Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Multi-Culturalism Under Pressure - So EU Demands More Anti-Racism Laws

New Demands From European Union For More Anti-Racism Laws
Multi-culturalism is under pressure as racial Nationalism fights back
Leftists panic and demand new, tougher legislation to counter 'racism' and to defend 'minority right'.
Across Europe there is an increasing pressure against immigration and multi-culturalism, the political Left don't like it, and European Union bureaucrats don't want their internationalist, globalisation agenda to be challenged.   
Top of the EU apparatchiks hit list are Greece and Hungary; the rise of the pro-NS Golden Dawn and the pro-Nationalist political changes in Hungary are causing the internationalists and globalisers a good deal of worry.

The pro-immigrant, multi-racial organisation Human Rights Watch is pushing EU Commissioners to act against the Golden Dawn, a move backed by Greek Communists and left-wing fellow travellers.
Nils Muiznieks, a commissioner from one of the EU's many non-governmental bodies, has called for the EU in Brussels to act against the Golden Dawn, (a legal political organisation with elected members in the Greek parliament) - Muiznieks has called for the Golden Dawn to be declared a banned organisation under EU Human Rights conventions!
This is effectively the EU dictating to sovereign countries which and what political organisations can exist within their borders!
The European Commission thinks that the EU can declare Golden Dawn a prohibited organisation under legislation that states, "the right to curb or sanction individuals who actively support or engage in hate crimes."
Of course it is the political Left who will determine what constitutes a 'hate crime'.
This is the real face of 'Democracy' and so-called 'democratic organisations' under pressure, when they face Nationalist, populist or National Socialist organisations actually gaining widespread support, they change the rules and seek to outlaw their political opponents.
The EU is not happy at developments in Hungary and claims that Hungarian Nationalists are now openly 'persecuting' Roma gypsies, creating 'anti-Semitism' and encouraging 'racism'.
In Germany, the sole, surviving member of the NS Underground, Beate Zschape has gone on trial, which has prompted all the usual hysteria and anti-racist protests.
No doubt inspired by this, the German Foreign Minister, Herr Guido Westerwelle, addressing a meeting of the World Jewish Congress, also called on the European Union to find new 'legal' ways to counter racism. The minister told the WJC, " Anti-Semitism has no place in Berlin, nor in Budapest nor anywhere else in Europe or in the world."
He has joined in with other EU multi-culturalists to criticise the Hungarian government for its stance on Roma gypsies and recent comments criticising Israel and the Jews by leading Hungarian political figures.
The response in the EU that it could seek to prohibit political organisations that the Brussels EU bureaucrats and 'commissars' do not like, in whatever country they identify, should be an alarm call to racial Nationalists and National Socialists across Europe. The EU seems to think that it can start to dictate what organisations are allowed to exist - take heed all those who still seek a 'respectable' electoral route.
From other EU press releases by pro-multi-culturalists, it seems that both Italy and Spain will be put under similar pressure, wherever Nationalist organisations gain ground, especially where they gain electoral support, the EU will conspire with the political Left to silence those pro-White, pro-Aryan voices.
'14 WORDS!'
British Movement literature team on the streets in 2012.

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