Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another Gang of Home-Grown Jihadists Convicted - How Many More Are There Out There?

Gang of Six Jihadists From Birmingham
Admit Planning Terrorist Attack On EDL Rally 
This gang of Jihadists travelled to Dewsbury from Birmingham in June 2012 to attack
an EDL rally - in their car they had pipe-bombs, sawn-off shotguns, knives and a machete.
How many court cases have there been this year where the jihadists were born and raised
in the UK?
These six jihadists wanted to bomb the EDL rally in Dewsbury, they drove over 100 miles in a car full of weapons.
How many more such gangs are there out there?

Interesting point about this gang - the police and security services knew nothing about them.
Our readers can be pretty sure that if these men had been White British racial Nationalists putting up 'racist' posters and stickers police would have them under surveillance.
These jihadists planned and plotted in Sparkhill, Birmingham and put together a car full of bombs and other weapons, yet the security services knew nothing about them.
An interesting point in the case, is that all six were regulars at a gym in Sparkhill called,
'Darul Ihsaan' which translates into English as 'Place of Excellence'.
The press reports say that this gym runs a strict Islamic policy, No music, No alcohol, No Women allowed.
Perhaps the radical, Left-wing feminists at Birmingham University ought to go and protest outside the Sparkhill gym. It would be an interesting lesson in how 'diversity' works. The reception they would get there might just shake their Leftist convictions a little.
How is it that such a gym, with such rules is allowed to operate?
If it was a White British NS operated gym called something like 'Strength Through Joy', the local authorities and the police would shut it down within days.
But as we all know, there is one law for the 'colonisers' and one law for the 'native' British.

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