Saturday, July 13, 2013

AN APPEAL TO YOUTH - The Future Activists and Leaders of British National Socialism

The Majority of the Present Day Leadership of British Racial Nationalist
Organisations Were Drawn into the Political Struggle as Teenage Activists
in the 1970's and 1980's.
If British Racial Politics are to Develop and Continue Into the Far Future
All British Racial Nationalist and National Socialist Organisations Must Look to the
Recruitment and Political Education of White British Youth.
They will form the cadres of the activists and leaders of our Movement in the decades to come.
 In what some commentators call the high-point, or hey-day of British Movement street activities,
the 1977 to 1983 period, a time when street marches and mass demonstrations were a feature of political campaigns, BM was often criticised about the youthful nature of its membership.
The fact that robust, White working-class youth were far more likely to turn out for marches and protests, where the chance of violent physical confrontation with the political and racial opposition was more or less inevitable; rather than the older, or married middle-aged members was ignored by those intent on finding fault with BM.
One snide remark in a leftist publication was that over 50% of British Movement's active membership were under 25 years of age, and the majority of those taking part in marches and mass literature distribution activities were under 20 years of age.
Youthful enthusiasm was recognised by BM and appreciated - our enemies saw it as a problem.

Now in the second decade of the 21st Century there is a very real need to recruit and activate British youth into racial Nationalist and National Socialist political campaigns.
The younger generations of the White British are growing up in a society where they are bombarded by multi-culturalist and anti-racist propaganda. It is often the case, that although they might not like a multi-racial society, they dislike the crime, the drugs and race-mixing, they do not know where to turn to in order to fight against it or to link up with like-minded people of their own age.
Times have changed, new methods need to be found to appeal to British Youth and to turn them on
to the National Socialist message.

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  1. Get out there and engage with the many unemployed white youth on British housing estates. They sit idle with little direction whilst the far left organise.

    Do leaflet drops in these housing scheme, get out there and talk to those youth with no hope.
    If they see someone who shows interest in them, compassion in their plight then we will start to gain new young active members.
    New young active members recruit their friends.

    These large housing scheme are just waiting for us. Their youth many of whom are unemployed are the forgotten generation. Show them that we can offer them a real chance in life. They will follow.

    We need teams book for every other weekend to target these schemes in Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Nottingham, Plymouth etc

    We are guaranteed new recruits if we get physically active in these areas. People wont join us if we don't engage with them
    1. Leaflet large economic poor housing schemes
    2. Talk to those unemployed young people hand them literature and invite them to a meeting
    3. Put flyers up where possible

    4. They wont join unless they find out we exist and at the moment they have no idea that we do.

  2. Shame BM Leadership cant be bothered to pen a reply to this concerned brother. He/She has some valid points.

  3. Im a young (14) National Socialist and yeah I had no I idea the BM existed until mentioned by a friend on Twitter. Which is the point I wanna make. Yeah grassroots reaching out to working class youth is vital, but u gotta have a seriously promoted web presence especially on social media. Have a presence on Twitter an Facebook, millions of British youth use them. do searches for potential supporters. Its the quickest and easiest way to reach a mass audience. And it dont cost anything, just time. And have Twitter and Facebook as alternatives in your drop down "comment as" box so that users can find each other. Hope this helps. Josh, Kent