Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Remembering Colin Jordan and John Tyndall

British Movement - Yorkshire Region
Annual John Tyndall & Colin Jordan Memorial Meeting
The backdrop to the speaker's platform, portraits of Colin Jordan and John Tyndall remind the audience of the contribution both men made towards shaping post-1945 British racial Nationalist politics.
Saturday evening, July 27th 2013 saw the annual John Tyndall and Colin Jordan Memorial Meeting, organised and hosted by the British Movement Yorkshire Region.
This is the third consecutive year that this meeting has been held in West Yorkshire and the meeting venue was arranged by the BM Yorkshire Heavy Woollen District branch, with input from the Leeds BM branch.
'JT'' and 'CJ' remain a continuing influence today - long after their passing.
The purpose of the meeting is to honour the memory of the two significant political activists of British National Socialism and British racial Nationalism in the post-1945 period.
On Saturday July 27th 2013, there were four speakers addressing the meeting and specific reference was made by all the speakers to both Colin Jordan and John Tyndall and their impact on so-called 'Far-Right' politics in Britain.
The two men were political collaborators from the late 1950's onwards, Colin Jordan, being the older of the two men had started his political activism in the late 1940's.
Both men had been active members of the League of Empire Loyalists, both were key figures in the original British National Party (1960 - 1962), both were active in 'Spearhead', and both were central to the original NSM (National Socialist Movement).
Although they 'split' politically in 1964, they resumed their collaboration in 1967 and despite having different opinions on strategy and tactics, remained in close contact until 'JT''s' death.
Politically they differed in that Colin Jordan was committed to a National Socialist, pan-Aryan, pan-European programme; John Tyndall was a British focussed racial Nationalist with a strong National Socialist base to his thinking.
Both men respected each others political viewpoint and agreed to disagree on how things should be taken forward.
The meeting on July 27th was therefore a pan-Nationalist meeting, although held under the BM banner, two of the speakers were BM and two were National Front.
Invited guests reflected a number of different political factions, but just as 'CJ' and 'JT' had respected each others ideological and political standpoints, so too did those attending this JT & CJ Memorial meeting.
British Movement - Yorkshire Region looks forward to holding another such meeting in July 2014.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Building the NS Alternative News-Media - Support British Movement Publications.

Building the British National Socialist News Media
Support British Movement Publications
Broadsword magazine and the BM newspaper The Emblem

Summer 1981 - Those were the days !
British Movement team selling the BM newspaper of the day - 'The Phoenix' on the streets of Leicester.
 Anyone reading the British newspapers this week cannot have missed the deluge of
pro-Monarchist propaganda wrapped around the birth of the new 'Royal' baby.
The House of Windsor has really got its PR machine working smoothly these days, and has learned a lot of lessons from the disastrous way it handled the death of Princess Diana some years ago. These days the British Royal Family has a team of media experts handling every story about the royals, to put the best possible spin on every situation.
So too for British National Socialism, we cannot hope to counter the media empires of our political and racial enemies, and we can never expect fair or even handed reporting about our movement, but we can work towards developing and building an effective British National Socialist news media.
Even in this digital on-line age, there is still a need for printed publications to back up the instant on-line information. It is an unfortunate fact of life, but our enemies control the Internet and On-line service provision; Web sites are vulnerable to attack, Facebook pages are quickly shut down and blog sites like this one have to tread carefully.
(The British Movement website was repeatedly hacked in 2012, no matter what we tried to do to protect it, and it is currently under re-construction - again!)

 How we sell our publications is another matter, street sales of racial Nationalist or NS newspapers was a regular activity of years gone by, but times have changed, the nature of traditional sales pitches has changed, city centres have changed, the rules have changed.
British town centres and city precincts are now swarming with hostile non-whites; local by-laws now prohibit the selling of political (read racial Nationalist) publications in the shopping centres, football grounds will no longer permit radical political literature being sold outside the stadium or inside the stadium. The old methods have gone.
Several years ago one of the smaller racial Nationalist parties decided to try to revive the old Nationalist paper sales pitch on Brick Lane in the East End of London.
This pitch had a tradition stretching back to the days when Blackshirts from Sir Oswald Mosley's BUF sold 'Action' and 'Blackshirt' there; in the 1970's and 1980's the National Front sold 'NF News' and 'Bulldog' there, British Movement sold the BM newspaper 'The Phoenix' there; later the BNP sold 'Spearhead' and 'British Nationalist' there. A long tradition going back decades.
But when a small band of British Nationalists tried to re-generate the tradition, just a few years ago, no sooner had they taken up position on the old site, and got out their publications, they were surrounded by police - the carrier vans arrived almost as soon as they did.
The paper sale was over before it started, reportedly the police were very hostile and were led by a very aggressive non-white sergeant.
Possibly the police had been tipped off about the activity by an informer, or perhaps the sales team had been spotted by a member of the ethnic minorities and called as an 'emergency' - who knows.
But it is a useful case to remember.
 The British Movement magazine 'Broadsword' is our principle publication, and it needs support.
Production and publication costs have risen steeply; bad enough that it is not easy to find a professional printing company that will print and produce NS literature.

Support the BM magazine 'Broadsword' - UK rates are £15 for 5 issues.
Make payable to 'Broadsword'
Send cheques/postal orders to 'Broadsword'
c/o The Sunwheel Office; P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England.

Support the British Movement publishing section.
'NS Press UK'
at the same address as above.
Make cheques or postal orders payable to the 'NS Press UK'
Thank you.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

National Socialist Women - The Foundation on Which the '14 Words' is Built.

National Socialist Woman - The Foundation Stone of the '14 Words'.
Our Women Folk are the Guarantee of Our Future Generations
There is a strong tradition in British National Socialism of the influence and involvement of strong, determined women, dedicated to the Cause.

 A Famous Image from the 1930's in Britain
Contrary to popular myth, this young woman Blackshirt is not Miss Unity Mitford, nor is she a member of the BUF.
This standard bearer for the Imperial Fascist League was pictured outside a demonstration  in Hyde Park, possibly in 1934
 or 1935.
Left-wing 'Feminists' have always tried to portray the National Socialist Movement and racial Nationalist organisations as male dominated, dismissive of women and girls, or as arrogant, ignorant chauvinistic boy's drinking clubs.
These Marxist 'Feministas' ignore the rich heritage of women in leading roles of the wider racial Nationalist struggle. Here in Britain, within the ranks of Sir Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists, 20% of the BUF membership were women and girls.
In Europe, the NSDAP, during the years of Struggle up to 1933, counted German women as the mainstay of its voting strength in German cities; in the Netherlands within the NSB, women were a sizeable and influential body. The leading post-1945 Dutch National Socialist, Florentine van Tonningen-Heubel, began her political career in the youth section of the NSB, and was a stalwart National Socialist activist both across Europe and the White World until her death in the first decade of the 21st Century.

Frw. Florentine van Tonningen addressing a meeting in her later years.
She began her political life in the 1930's in the youth section of the NSB but remained a stalwart NS activist all her life.
It was in her honour that British NS women in the BMWD declared that June 6th every year to be National Socialist Women's Day.  

In the 1920's, the first British Fascist party, the British Fascisti, was founded an led by Miss Rotha Lintorn Orman.
Although history recognises the most famous BUF women such as Lady Diana Mosley and her sister Unity Mitford, there were many more, Margaret Joyce, wife of William Joyce, was a Blackshirt activist in her native Lancashire, and a regular speaker at BUF meetings in Northern England.

British Blackshirt women of the BUF in 1934.
Women were in the frontline of BUF campaigns and suffered the same levels of abuse and 'Red' violence' as the men.
20% of Sir Oswald Mosley's supporters were women and there were many women amongst the best Blackshirt speakers at BUF meetings and rallies.
In the immediate post-war years up into the 1960's, the Greek-French National Socialist philosopher Savitri Devi was a prominent and influential woman, who helped to regenerate an underground NS cell in Western Germany and published her difficult, but deeply written books on NS ideology to a world-wide readership. Savitri Devi was present as one of the delegates at the 1962 Cotswold Camp where Colin Jordan and Lincoln Rockwell founded the World Union of National Socialists (WUNS).
In 1960's London, one of the most controversial figures on the racial Nationalist scene, was Francoise Dior, the French Countess and heiress to the Christian Dior perfume dynasty, she was a fanatical National Socialist. Initially Francoise Dior was the Paris representative of the French section of the World Union of National Socialists, but after visiting Britain in 1962, she married NSM Leader Colin Jordan and became a highly visible part of the NSM's campaigns.

The controversial French National Socialist Francoise Dior - pictured here at the time of her marriage to British NS leader
Colin Jordan.
Aryan Women bring Aryan children into this world and teach them and guide them from the cradle to puberty, raising them in the spirit of the '14 Words' and instilling National Socialist values into their children from the beginning. Our Aryan women have a far greater influence on the way our children are raised than the menfolk ever can. 
National Socialist women are the bedrock of the '14 Words'; without their influence and their nurturing, Aryan children cannot counter the evil influences of multi-culturalism that is drummed into their heads through school and the entire education system.
It is their mothers and sisters who teach them their true heritage, their traditions, and set their roots firmly in the Blood and Soil of National Socialism.

Symbol of the British Movement Women's Division - BMWD
The BM Sunwheel supported by the Tree of Life

Saturday, July 13, 2013

AN APPEAL TO YOUTH - The Future Activists and Leaders of British National Socialism

The Majority of the Present Day Leadership of British Racial Nationalist
Organisations Were Drawn into the Political Struggle as Teenage Activists
in the 1970's and 1980's.
If British Racial Politics are to Develop and Continue Into the Far Future
All British Racial Nationalist and National Socialist Organisations Must Look to the
Recruitment and Political Education of White British Youth.
They will form the cadres of the activists and leaders of our Movement in the decades to come.
 In what some commentators call the high-point, or hey-day of British Movement street activities,
the 1977 to 1983 period, a time when street marches and mass demonstrations were a feature of political campaigns, BM was often criticised about the youthful nature of its membership.
The fact that robust, White working-class youth were far more likely to turn out for marches and protests, where the chance of violent physical confrontation with the political and racial opposition was more or less inevitable; rather than the older, or married middle-aged members was ignored by those intent on finding fault with BM.
One snide remark in a leftist publication was that over 50% of British Movement's active membership were under 25 years of age, and the majority of those taking part in marches and mass literature distribution activities were under 20 years of age.
Youthful enthusiasm was recognised by BM and appreciated - our enemies saw it as a problem.

Now in the second decade of the 21st Century there is a very real need to recruit and activate British youth into racial Nationalist and National Socialist political campaigns.
The younger generations of the White British are growing up in a society where they are bombarded by multi-culturalist and anti-racist propaganda. It is often the case, that although they might not like a multi-racial society, they dislike the crime, the drugs and race-mixing, they do not know where to turn to in order to fight against it or to link up with like-minded people of their own age.
Times have changed, new methods need to be found to appeal to British Youth and to turn them on
to the National Socialist message.

YOUNG WOLF - British Movement Youth Section
Check out the Young Wolf blog at Youngwolf14
 For a free information pack of British Movement literature, including a back issue of the BM magazine 'Broadsword' - e-mail your postal address to sunwheelteam@gmail.com or write to
 the BM Sunwheel Office at:
The Sunwheel. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England.
Donations are welcome - please make payable to: The Sunwheel.
Thank you.

Monday, July 1, 2013

British National Socialism - Time for a Resurgence

British National Socialism
Time for a Resurgence
Building - Developing - Growing a Mass Movement
A British Movement activist salutes the Summer Solstice against the evening sky.
The BM Northern Region Sunwheel Festival is just one of a number of events intended to provide a National Socialist
alternative event linked to one of our ancient celebrations of Blood & Soil.
Raise the Banners!
A recent question posted as a comment on one of these blogs asked the question,
"Where is BM going?"
The answer is that British Movement is following a broad strategy, without giving too much away, BM is working to build a grassroots National Socialist movement, beyond just street politics, but including NS self-help and social welfare projects, building a self-funding, in-house propaganda arm; printing, publishing, making films, putting out information on-line and also traditional propaganda materials. The importance in building up a self-funding NS alternative cannot be understated, BM needs to be able to provide alternative entertainment, celebrations of Aryan Folkish festivals;
education and social support systems are a key element of an NS Welfare project.
'Bring a tin' and clothing exchange banks are projects underway.
Sections of British Movement like the Young Wolf youth wing and BMWD - British Movement Women's Division have their own specific roles to play in developing these aspects of modern British National Socialism.
At the British Movement AGM in 2012 the Land Fund Project was revived after a number of years lying dormant; without giving away too much information, the project plan is to eventually purchase areas of land where BM can stage outdoor activities and family events on land it owns and controls.
Street political activities remain an important aspect of BM strategy - bearing in mind that this is no longer the 1970's or 1980's and political activities in British towns and cities are subject to high levels of surveillance and control by hostile State agencies.
Likewise indoor political meetings remain a strong element of BM activity and it is recognised that a strong and professional corps of public speakers is a constant requirement.
 All BM political campaigns are extra-parliamentary and British Movement does not currently see any merit in involving itself in the highly controlled and State manipulated election process.
No doubt there will be many readers of this blog who want to ask for far more details of what the British National Socialist Movement is doing or plans to do, but at this present time, this is all the information that British Movement wants to make public.