Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Woolwich Atrocity - May 22nd 2013 - Another Attack By 'Home-Grown' Jihadists

The Woolwich Atrocity
A Multi-Cultural, Multi-racial Population in Greater London Made This Possible
More 'Home-Grown' Jihadists - How Many More Are There Amongst Us?

This was the front page of The Guardian newspaper today
A real surprise for a liberal/Leftist newspaper
The face of one of the jihadist savages who hacked and stabbed Drummer Lee Rigby to death.
This is the culmination of decades of immigration and the promotion of a multi-racial Britain.
If these people had not been allowed to settle here - this problem would next exist!

Another picture from ITN news - the other Islamist killer who helped to butcher an unarmed British soldier on a British street. The murder weapon  in his hand, confronted by a passer-by, together with the other killer they shouted Islamic slogans and jihadist war cries.
Is this what the multi-culturalists mean by 'cultural diversity' and 'community cohesion' ?
Britain needs to be taken back to being a mono-racial, White, Aryan country.

The State and the System is desperately wheeling out 'safe' Islamic leaders to issue the standard condemnation of the Woolwich killing. Of course all those put up in front of the camera are 'on message' and all insist that this horrific event will bring communities closer together.
But in reality, in the backstreets, taxi ranks and kebab houses across our cities and major towns, how many bearded supporters of 'jihad' will be celebrating the killing?
The State will leave no stone unturned to prevent a White British backlash.
Watch out for a police and security services crackdown on all White resistance organisations.
Everything will be done to preserve their multi-racial, multi-faith experiment.

The State will shed crocodile tears over the brutal slaying of Drummer Lee Rigby, but behind closed doors and COBRA conferences 'they' will consider him to be 'collateral damage', the fallout from 'their' illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the price to pay for cultural diversity and community cohesion.
If Britain was not host to such a vast non-White, non-European, non-Aryan population, this situation would not have happened, this atrocity was only possible because for decades our 'democratic' governments have encouraged immigration from the Third World; have routinely granted asylum to non-Europeans, have encouraged multi-culturalism and multi-racial, multi-faith communities in our country.
British Movement believes that on the creation of a British National Socialist state can resolve the eventual destruction of our country. The only way out of this mess is to halt all immigration; re-define British citizenship on racial and ancestral heritage grounds; and a massive programme of repatriation of all non-whites and non-Aryans.

We Will Have Our Country Back !


  1. First they rape our kids then they butcher our servicemen in persuit of their jihadist philosophy. End the multi-cultural experiment by returning these volatile and violent aliens to their cultural and ancestoral homelands!

  2. These two attackers was Christian born Nigerians who was converted to Islam. Just proves how evil the Islamic Faith is!

  3. The real scum are the Traitors in Whitehall and Westminster, there are only a few hundred of them, if and when it kicks off, this problem will be very easy to solve, cut off the head, and the body will die.