Monday, June 10, 2013

After Woolwich, The Protests Continue - The State Don't Like It.

The Post-Woolwich Atrocity Protests By British Racial Nationalists Continue
The State Does Not Like This - So How Long Before There Is A Staged 'Racist' Terrorist Attack?
 Will There Be a 'False-flag' Incident?

Over recent weeks there has been no let up by patriotic White British Nationalists, racial-Nationalists and National Socialists staging protests across the country against the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby by 'home-grown' Islamic terrorists.

A British Movement activist shows his patriotism during a pan-Nationalist protest in Oldham town centre.
Many of these protests have been local, small scale events, in many cases, different parties and organisations have put aside any ideological differences to pool resources and demonstrate a unity of minds, denouncing multi-culturalism and its toxic side-effects like 'home-grown' jihadists and continued immigration and colonisation of our homeland by the surplus population of the Third World.
Predictably the Establishment is continuing to defend its multi-cultural ant-heap experiment; the State is sworn to protect 'Diversity' and equally predictably the forces of the political Left and their BME
(Black Minority Ethnic) allies have overcome their initial shocked silence at the brutal reality of the Woolwich Atrocity and are now standing together to denounce anyone and everyone who thinks that a multi-racial Britain is a bad thing. They say that whatever happens, diversity and 'community cohesion' must be protected and evil racists are trying to use the Woolwich murder as an excuse to divide communities.
 Unbelievable! It was not a couple of White British Nationalists hacking defenceless Lee Rigby to death on a street in South-East London - it was two black (Nigerian heritage Britons of West African origins - if you want to be a liberal, politically correct), Islamic converts, dedicated to jihad.
So who, by their actions was attacking and dividing communities there?
National Front and British Movement protestors join forces - June 1st 2013.
Pan-Nationalist protests took place in Oldham and Rochdale.
The British people need to wake up and take a good look at what immigration and the internationalist, globalist, Marxist theories of multi-culturalism have done to OUR country.
In the two weeks since the Woolwich Atrocity there have been scattered acts of violence that have spilled out of the national sense of anger and outrage. But OUR people have not resorted to bullets and bombs, unlike the 'home-grown' jihadists.
Of course the State and the assorted anti-racist organisations have seized on these incidents as a way to divert attention away from the brutality of the murder in Woolwich and to switch outrage and anger on to those 'evil racists' who are using Woolwich as an excuse to attack the minority communities. Pure propaganda - a convenient smokescreen.
How long will it be before the State organises a 'False-flag' atrocity to bring the full wait of the police and security services down onto the White British resistance organisations?
Although the British racial-Nationalist cause has a legal right to protest and peacefully express a political opinion, the police still treat our activists like criminals just for daring to make a political statement on a British street.
The State does not want the White British population to have a rallying point against multi-culturalism and 'they' will do whatever it takes to prevent an upsurge in popular support for racial-Nationalism and National Socialism.
Watch out for agents-provocateurs and another 'mad-bomber David Copeland' type emerging.
Meanwhile, let the joint protests continue - we must set our ideological differences aside and stand united in support of the '14 Words' and the belief that we can take our country back.

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  1. Good to see BM back on the streets. Start recruiting BM get more folk out there. The BM needs to aim to get back to the numbers back in the 1970`s.