSM building a Movement beyond the confines of a toxic and rigged system laughingly called democracy.

  4. Don't write off the BNP, latest info is that they are recruiting well and activity is building up fairly strongly again. They do have an amazing ability to rebound back when knocked down.
    The NF are static, but we must end this slagging of other Nationalist and NS organisation. We get more than enough from the Marxists already.
    Forget UKIP, the media have used them now dumped them. They will once again fly the flag for them next spring when the Euro elections are held. Then they will be dumped again.

    If we are to grow again as a notable organisation the BM must recruit urgently. Far too many white British youth face idle and disorganised life's on large housing schemes, whilst Third World immigrants get housing and jobs. We need to recruit these young people NOW.

    BM leadership, please organise leaflet drops in these areas and meet with these young people on the street corners and invite them to meet with us, take literature and come to a meeting.
    They are there just waiting for the flame of National Socialism

  5. The first poster is right. I am a young person (14) and started following EDL on twitter but soon realised they were lacking somethin. with the help of others on twitter I started reading more, things like My Awakening, and understood the truth. I followed BNP an NF, but they were not openly National Socialist. someone suggested BM cos u fitted more with my more extreme thinking so I found you. there are young ppl like me who believe in 14words and National Socialism, u just gotta reach us. Josh, Kent

  6. Is it true that the New British Union does not agree with National Socialism ?I agree with the British Movement as I have done in the early 1980s.