Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Woolwich Atrocity - The Aftermath : The System Fights To Defend Multi-Culturalism

The Woolwich Atrocity - The Aftermath
 The murder of the unarmed soldier,  Drummer Lee Rigby on a street in Woolwich, South-East London by 'home-grown' jihadi terrorists, has demonstrated just how far down the slope of national decline Britain has gone.
The Government and its agencies throw up a smokescreen to shield Britain's Islamic population from criticism; immigration, multi-racial Britain, multi-culturalism, the State and its agencies rally to defend all the above. The police seem more interested in silencing protests by White British citizens than cracking down on those in the non-white communities who have allegedly celebrated the news of the killing.
 There have been protests and demonstrations not only in South-East London, but all across the country, and the national news media has remained silent about the level of anger amongst White British people. Only local newspapers have reported on protests by angry patriots and racial Nationalists nation-wide; National TV news, radio reports and newspapers have ignored the wave of angry demonstrations.

 Only the large scale EDL protests in London were reported, and criticised by the media.
There were protests in Liverpool, Oldham, Rochdale and Leeds; over 200 people marched through the centre of Hull; in Newcastle on Tyne as many as 2,000 people demonstrated. Why did these protests not make national news coverage?
It is a ridiculous fact that a tiny protest in York by a handful of patriotic protestors drew media attention, and only then because the Imam came out and offered them a tour of the mosque and tea and biscuits! That warranted a full 15 minute report on BBC Radio 2, complete with a telephone interview with the Imam!
That was contrived propaganda - a feel good report demonstrating how 'good Muslims' were not only condemning the Woolwich murder, but were seeking to defuse community tensions and to reach out to 'mis-guided' White British EDL supporters.
 In Oldham a unit of the Greater Manchester Police arrested a pregnant young woman,
she was taking part in a protest about the Woolwich murder. Standing in the centre of Oldham on Saturday May 25th; her crime was that she was carrying a Union flag and a small banner that had the slogan 'No More Mosques'.
The arrest was filmed and is on You tube.
All across the country Senior Police chiefs have made it clear that their priority is to protect the Islamic communities from harassment by angry British White people in the aftermath of the Woolwich atrocity.
The media and the government are desperate to avoid a White backlash.
All the tired clichés are being trotted out about a handful of 'radicalised young men', the myth that only a handful of Muslims in Britain support jihad. What about the admission that between 2,000 and 3,000 individuals are listed by Security Services as a cause for concern. If this is the case, why are these people not classed as a risk to the security of the country and interned, then deported?
The police and security services seem to be more concerned about so-called 'racist' e-mails and 'tweets' causing offence to ethnic-minorities in the UK rather than the numbers of would-be jihadists from British towns  trying to go to Somalia, Syria and Afghanistan or Pakistan to get military training.
 The media claim that White British racial Nationalist organisations are trying to stoke up tensions over the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby. Somehow it is wrong for White British racial Nationalists and National Socialists to express outrage over the atrocity in Woolwich.
Really?   British Movement is not interested in creating tensions, as British National Socialists we want to point out that for decades we, the White British racial Nationalist organisations, have been warning our people and our nation about the consequences of Third World immigration into Britain, and the folly of allowing alien cultures and non-white communities to settle and colonise our homeland. The emergence of 'home-grown' Islamic terrorism is just one aspect of the very things we have been talking about and predicting since the 'Empire Windrush' docked in 1948.
The 7/7 Bombings, the many Islamic terrorist trials in Britain since then and now the Woolwich Atrocity. These are genuine grounds for anger.
Stop Immigration - Start Repatriation!
Strip jihadists of their British citizenship and deport them to their ethnic homelands!

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