Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Woolwich Atrocity - The Aftermath : The System Fights To Defend Multi-Culturalism

The Woolwich Atrocity - The Aftermath
 The murder of the unarmed soldier,  Drummer Lee Rigby on a street in Woolwich, South-East London by 'home-grown' jihadi terrorists, has demonstrated just how far down the slope of national decline Britain has gone.
The Government and its agencies throw up a smokescreen to shield Britain's Islamic population from criticism; immigration, multi-racial Britain, multi-culturalism, the State and its agencies rally to defend all the above. The police seem more interested in silencing protests by White British citizens than cracking down on those in the non-white communities who have allegedly celebrated the news of the killing.
 There have been protests and demonstrations not only in South-East London, but all across the country, and the national news media has remained silent about the level of anger amongst White British people. Only local newspapers have reported on protests by angry patriots and racial Nationalists nation-wide; National TV news, radio reports and newspapers have ignored the wave of angry demonstrations.

 Only the large scale EDL protests in London were reported, and criticised by the media.
There were protests in Liverpool, Oldham, Rochdale and Leeds; over 200 people marched through the centre of Hull; in Newcastle on Tyne as many as 2,000 people demonstrated. Why did these protests not make national news coverage?
It is a ridiculous fact that a tiny protest in York by a handful of patriotic protestors drew media attention, and only then because the Imam came out and offered them a tour of the mosque and tea and biscuits! That warranted a full 15 minute report on BBC Radio 2, complete with a telephone interview with the Imam!
That was contrived propaganda - a feel good report demonstrating how 'good Muslims' were not only condemning the Woolwich murder, but were seeking to defuse community tensions and to reach out to 'mis-guided' White British EDL supporters.
 In Oldham a unit of the Greater Manchester Police arrested a pregnant young woman,
she was taking part in a protest about the Woolwich murder. Standing in the centre of Oldham on Saturday May 25th; her crime was that she was carrying a Union flag and a small banner that had the slogan 'No More Mosques'.
The arrest was filmed and is on You tube.
All across the country Senior Police chiefs have made it clear that their priority is to protect the Islamic communities from harassment by angry British White people in the aftermath of the Woolwich atrocity.
The media and the government are desperate to avoid a White backlash.
All the tired clich├ęs are being trotted out about a handful of 'radicalised young men', the myth that only a handful of Muslims in Britain support jihad. What about the admission that between 2,000 and 3,000 individuals are listed by Security Services as a cause for concern. If this is the case, why are these people not classed as a risk to the security of the country and interned, then deported?
The police and security services seem to be more concerned about so-called 'racist' e-mails and 'tweets' causing offence to ethnic-minorities in the UK rather than the numbers of would-be jihadists from British towns  trying to go to Somalia, Syria and Afghanistan or Pakistan to get military training.
 The media claim that White British racial Nationalist organisations are trying to stoke up tensions over the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby. Somehow it is wrong for White British racial Nationalists and National Socialists to express outrage over the atrocity in Woolwich.
Really?   British Movement is not interested in creating tensions, as British National Socialists we want to point out that for decades we, the White British racial Nationalist organisations, have been warning our people and our nation about the consequences of Third World immigration into Britain, and the folly of allowing alien cultures and non-white communities to settle and colonise our homeland. The emergence of 'home-grown' Islamic terrorism is just one aspect of the very things we have been talking about and predicting since the 'Empire Windrush' docked in 1948.
The 7/7 Bombings, the many Islamic terrorist trials in Britain since then and now the Woolwich Atrocity. These are genuine grounds for anger.
Stop Immigration - Start Repatriation!
Strip jihadists of their British citizenship and deport them to their ethnic homelands!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Woolwich Atrocity - May 22nd 2013 - Another Attack By 'Home-Grown' Jihadists

The Woolwich Atrocity
A Multi-Cultural, Multi-racial Population in Greater London Made This Possible
More 'Home-Grown' Jihadists - How Many More Are There Amongst Us?

This was the front page of The Guardian newspaper today
A real surprise for a liberal/Leftist newspaper
The face of one of the jihadist savages who hacked and stabbed Drummer Lee Rigby to death.
This is the culmination of decades of immigration and the promotion of a multi-racial Britain.
If these people had not been allowed to settle here - this problem would next exist!

Another picture from ITN news - the other Islamist killer who helped to butcher an unarmed British soldier on a British street. The murder weapon  in his hand, confronted by a passer-by, together with the other killer they shouted Islamic slogans and jihadist war cries.
Is this what the multi-culturalists mean by 'cultural diversity' and 'community cohesion' ?
Britain needs to be taken back to being a mono-racial, White, Aryan country.

The State and the System is desperately wheeling out 'safe' Islamic leaders to issue the standard condemnation of the Woolwich killing. Of course all those put up in front of the camera are 'on message' and all insist that this horrific event will bring communities closer together.
But in reality, in the backstreets, taxi ranks and kebab houses across our cities and major towns, how many bearded supporters of 'jihad' will be celebrating the killing?
The State will leave no stone unturned to prevent a White British backlash.
Watch out for a police and security services crackdown on all White resistance organisations.
Everything will be done to preserve their multi-racial, multi-faith experiment.

The State will shed crocodile tears over the brutal slaying of Drummer Lee Rigby, but behind closed doors and COBRA conferences 'they' will consider him to be 'collateral damage', the fallout from 'their' illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the price to pay for cultural diversity and community cohesion.
If Britain was not host to such a vast non-White, non-European, non-Aryan population, this situation would not have happened, this atrocity was only possible because for decades our 'democratic' governments have encouraged immigration from the Third World; have routinely granted asylum to non-Europeans, have encouraged multi-culturalism and multi-racial, multi-faith communities in our country.
British Movement believes that on the creation of a British National Socialist state can resolve the eventual destruction of our country. The only way out of this mess is to halt all immigration; re-define British citizenship on racial and ancestral heritage grounds; and a massive programme of repatriation of all non-whites and non-Aryans.

We Will Have Our Country Back !

Saturday, May 18, 2013

OXFORD - Yet Another Sex-Grooming Case By An Asian Gang - More Politically Correct Authorities Avoiding the Question of Race.

OXFORD - Another Child-Sex-Grooming Gang Trial
How Many More Cases Are Waiting to Hit the Courts?
This week saw the final judgements of the Oxford trial of a child-sex grooming gang - not all were Asian Muslims, a couple of the accused were North African Muslims. But the case has all the hallmarks and sordid details of all the previous cases that have surfaced over the last decade.
And still the protectors and defenders of multi-culturalism try to find ways to avoid answering questions the involve race or religion. The politically correct use every turn of phrase to avoid admitting what is obvious to every right-thinking member of the British public.
Race and religion, ethnic background and ethnic culture are the dominant factors in these cases.
Telford: Just the week before the Oxford trial reached the headlines, the news media admitted that an earlier case in Telford had been kept out of the news for 'legal' reasons.
Very quickly the details of the Telford case disappeared again out of the media headlines.
But in Telford the details were the same; victims were underage White working-class British girls from troubled backgrounds, the perverts and pimps using them and selling them around the country were Asian - or as the media say, 'of Pakistani origins'. 
The BBC news tried to get away by describing the Oxford gang as 'a group of men'.
Desperately avoiding the obvious - trying not to damage community cohesion and diversity
by mentioning race or religion.
The Oxford case follows the same pattern as other prominent cases; like Telford, like Rochdale & Heywood, like Derby, like Sheffield, like Oldham, like Blackburn, like Bradford and Keighley.
It goes on and on.
On Wednesday May 15th 2013 on a BBC Radio 2 discussion of the Oxford case, a spokesman for the NSPCC - a charity dedicated to child protection desperately tried to avoid discussing race or religion.
At one point the NSPCC expert even tried to suggest that Asian men were over presented in these cases because Asian men were more likely to be employed in late night taxi and take-food way jobs,
so were more likely to encounter vulnerable white girls!!!! 
Even the BBC presenter found that hard to swallow and asked him if that was a serious answer.
The politically correct NSPCC man blustered around the details and was evasive every time the issue of race, ethnic backgrounds or religion was brought into question.
In a typical liberal/leftist stance he said the 'we need more research, more information on these cases, we cannot just look at the race factor'.
Unfortunately for him, the Imam of Oxford phoned in and in a very honest and straight forward way told the truth. The Imam of Oxford said that race and religion was the dominant factor, he said that too many Pakistani Muslim men regarded white British women and girls as sluts - as  meat to be traded for sex. The Imam stated that these gangs deliberately do not target Asian Muslim girls.
There from the horse's mouth the Asian Imam of Oxford admitted on live radio what white British social workers and police officers refuse to admit to.
Too many of these cases are hindered by the way social workers and child protection agencies are trained. For years these people have been schooled in politically correct, Left-wing dominated training courses that stress the need to protect cultural and ethnic diversity, not to offend racial minority groups by questioning their religious or cultural beliefs and practices. Anti-racist training dominates and the defence of cultural diversity and community cohesion is their priority.
The Police are trained to regard race and culture as needing special treatment, and are taught that anything that threatens community cohesion must be dealt with and multi-culturalism protected.
Mohammed Karrar - guilty at Oxford of raping a child under 13 years of age,
conspiracy to rape, child prostitution and trafficking under age girls for sex.

Bassam Karrar - brother of Mohammed Karrar - guilty at Oxford
rape, conspiracy to rape girls under the age of 13, child prostitution and child sex trafficking.

Kamar Jamil - guilty at Oxford - rape, child prostitution and trafficking.

This is the sordid underside of a multi-cultural Britain.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Multi-Culturalism Under Pressure - So EU Demands More Anti-Racism Laws

New Demands From European Union For More Anti-Racism Laws
Multi-culturalism is under pressure as racial Nationalism fights back
Leftists panic and demand new, tougher legislation to counter 'racism' and to defend 'minority right'.
Across Europe there is an increasing pressure against immigration and multi-culturalism, the political Left don't like it, and European Union bureaucrats don't want their internationalist, globalisation agenda to be challenged.   
Top of the EU apparatchiks hit list are Greece and Hungary; the rise of the pro-NS Golden Dawn and the pro-Nationalist political changes in Hungary are causing the internationalists and globalisers a good deal of worry.

The pro-immigrant, multi-racial organisation Human Rights Watch is pushing EU Commissioners to act against the Golden Dawn, a move backed by Greek Communists and left-wing fellow travellers.
Nils Muiznieks, a commissioner from one of the EU's many non-governmental bodies, has called for the EU in Brussels to act against the Golden Dawn, (a legal political organisation with elected members in the Greek parliament) - Muiznieks has called for the Golden Dawn to be declared a banned organisation under EU Human Rights conventions!
This is effectively the EU dictating to sovereign countries which and what political organisations can exist within their borders!
The European Commission thinks that the EU can declare Golden Dawn a prohibited organisation under legislation that states, "the right to curb or sanction individuals who actively support or engage in hate crimes."
Of course it is the political Left who will determine what constitutes a 'hate crime'.
This is the real face of 'Democracy' and so-called 'democratic organisations' under pressure, when they face Nationalist, populist or National Socialist organisations actually gaining widespread support, they change the rules and seek to outlaw their political opponents.
The EU is not happy at developments in Hungary and claims that Hungarian Nationalists are now openly 'persecuting' Roma gypsies, creating 'anti-Semitism' and encouraging 'racism'.
In Germany, the sole, surviving member of the NS Underground, Beate Zschape has gone on trial, which has prompted all the usual hysteria and anti-racist protests.
No doubt inspired by this, the German Foreign Minister, Herr Guido Westerwelle, addressing a meeting of the World Jewish Congress, also called on the European Union to find new 'legal' ways to counter racism. The minister told the WJC, " Anti-Semitism has no place in Berlin, nor in Budapest nor anywhere else in Europe or in the world."
He has joined in with other EU multi-culturalists to criticise the Hungarian government for its stance on Roma gypsies and recent comments criticising Israel and the Jews by leading Hungarian political figures.
The response in the EU that it could seek to prohibit political organisations that the Brussels EU bureaucrats and 'commissars' do not like, in whatever country they identify, should be an alarm call to racial Nationalists and National Socialists across Europe. The EU seems to think that it can start to dictate what organisations are allowed to exist - take heed all those who still seek a 'respectable' electoral route.
From other EU press releases by pro-multi-culturalists, it seems that both Italy and Spain will be put under similar pressure, wherever Nationalist organisations gain ground, especially where they gain electoral support, the EU will conspire with the political Left to silence those pro-White, pro-Aryan voices.
'14 WORDS!'
British Movement literature team on the streets in 2012.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another Gang of Home-Grown Jihadists Convicted - How Many More Are There Out There?

Gang of Six Jihadists From Birmingham
Admit Planning Terrorist Attack On EDL Rally 
This gang of Jihadists travelled to Dewsbury from Birmingham in June 2012 to attack
an EDL rally - in their car they had pipe-bombs, sawn-off shotguns, knives and a machete.
How many court cases have there been this year where the jihadists were born and raised
in the UK?
These six jihadists wanted to bomb the EDL rally in Dewsbury, they drove over 100 miles in a car full of weapons.
How many more such gangs are there out there?

Interesting point about this gang - the police and security services knew nothing about them.
Our readers can be pretty sure that if these men had been White British racial Nationalists putting up 'racist' posters and stickers police would have them under surveillance.
These jihadists planned and plotted in Sparkhill, Birmingham and put together a car full of bombs and other weapons, yet the security services knew nothing about them.
An interesting point in the case, is that all six were regulars at a gym in Sparkhill called,
'Darul Ihsaan' which translates into English as 'Place of Excellence'.
The press reports say that this gym runs a strict Islamic policy, No music, No alcohol, No Women allowed.
Perhaps the radical, Left-wing feminists at Birmingham University ought to go and protest outside the Sparkhill gym. It would be an interesting lesson in how 'diversity' works. The reception they would get there might just shake their Leftist convictions a little.
How is it that such a gym, with such rules is allowed to operate?
If it was a White British NS operated gym called something like 'Strength Through Joy', the local authorities and the police would shut it down within days.
But as we all know, there is one law for the 'colonisers' and one law for the 'native' British.