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Against the Odds - BM Street Activity in the Heart of 'Red' Sheffield

Against the Odds
BM Street Activity in the Heart of 'Red' Sheffield
The BM 'Sheffield Eight'
Fargate - Sheffield City Centre - Saturday afternoon - June 15th 2013
Sheffield is a notoriously Left-wing hotbed, the University supplies a source of liberal and Leftist students, the city has a past reputation for Marxist inspired politics, for years the Communist Party had a large office building in the centre of Sheffield, in the late 1970's and early 1980's the city claimed to be the heart of the self-styled 'Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire.'
During that period of Left-wing domination the Red Flag was actually flown above the Town Hall and the various factions of the Far-Left flouted their presence in the city.
After taking part in a successful pan-Nationalist demonstration in Bury on June 8th, some BM activists decided that it was time to hold a protest over the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby and to demonstrate a rejection of multi-culturalism in the centre of Sheffield.
Unfortunately the plan did not work out as hoped, given the short period of notice, only a handful of BM activists and supporters mustered in a city centre pub, but undaunted the 'Sheffield Eight' set out into the shopping centre in a determined mood.
The BM group assembled on the Fargate, unfurled flags and began to distribute leaflets to the passing shoppers.
There was a stall at one end of Fargate manned by a small band of SWP people, at first they did not notice the BM presence, but quickly became aware of the leafleting team.
At first the Reds were confused, dumb-struck that there were NS activists openly passing out leaflets and protesting in the shopping centre.
Quickly the SWP crew called in re-inforcements from an Occupy Sheffield site some streets away.
In short time, a crowd of about 100 Reds - SWP and UAF plus handers on had surrounded the BM group - the eight stalwarts defiantly stood their ground and ignored attempts to intimidate them.
One of the 'Sheffield Eight' holding a Lions of England flag commented that one of the Reds repeatedly demanded he surrender his flag, naturally the BM man refused. He noted that this particular Red was a strange, shabby looking man with missing front teeth, he looked deranged,
possibly mentally disturbed or on drugs, or both.
The calm response of the 'Sheffield Eight' and their refusal to heed the Leftist taunts and threats drove one female Marxist into a frenzy, ignoring the BM activists handing out leaflets, she launched herself at the man holding a Sunwheel banner.
The sight of the red, white and blue Aryan symbol enraged the Red female and she clawed at the hands of the BM activist holding the flag. He held fast and refused to yield.
Of course the police arrived and in the best traditions of democracy and community policing took no action against the Reds and ordered the BM group out of town.
So a dignified walk to the railway station under police escort - heads held high.
Lessons will be learned from this activity and at least there was some press coverage in local newspapers and on local radio news.

These two specimens of the opposition in Sheffield city centre were typical of the crowd of 'Reds' and fellow travellers who gathered on Fargate. As the female argues with a BM activist handing out leaflets, the black guy looks baffled that there are actually people out there who reject 'wonderful multi-culturalism'. 

A pair of Reds from the Socialist Workers Party are stunned to find a group of determined British Movement activists handing out leaflets in 'their' city.
 Multi-racial city centres are not the best setting for taking the British National Socialist message out to the public, but there are occasions when the flag has to be shown and a stand has to be taken.
The murder of Drummer Lee Rigby on the streets of London, the most multi-racial and multi-cultural city in the United Kingdom is cause enough for our activists to get onto the streets.

A violently aggressive female Leftist launches an attack to try to snatch the BM Sunwheel flag, from the hands of a BM activist.

The expression on the face of this angry Marxist female says it all, her violent attempts to desecrate a BM Sunwheel banner failed.
The sight of the BM's Aryan flag drove this representative of Left-wing militancy almost crazy.
*An action report from one of the 'Sheffield Eight' appears on the BM Youth Blog site
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  1. Good activity BUT it was just a leaflet hand-out when all is said and done. Eight activists in a city centre giving out leaflets. It happens all the time' The NF had nearly 100 members and supporters out in Hull a few weeks back.
    Respect for BM members but where are you going? I see no real strategy and no real aims. Would not the BM be better merging with the NF?

    1. Oh yes the march in Hull what was hosted by the British Movement. Seems like NF should be better merging with the British Movement. In my eyes and many other eyes.

  2. British movement needs to have more street activities, it is the only way of building up a strong movement. If this is just a now and then activity then the BM will never grow. BM has the ability to grow stronger only if week by week foot soldiers do Saturday morning street activity in as many towns as possible.
    Regular activity is what many want and it will pave the way to a slow trickle of new members to a flood of new BM members.
    It`s up to the Leadership of BM now. Does BM become the King of regular street activity or an occasional protest group?

  3. I salute the bravery of the British Movement!