Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1st 2013 - Day of Nationalist Action

The Media and the 'Anti-Racists' are Calling it a 'Day of Hate'
The Woolwich Atrocity is a raw wound in our Nation's , it is just over a week ago that an unarmed, serving British soldier, Drummer Lee Rigby was butchered on a London street by two Islamic jihadists. Both killers were born in the UK of Nigerian immigrant parents and had converted to Islam.
The shock and horror of that event, and the knowledge that this latest horror was yet another by-product of the multi-racial, multi-cultural society, that modern Britain has become through decades of non-white immigration, has fuelled tremendous anger and grief amongst the patriotic elements of the White British majority population.
Hence, today, many British patriots, racial Nationalists and National Socialists will be taking part in protests across the country.
We, the White British, have had enough.
But the mainstream politicians, the media, the political Left and the police want to deny us this opportunity to express OUR outrage, OUR grief, OUR anger, and OUR right to political expression.
This is why the political Left and their media collaborators are calling today a 'Day of Hate'.
This is why the Metropolitan Police have forced the British National Party to change their plans for a march through London to Woolwich.
This is why the police across the country are restricting protests by the English Defence League today.
And, this is why protests by members and supporters of British Movement, the National Front and other patriotic organisations will be contained and harassed as they try to stage peaceful protests today.
Last weekend there were a good number of protests across British towns and cities, marking the distress felt by White British racial activists about the Woolwich Atrocity.
Today, with the advantage of advanced planning there will be many more.
But the Establishment does not want our protests to take place.
Leeds City Centre - May 25th 2013 - BM activists protesting about the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.
The news media are all ready parroting the anti-racist line that these protests are intended to stir up hatred and incite violence against ethnic minority groups and Muslims.
NO! These protests are the legitimate expression of an alternative political position to multi-racial, multi-culturalism. Professional anti-racists are claiming that the sole intent of these protests is to 'divide communities'.
NO! OUR Community is already divided -  Britain is being colonised and we, the White Resistance are hounded and persecuted for merely speaking out against it.
The British political Establishment, the Media, the Political Left and the police refuse to accept that We have a legitimate viewpoint, and we must be crushed and silenced, forced to accept a multi-racial society.
If any of our over-seas readers of this blog doubt this is true, then check out the footage on You Tube,
'Pregnant girl with flag arrested in Oldham'
This footage was filmed last weekend, Saturday May 25th 2013 in the town of Oldham in Lancashire.
A pregnant 19 year old girl was arrested, hand-cuffed and put in a police van because she was
taking part in a pan-Nationalist protest in the town centre, and was holding a Union flag and a small banner that said 'No More Mosques'.
An Asian on-looker complained and called the Police - so the girl was arrested and her flag confiscated because the Asian said he was offended.
When the film went on You Tube - Greater Manchester Police actually denied that the arrest had taken place !  Even though the film clearly shows several uniformed officers arresting the girl, (how many police men does it take to arrest a compliant and pregnant teenager?) Then the police claimed that she was not hand-cuffed, was not put in the van, and voluntarily gave up her flags!
Check out the film clip - the truth is very different. 
A British Movement activist present at the scene said that the film does show what happened and the girl was arrested, was put in the TAU van and the flags - including the Union flag were seized and confiscated. This was a peaceful protest. (Until the Asian complained).
Overseas readers of this blog- please take note - There is no such thing as Free Speech in the UK.
Britain has some of the most draconian laws on political criticism  and expression on the subjects of race, immigration and religion in the Western world.
British police officers are trained to treat any kind of offending remarks towards members of non-white ethnic groups as serious arrestable crimes.
Anything which can be considered as causing offence to a black or Asian person by a White person is a serious matter leading to automatic arrest.
(See the Oldham footage)
British police go through intensive training on race awareness, cultural sensitivity, religious respect and anti-racist training.
In any confrontation between white people and non-whites, race is the first and last word.
God help any White British person who calls an Asian a 'Paki' in front of a police officer - using that word is automatic arrest for racial abuse - which is classed as a 'hate crime'.
If a White British person uses the word 'Nigger' in front of a police officer they will be arrested.
One word is all it takes.
That is the reality of racial policing in Britain today.
And they wonder why so many White, British patriots are protesting today over the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby - the Woolwich Atrocity .
              British Movement and National Front activists join forces at the War Memorial in Leeds city centre on Saturday May 25th 2013 to protest about the Woolwich Atrocity.

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  1. Good to see BM activists once again on the streets of Britain. BM should become much more street active and actively recruiting on our many poor white working class housing schemes.