Saturday, May 18, 2013

OXFORD - Yet Another Sex-Grooming Case By An Asian Gang - More Politically Correct Authorities Avoiding the Question of Race.

OXFORD - Another Child-Sex-Grooming Gang Trial
How Many More Cases Are Waiting to Hit the Courts?
This week saw the final judgements of the Oxford trial of a child-sex grooming gang - not all were Asian Muslims, a couple of the accused were North African Muslims. But the case has all the hallmarks and sordid details of all the previous cases that have surfaced over the last decade.
And still the protectors and defenders of multi-culturalism try to find ways to avoid answering questions the involve race or religion. The politically correct use every turn of phrase to avoid admitting what is obvious to every right-thinking member of the British public.
Race and religion, ethnic background and ethnic culture are the dominant factors in these cases.
Telford: Just the week before the Oxford trial reached the headlines, the news media admitted that an earlier case in Telford had been kept out of the news for 'legal' reasons.
Very quickly the details of the Telford case disappeared again out of the media headlines.
But in Telford the details were the same; victims were underage White working-class British girls from troubled backgrounds, the perverts and pimps using them and selling them around the country were Asian - or as the media say, 'of Pakistani origins'. 
The BBC news tried to get away by describing the Oxford gang as 'a group of men'.
Desperately avoiding the obvious - trying not to damage community cohesion and diversity
by mentioning race or religion.
The Oxford case follows the same pattern as other prominent cases; like Telford, like Rochdale & Heywood, like Derby, like Sheffield, like Oldham, like Blackburn, like Bradford and Keighley.
It goes on and on.
On Wednesday May 15th 2013 on a BBC Radio 2 discussion of the Oxford case, a spokesman for the NSPCC - a charity dedicated to child protection desperately tried to avoid discussing race or religion.
At one point the NSPCC expert even tried to suggest that Asian men were over presented in these cases because Asian men were more likely to be employed in late night taxi and take-food way jobs,
so were more likely to encounter vulnerable white girls!!!! 
Even the BBC presenter found that hard to swallow and asked him if that was a serious answer.
The politically correct NSPCC man blustered around the details and was evasive every time the issue of race, ethnic backgrounds or religion was brought into question.
In a typical liberal/leftist stance he said the 'we need more research, more information on these cases, we cannot just look at the race factor'.
Unfortunately for him, the Imam of Oxford phoned in and in a very honest and straight forward way told the truth. The Imam of Oxford said that race and religion was the dominant factor, he said that too many Pakistani Muslim men regarded white British women and girls as sluts - as  meat to be traded for sex. The Imam stated that these gangs deliberately do not target Asian Muslim girls.
There from the horse's mouth the Asian Imam of Oxford admitted on live radio what white British social workers and police officers refuse to admit to.
Too many of these cases are hindered by the way social workers and child protection agencies are trained. For years these people have been schooled in politically correct, Left-wing dominated training courses that stress the need to protect cultural and ethnic diversity, not to offend racial minority groups by questioning their religious or cultural beliefs and practices. Anti-racist training dominates and the defence of cultural diversity and community cohesion is their priority.
The Police are trained to regard race and culture as needing special treatment, and are taught that anything that threatens community cohesion must be dealt with and multi-culturalism protected.
Mohammed Karrar - guilty at Oxford of raping a child under 13 years of age,
conspiracy to rape, child prostitution and trafficking under age girls for sex.

Bassam Karrar - brother of Mohammed Karrar - guilty at Oxford
rape, conspiracy to rape girls under the age of 13, child prostitution and child sex trafficking.

Kamar Jamil - guilty at Oxford - rape, child prostitution and trafficking.

This is the sordid underside of a multi-cultural Britain.



  1. There`s another 54 mooslem pedo gangs out there according to the media, let alone the ones the have not tracked down yet. Time for all Nationalists of whatever following to put differences aside and join together in unity on marches and demo`s,
    BM, NF, BNP,SDL Infidels, Casuals etc should all walk shoulder to shoulder with unity

  2. There is a lot of commentators quick to use the term Asian, when in fact the culprits are Muslim men of mainly Pakistani origin. Using the term Asian unfairly demonises a larger non Muslim section of the Asian population but nobody seems to too interested in pointing that out.